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Soulbyte for Friday October 6, 2017

Even in your giving remain modest, for how can you give when you have given it all? How can you be generous when you have nothing? How can you give when you have depleted your stores, whether of goods or energy? How can you be of giving heart when your heart is exhausted? To be available to others, to help, to be giving and compassionate is well and good, but often being available, helping, and giving is exactly the worst thing to do. Support and respect the need for all to take responsibility for the self. Give responsibly when appropriate, but don’t forget to protect yourself and your energy so that in times of even greater need you have more to give. In the meantime, let gifts of loving kindness and good will be present in every breath you breathe, every thought you think, and every prayer you speak. In this way, no modesty is required.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday September 12, 2017

Being mindfully present means being aware. Being aware means assessing life and making decisions based on what is presented. Making decisions means being responsible. Being responsible means no blame. No blame means it is what it is. And what is means coming full circle back to the present, to mindful awareness. And from there opportunities abound and everything is possible.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday September 4, 2017

[This will be the only posting for today, no audio channeling today, taking the rest of the day off! Happy Labor Day!]

In times of stress it is important to protect one’s energy, to pull inward, get calm, and let nature takes its course. The impulse is to get involved, help out, do the impossible, convince someone of something. But the truth is, as fine as your intentions may be, no one can help another being do what they must do themselves. Of course, there are times when help is needed and therefore should be granted, and to the self this kind of help is very energetically rewarding. But it is in those times of energy drain that one must pull back and wait calmly for nature, and the nature in everyone you meet, to have its way. Nature has a knack for smoothing things out and often does not need interference, for often it is the interference of humans that causes problems to begin with. Step back in times of stress, protect the self, waiting in calmness, knowing that lessons are only learned by experience. Let experience be the teacher, the savior, the salvation. You can do no better than that!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday August 31, 2017

Do what needs to be done with certitude. Hold yourself accountable for the decisions you’ve made and without blame finish unfinished business before it overwhelms you. That which is left undone remains energetically attached to you even though you may not realize this. It is responsible for your moods and tempers, for your tiredness and inactivity, for your cravings and desires. Free yourself of your burdens one at a time by fully confronting them, taking responsibility for them and for getting yourself moving forward in life. It’s never too late to shed the old and begin anew, to get up and get moving in a new direction, with new plans and a new outlook, but you can only do that if you fully release yourself from the old. That’s how you really change, one day at a time, responsibly shedding one old thing and taking on one new thing. Isn’t it time? And don’t forget, you have all the power you need within!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: No Blame


The Human Being is as intricate as all of nature…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Good Morning! Here is this week’s audio channeling from Jan and Jeanne, offering us all some insight into our deeper selves, all the parts that make up who we are, how they operate within us and often leave us feeling like we are stuck and have no choice but to place blame on someone or something outside of us. To get into better alignment in one’s own life it’s always advisable to find out who is really in control.

A note in alignment with today’s subject: Jan is back writing her weekly blogs after a few year’s hiatus while she worked on her books. The final book is in the works, but in the meanwhile Jan is choosing to write of recapitulation in everyday life, not about sexual abuse but about how things come up in everyday life, all those different parts, and how to look at them in a closer manner, which is the theme of this week’s channeling. Catch Jan’s insightful blogs on Thursdays, here on our website or on the Recapitulation Diaries Facebook page.

Have a great week! Be safe!