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Chuck’s Place: The Future Is Fluid*

Any direction is possible…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The Spirit journeys while the body sleeps. The physical body  is the densest of all our energy body states, hence our lighter soul body generally waits for its active container, the physical body, to go offline in deep rest before it ventures out into the subtler levels of its existence, where the physical body is simply too dense to enter.

The currency for travel and action at these finer levels of reality are thought and emotion. Thus, for instance, the mere thought of a location at the soul level transports one to that dimension. At these finer levels of reality thought is completely transparent and communicated without the necessity of speech. For that matter, the physical need to eat, excrete, or have sex are absent from the higher Spirit dimensions of being.

For some, the thought of relinquishing these physical necessities evokes fear and loss. Even after final transition from the physical plane, at death, some might necessitate further residency in physical environments, real or imagined, before they are ready to advance to finer soul states. This is like having a sensual encounter in a dream, while the physical body lies inert and asleep.

One of the great teachings transmitted from higher Spirit dimensions to the physical plane is the energetic power of love. Earth has been called the emotional planet due to the dominance of attachment, need, and longing in human relations. The lower emotions of hate, rage, and fear weigh upon the Spirit and typically burden one with depression and physical ailments.

When one is able to release these baser emotions the rarefied result is the finest emotion of love. Love lifts one’s Spirit on the physical plane and allows for greater mobility on the higher Spirit planes of one’s existence.

The challenges of a relationship at the physical dimension can provide one with the developmental opportunity to reach this rarefied level of love. Having reached real love, one is  ready to experience union with all life, far transcending its momentary glimpse in the experience of physical union with another person.

The operating principles of the higher dimensions actually permeate the physical dimension, but we are generally, literally, too dense to notice. We call it coincidence when we think of someone and then have contact with them shortly thereafter.

Actually, what happens when we think of someone is that the energy of that thought immediately reaches their perceptive field. If they are receptive enough they hear/feel the contact and respond in some way. Couples connected at a higher vibration rarely need to talk, as they are constantly communicating through thought alone.

Distance healing works similarly. Sending someone the intent of healing, embedded in love energy, is sure to enhance the healing experience. Of course, the receiver must be receptive to such healing intent. Blocking beliefs are very difficult to penetrate, by both the ailing person as well as by the healing intent sent by others. One must consent to be healed at the deepest emotional and mental levels to reach lasting cure.

The collective thoughts of many can vastly influence the destiny of our planet. As important as physical voting might be at the dense physical level, thought and emotion are far more important determinants of our planet’s future. Positive loving thoughts for our planet’s survival raises the needed healing energy for its cure.

Our world is arguably in a state of great tension, on the verge of chaos. Although we are subject to the great cycles of change, and find ourselves right now at the destructive stage of what the Hindu religion calls Kali- Yuga, the future, like all astrological charts, is not absolutely determined.

The future is fluid, largely because we have the gift of free will. Our greatest power to influence the future rests in our thoughts and emotions. Every time we send out positive thoughts and feelings for all, we imbue our planet with the healing power of the higher vibration of love.

Every time we evoke the attention of higher aspects of our own Spirit, through prayer or thanksgiving, we are enriched with this same higher vibration of love supporting our higher aspirations.

This is not about belief or faith; this is about perseverance, incessant affirmation, mantra and prayer, however self-styled.  See what happens in your own life with such positive devotion. See what happens to the life of the planet. Indulge in the largesse of positivity; there are no limitations to the love you can give.

The future is ours to manifest. Send it love.

With love,


*The title of my blog, The Future is Fluid, comes from Soul Journeys by Rosalind McKnight, one of Bob Monroe’s “explorers,” who wrote about her experiences in the lab with Bob in Cosmic Journeys, as well as her life as a channel in Soul Journeys.

Soulbyte for Tuesday December 8, 2020

Take care of yourself body and soul, so that each may find a home with the other, within the entity you call Self. Get to know each of these selves intimately so that their union may be successful. In knowing the self, the greater Self may find its way to balance without issue, merely finding home to be the natural union of these two aspects of Self. Find solace in knowing that you contain all you need—it’s just waiting for you to discover it.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday December 19, 2019

Maintain conscious awareness of your physical body, even as you strive to connect with and know your spiritual self, for both are equally important and necessary as you make your way on your journey through life. Without a healthy physical body your spirit will struggle, and without a healthy spirit your physical body will suffer. Keep them aligned with each other in healthy ways, giving each dedicated time and attention so that one does not miss the other, so that each may flourish, and so that your wholeness will never be in doubt. This is what you are so longing for, a more balanced union with self, body and spirit. In full awareness of yourself as body and spirit, may you travel on your ever-changing journey in health and happiness, knowing yourself to the fullest, achieving everything you wish for.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Divine Power Of Sexuality

Accessing the divine cosmic... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Accessing the divine cosmic…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Human sexuality is the physical manifestation of a far subtler yet powerful cosmic energy whose guiding intent is union. At the highest level that union is oneness with God, or the cosmos. At the most basic level, in the human form, it is unconscious instinctive union that results in procreation. One of the greatest challenges for human beings is to reconcile this divine energy with its physical, emotional, and mental energies in the human body.

I opened the Huffington Post the other day to an article entitled: Saudi Historian: U.S. Women Drive Because They Don’t Care If They’re Raped. This somewhat bizarre argument, to justify the Saudi law that forbids Saudi women from driving, does shine a light, however, upon a worldview that acknowledges the power and dangers of sexual energy. The Saudi solution is to overly protect women from the dangers of male sexual energy that loses control in situations of rape. Their solution is an affront to modern sensibility and progress, yet it nonetheless openly confronts the power and potential dangers of sexual energy.

In the West, the assumption that rationality, maturity, love, and respect insure safety in sexuality is blatantly on trial in our age of internet revelation. Abuse of sexual power is evident in our most sacred religious institutions, our schools and universities, and in our homes. It is quite arguable that for all our technological advances we are extremely naive and underdeveloped in our handling of sex.

In old Tibet, children entered monastic life long before the adult manifestation of sexual energy. Celibacy and the refusal to engage in sexual pleasure, even in masturbation, are fundamental to nuns and monks seeking enlightenment. The Shamans of Ancient Mexico discouraged sexual activity, as the energy it exhausted is seen as critical to dream advancement. In these practices we see a respect for the power and vitality of sexual energy, and while it is sublimated it is still utilized, channeled into spiritual advancement. Freud went so far as to suggest that civilization itself was a by-product of sublimated sexual energy.

This scant survey of sexual management throughout the world highlights the power of and the challenge that the carnal and the spiritual dimensions of sexual energy pose. If we can allow the hypothesis that sexuality is of cosmic origin, a blind yet divine energy, sent from “God” to empower union in human form, then it is our greatest human challenge to reconcile this blind, divine energy with full human consciousness. Thus, we can ill afford to lock it away in protectionism, divert it for spiritual aims, or naively assume anything goes simply because we all have rational control.

Trashy Barbie... - Trash Art by Jan Ketchel
Trashy Barbie…
– Trash Art by Jan Ketchel

As humans, we are charged with discovering the full depth and power of our sexual instinct, this divine energy from God, in all its manifestations—physical, emotional, and mental. We are all charged with actively uniting this side of our nature with our consciousness, that which, in our human form, is our ephemeral spiritual center.

This weekend we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day appropriated to pay homage to love in relationship. The intent of this celebration is to merge love—union based on consciousness, driven by what is right—with sexuality, in its most instinctive form, in a harmony that symbolizes wholeness and oneness, as cupid depicts, in divine rapture.

Valentine’s Day is, not coincidentally, the opening day for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. This movie is based on a highly erotic novel that develops the theme of dominance/submission, sadism/masochism in sexual practices. The novel, with all of its steamy sex scenes, has had unprecedented worldwide success. I suggest this success is due to its liberating effects on the exploration of female desire and sexual fantasy, which have been largely undervalued or “protectively” ignored. However, I don’t feel that this fantasy of female sexuality is fully accurate or comprehensive. It may serve for the release and exploration of a largely hidden topic—woman’s sexuality—but I think it actually mirrors the collective frozen states of women’s sexual pleasures and the relationships that reinforce them.

The storyline of the novel allows women pleasure in bondage. Bondage may indeed be a pleasurable experience, but it hardly touches the depths of real pleasure that a woman is capable of experiencing in a truly conscious, loving relationship. The true union of the primal sexual power with consciousness requires the containment of a safe, loving relationship where these primal energies can play and merge in full consciousness.

Bondage, by design, is the antithesis of true freedom. Nonetheless, bondage might be viewed as a more primitive form of commitment. In true commitment, however, a couple freely bonds themselves to each other in a love that allows the full meeting of two beings on all levels. This deep and freeing union, I suggest, is one realization of the divine intent of sexuality. Issued from the highest spiritual plane, it culminates in full realization of the divine in sublime human form.

Rape, in all its manifestations, is the consequence of an aberrant decision to not take up the challenge of humanness and instead to surrender control to the proclivities of the dark side. It’s inhuman. Bondage, in all its manifestations, is a rudimentary experience of trapping and controlling the divine energy. Conscious relationship is the exact opposite, as it seeks to responsibly unite animal and divine.

Will we go through the bardos into the light this time? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Will we go through the bardos into the light this time?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The ultimate challenge awaits us in death itself, where we, as individuals, must completely merge our human energy with divine oneness. Notice, this is not union with another person. This is ourselves, as individuals, uniting with the divine.

Our ultimate, full realization of divine sexuality is in the inner union of self, in the wholeness of all energies merged, physical and divine, transfigured into the oneness of all. Will we resist releasing our body and land in the bardos to continue to work through our attachments to physicality? Or are we ready to fully join with the divine light?

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Chuck’s Place: Union

Front cover of Autobiography of a Yogi.
Front cover of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Almost every morning, as Jan channels the Soulbyte for the day, I go off and open a book at random to let the divine deliver its message to me.

The other day, I opened Autobiography of a Yogi to an interaction between Yogananda and his master Sri Yukteswar. Yogananda had just experienced a great physical healing, which he thanked his master for. Sri Yukteswar craftily worded his response to suggest that the healing was actually effected by a change in Yogananda’s own thought process. Yogananda anxiously sought to disavow this power and the next day awoke completely unable to physically get out of bed, restored to the comfort of the familiarity of his old weakness. Sri Yukteswar then instructed: “The human mind is a spark of the almighty consciousness of God…whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely would instantly come to pass.”

Can we take ownership of that Divine Spark, that God within us all? Can we wisely direct our thoughts toward greater union within ourselves, within the world? Are we ready to take full ownership of our power?

On another recent morning, enveloped in a mood of despair and stagnation, as Jan channeled, I turned to the I Ching for guidance. Not surprisingly, hexagram #12, Stagnation, appeared. Here heaven and earth are flying further and further apart, deeply out of alignment with each other.

It’s hard now to not see the signs of this dissociation every day, whether it be beached whales, fish fleeing the too warm waters of Maine, children slaughtered at school, women brutally raped, and the stories go on and on. We are in a time of total disintegration as nature and spirit dissolve the world as we have known it and move toward a new position, rebalancing into a new and sustainable format.

The I Ching tells me (nine in the fourth place) that the time of stagnation is nearing the point of change into its opposite. And finally, nine at the top, that though this time of standstill does not last forever, it does not cease of its own accord either; the right leader is needed.

Here I am led back to my opening quote, stating that the spark of God resides in every person. Every person is and has the power of God within, and that power lies in the power of intent. But we must truly embrace that power and believe it to effect the change we seek. One danger, of course, is to misuse that power. This has been the mistake of our human race to date, to exploit our Godly power to our own advantage: narcissistic greed. That mistake has brought us to this edge of oblivion.

Yesterday morning, I opened Autobiography of a Yogi again, to this quote regarding how to use our power: “Don’t do what you like, then do everything you like.” The guidance is clear. Ego must first check its narcissistic impulse to act. This impulse is cut off from the needs of the interdependent whole, just as the I Ching suggests that the earth and the heavens are cut off from each other, each swirling in opposite directions away from unity and wholeness. It’s all about me, me, me. If we pause, we give ourselves the opportunity to realign, to become the interdependent whole that then is freed to act with abandon, offered the opportunity to achieve true unity based on right alignment, with ego serving the Spark of the Divine.

We are all responsible for the unity we seek... for returning the world to wholeness. - Art by Jan Ketchel
We are all responsible for the unity we seek… for returning the world to wholeness.
– Art by Jan Ketchel

Synchronistically, I turned on the news the other day to hear that two leaders have acted as real leaders, serving the interdependent needs of the whole, Cuomo and Obama. New York Governor Cuomo refused the interests of the fossil fuels industry to value Mother Earth and our true needs. NO FRACKING in New York. Bravo, Governor Cuomo! President Obama has established diplomatic ties with Cuba, ending a long divide. Bravo, President Obama!

Let us all be our own Godly leaders, exercising our own Spark of the Divine. Let us all have pure thoughts of greater union, of care of the true needs of the whole, of heaven and earth, of self and other.

Happy Holidays!