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Chuck’s Place: Soul Communication

Soulmate within…

As I sit here, preparing to write, I hear Bob Dylan in the backdrop of my mind, singing, “all I really want to do, is baby be friends with you.” This is one of the many ways our High SOUL communicates with its mate, ego-Soul, in the course of everyday life.

Also, as I sit quietly, I notice a very high frequency in my ears, what I’ve heard characterized as the sound of the chakras ringing. At times the frequency and intensity of the vibration rises and loudens or strikingly disappears in one ear. It’s a kind of Morse Code of the High SOUL that accentuates agreement with a thought or happening at that exact moment.

Actually, a golden thread of connection with High SOUL weaves through synchronistic events of everyday life. Morning reading, whatever it might be, is experienced in a heightened state of awareness, where a clear light is shone upon the lesson of the day. From there, any book might be randomly opened to provide further clarification and punctuating resonance to the lesson just presented.

Dreams retrieved from ego-Soul’s nighttime journeys further amplify the central theme of the unfolding day. Dreams are ego-Soul’s awakening to other dimensions of its High SOUL relationship at subtler levels of being, independent of time and space. Understanding the messages of dreams strengthens ego-Soul’s communication with High SOUL.

Awake states that access inner silence offer a direct communication with High SOUL. When Jan channels the daily Soulbyte, she silences the thinking mind and tunes in directly to the guidance of her High SOUL.

Pathways to achieving inner silence include mindfulness meditation, intent, magical passes, Hemi-sync binaural entrainment, and biofeedback training. All of these methods train awareness to release its attachment to the marketplace of thoughts that constantly lobby for our attention.

Beyond thought we encounter a hypnagogic state, generally associated with sleep and dreaming. Suddenly we might find ourselves in a drama with characters we don’t know but are fully carrying on a dialogue with. Often, at this point, we  drift into sleep and dream. However, if consciousness can remain aware as body drifts into sleep, we can journey lucidly in the subtler dimensions of being.

When Edgar Cayce traveled to this level, he was able to access the Akashic Record of all knowledge where his High SOUL dictated curative treatments for individuals seeking help. These treatments often combined many different allopathic and alternative modalities.

Fascinatingly, Cayce, in his normal waking state, had no memories of the readings. He was a simple man with no medical training or understanding. This reflects the true relationship between our ego-Soul and High SOUL.

Ego-Soul has its own intelligence, will, and desires but is terribly limited when compared to the fullness of knowledge of its High SOUL. Hence, the wisdom of developing a means to communicate with High SOUL in order to be guided to the best right decisions and actions in this life. Ego-Soul is solely responsible for navigating in this life. Why would it deny itself the guidance of its High SOUL?

Projected outwardly, we pursue a relationship with High SOUL as reflected in the search for a true traveling companion with whom to  navigate this life. Inwardly, we achieve this Soulmate connection through quieting our mind and centering our awareness in the heart chakra, a true meeting place with High SOUL. Yes, a high pitch in my right ear just now confirms this guidance!

A wave of  love devitalizes thought…

Time to go inward. See what happens in SOUL communication.

Tuning in,


Chuck’s Place: No Worry

Let go into the expansive energy of no worry…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

My observation, over many years, is that each day brings its own wave of energy that manifests and reflects at different levels of intensity in all beings. In my therapy practice, the theme of my first encounter of the day is very often the theme presented by many clients that day. Even the words used to describe experiences similarly resonate throughout the day.

Personally, I notice that my encounters in dreaming from the prior night, as well as the books I open to in the morning, or Jan’s hot off the press channeling, already announce the contours of that energy wave as it splashes upon the doorstep of oncoming time. Worry issues forth from anticipation and manifests in concerned projections upon possible outcomes of the impact of that wave.

The fact is that that daily energetic wave will run through all of us. The fact is that somewhere in the world that wave may crest in a fatality today. This will be a major transitional moment for someone. We all have that ultimate appointment with death, but we needn’t treat all moments of life in human form with the adrenaline rush of Russian roulette.

Yes, when a person leaves my home, setting off on a long drive, anything might happen beyond the security of the departing moment. My intent is always that all will be safe. My experience teaches me that if something could or should be known it will reveal itself, inwardly or outwardly, in direct terms. If nothing is directly revealed, all will either flow smoothly or it will be someone’s destiny to encounter a rougher wave. Worry, however futile, offers to step in, to somehow fill the void of unknowing, to somehow protect.

Worry presents as the great conjurer of many a possible story. Worry scoops up the lion’s share of our energy, which it then formats into a speculative reality that our bodies are then forced to live, biochemically, as the playing field for its virtual fantasy. We experience this as stress, anxiety, fear, and dread. Our muscles clench, our breathing becomes shallow and infrequent. Our eyes become dazed and glazed, as they turn inward to view some variation of the conjurer’s horror show.

Perhaps hours later, the text arrives: “We are home safe”. Now we can relax, all is well. But what if instead we send them off with loving safe intent and refuse the conjurer’s call to worry? This is the beginning of a shamanic journey.

Without worry, we are ushered into a vast emptiness, filled with cascades of available energy. The psychic structures that worry generates, which typically populate every nook and cranny of life, suddenly evaporate, and we are delivered to the void, where all of those usual conjurings of the worrying mind slip away.

Do I look OK? Did I eat the right thing? Is my weight noticeable? Is it my fault? Is he angry at me? Did I look foolish? Is she OK? Will I meet the right person? Are they angry with me? Is everyone safe? Is it going to work out for them? Should I have done more? What if something happens? Am I good enough? Am I too old? Am I losing it? Did I make a mistake? What if I lose my job? Did I turn off the stove? Will I ever be good enough? …………..?…………..?…………….?…………..?

In the vast emptiness of no worry we enter inner silence. Tension in the body releases as the breath expands. We experience deepening relaxation, perhaps for the first time, at a level so free we may fear its expansiveness. Worry immediately offers its services once again, to create tense boundaries around ourselves. Refuse that call! Stay with the mantra: no worry.

Retrieve and bathe in the boundless energy previously expended on the stories and structures of worry. Make that energy available for new possibilities of life and fulfillment. Protect that energy with a no worry wall that encases your being. I am a being of no worry.

Make no worry a succinct command from consciousness to the subconscious, that part of the soul that automatically controls our attitudes and habits. State it often, as a firm clear intent: Don’t worry. Know that the instruction is heard and that the repetition of it will result in its manifestation. Do not attach to when, nor be discouraged. Simply persevere in stating the intent.

No worry,


A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: In This Moment


In this moment be calm and still…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In this moment be calm. Today’s channeling offers a guided meditation for focusing, breathing, and staying calmly present in the moment without worry or attachment. Something we could all use a lot more of. Enjoy!

Chuck’s Place: Cognitive Dissonance & Inner Silence

Can you handle the cognitive dissonance? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Can you handle the cognitive dissonance?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

While reading Felix Wolf’s The Art of Navigation, I’m ignited with sudden clarity regarding cognitive dissonance. Describing it to Jan, I crisscross my arms overhead in an abrupt gesture to demonstrate the clash of dissonant energetic currents. At the exact second that my arms cross in the air above my head, loud crashes impact each of the two large living room windows. A cardinal hits one, a blue jay the other. Momentarily stunned, they each fall to the ground and then fly off. I took this dramatic synchronous event as a sign to write this blog.

Felix Wolf, a fellow traveler whom I’ve never met, has also deeply immersed himself in the shamanic world of Carlos Castaneda. Though Carlos ended his shamanic line, the energetic permutations of his knowledge vibrate in new ways throughout the world. For Felix it has emerged as the art of navigation, for me it has been the clinical application of recapitulation.

What comes alive for me in Felix’s writing is the emphasis the Nagual, Carlos Castaneda, put on using cognitive dissonance to achieve the coveted state of inner silence, the springboard to infinity. Carlos explained that the mind, with its modus operandi of rationality, constructs a world with a river of energy that flows in one direction only, its true north being reason. Our internal dialogue, the flow of thoughts in our minds, groups its interpretations of reality along this flow of rationality. What the mind can’t handle is the experience of a thought, fact or event that flows in the opposite direction of its reason. When that happens there is an interruption in the operations of the mind that lands us momentarily into a state of inner silence.

In inner silence we are treated to perceptions devoid of inner dialogue, devoid of the mind’s normal interpretative system. For a moment we step outside the incessant internal dialogue box of the matrix into a world of energy. Joseph Campbell once wrote: “Every now and then, while I’m walking along Fifth Avenue, everything just breaks up into subatomic particles and I think, ‘Well, Jesus Christ, that is what it is.'”

When I was in my very early twenties, Jeanne and I, still in our young marriage, lived and worked in Manhattan. Jeanne, employed by an international importer, had met a young man at a trade show and was smitten with attraction. The depth of her feeling did not go away. What threatened me most was that she was attracted to his spirit. How could this be? I was spirit man!

I allowed these colliding currents of energy to crash. I asked myself the question: “Are Jeanne and I not meant to be together?” Immediately the world grew quiet and I dropped into the most peaceful calm state I’d ever known. I stayed there for a while, utterly calm, no thoughts. I emerged greatly perplexed by the meaning of this experience. I refused the thought that we would end. I awaited the return of my mind to overrun the thought of ending, but I never forgot the experience.

In holding together through our recapitulations we are able to see what's there... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
In holding together through our recapitulations we are able to see what’s there…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Twenty-five years later, I lay next to Jeanne as she drew her last breath in Switzerland. I was confronted with the dissonance of the person I cherished the most in this world, now dead before me. In that moment, the world went silent and a very deep sense of calm swept over me. It stayed with me for hours.

Several years ago, Jan and I sat in the office with the intent that Jan would channel Jeanne. Jan sat opposite me. As I looked over at her, her form suddenly blurred and before my very eyes she transmogrified into Jeanne; it was like a scene out of the movie Ghost! My reason was overcome by an incontestable contradiction. All went silent and I entered that state of deep calm.

In each of these experiences I was able to hold the dissonant energies together and be transported into the calm of inner silence. However, this is not always the case. Frequently, the collisions of dissonant experiences generate a fragmentation that takes years and deep work to weave together, master, and release to the calms of silence.

In the psychological world, trauma is identified as the mind’s encounter with an incredible disruption to its reason, to its normal expectations of order. This can be the traumatic impact of being in a sudden earthquake or being subjected to unexpected behavior, such as physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a “loved one.” These ruptures in normalcy fragment consciousness, as the normalcy of the mind’s expectations are disrupted, sending one out-of-mind and often out-of-body. In such cases, cognitive dissonance leads to a dissociation that requires a recapitulation to recover the fragmented self and the energy needed to withstand the dissonant energies of the shattering experience before one can release to the deep calm of inner silence.

Shamans spend years recapitulating their lives, piecing together the ruptures in their minds that once led them into states of non-ordinary reality. When we are capable of sustaining the full truth of our own recapitulation experiences—reconciling the dissonance—the mind ceases to be dominant and we reach inner silence with what was or what is, freed from the judgments of the inner dialogue, delivered at last to the place of deep calm.

With recapitulation and reconciliation, we are now capable of seeing and being in the greater reality with deep calm. We are now able to explore dimensions of reality that exist beyond the narrow bands of reason. We are able to participate in infinity, with utter calmness.

The machinations of the mind are like the squirrel's incessant chewing... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
The machinations of the mind are like the squirrel’s incessant chewing…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

May we see our encounters with cognitive dissonance, those ruptures in the continuity of the mind’s expectations, however shattering, as opportunities to accrue moments of inner silence. The Shamans of Ancient Mexico maintain that all our inner silence moments in life accrue until they reach a critical mass. At that point we are capable of living in inner silence at will. Cognitive dissonance—like planes that suddenly disappear without a trace—are opportunities to launch ourselves into an expanded reality through inner silence; a reality we are now charged with evolving into as Planet Reason enters its waning stages.

From the calm,