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Soulbyte for Monday March 16, 2020

Hone your energy. Contain it through meditation, quiet sitting in stillness, in positive reading, and then use it in subtle and meaningful ways. Contained energy may be used in dreaming, in good intentions, and for the greater good. Rather than squander your thoughts direct them in sending loving kindness, that not only you may profit from their positiveness but the world at large as well. Even one positive and helpful thought may be of benefit. You may not see its effect immediately but eventually you will realize that a mass of positivity does have a good overall effect. Do not give up on the power of positive thought. At times it is all you have and it is enough.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: We Are What We Say We Are

What we wish for is right there, beyond the boundaries we surround ourselves with…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

To make room for the new, we must clear out the old. The challenge, in letting go, is the depth of our attachment to the familiar. The identity we have forged secures us within the safety of the known.

The known identity is often heavily laden with negative and limiting beliefs, which become the boundaries of the self. To find the self in new ways, we must venture beyond the comfort of the chrysalis that has provided stability, darting past the limitations it has imposed upon the unfolding of our fuller selves.

The internal dialogue, specifically, the words we say to ourselves and others, powerfully determines the self we know. St. John begins his Gospel: “en arche en o logos” (in the beginning was the word). And that spoken word became the flesh. Or, as the Shamans of Ancient Mexico put it: words are directly linked to intent, the key to manifestation. As Descartes put it, “I think therefore I am.”

Norman Vincent Peale highlighted The Power of Positive Thinking, as a practice to suspend the power of judging words to forestall the unfolding self. We are all programmable beings, much like the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Siri and Alexa.

Our subconscious awaits commands in the form of the words we tell it we are. Those words manifest in the behavioral patterns, moods, and beliefs that we program ourselves to automatically enact. Change the words, change the mood and the outlook.

Would, of course, that change were so simple. And yet, in many ways it is that simple. Observe the power of a charismatic leader whose words galvanize the mood of the world. This is the action of mass hypnosis, and, at some level, we are all hypnotic subjects. Why not give ourselves positive, supportive, and encouraging messages?

Always forgive the self, for everything and anything. Rather than bemoan one’s weaknesses and limitations, validate the willingness to face the full truth, and move forward unburdened with negativity.

Observe and interrupt automatic conclusions about one’s abilities, such as, “I am a terrible writer.” Reframe it with, “I am a being learning to write.”

Treat words as power objects capable of casting spells. Cast only positive spells upon the self.

Try, “I am a being open to the magic and mystery of life.”

Or, “I am a caring being open to sharing myself with a compatible other.”

Beyond the words that we consciously state are experiences we may store unconsciously, beyond our awareness, that hold their own powerful words of influence. These are made known to us through the triggers of everyday life that suddenly transport us to dark, frozen places.

To neutralize the spells these triggers cast, we must take the journey of recapitulation. In recapitulation we relive and fully retrieve our lost selves, as we open to full acceptance of every aspect of life lived. With acceptance comes love. With love comes the energy to open to new life, with all our vulnerabilities.

Finding self is the journey of a lifetime. Carefully chosen, supportive words and ongoing recapitulation are the tools to achieve this wholeness of self. Exercise these tools! See what happens!

Warm words,



Soulbyte for Monday June 24, 2019

Change your thinking. Turn off negative thinking and turn on the positive. Acclimate to the positive throughout the day by reminding yourself to switch your thinking. Not enough sleep? Are you telling yourself “I’m tired” all day? Change your inner self speak. Tell yourself instead, “My body has enough energy to complete the tasks I assign it. My body has plenty of energy today.” You might be surprised how your body responds to your commands. Instead of telling yourself that you are in pain, tell yourself, “My body experiences no pain.” It’s never too late to turn on the positive and experience the joy of the power of your own thinking. Within reason, of course!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday April 24, 2019

What have you been telling yourself? Words stick like glue. If you tell yourself repeatedly that you are a victim, a victim of this or that, then you will remain a victim. If you tell yourself repeatedly that you are a survivor, a survivor of this or that, then you will remain a survivor. If you tell yourself repeatedly that you are free, free from this or that, then you will remain free. Words have power. What you continually choose to tell yourself sticks to you like glue and you become those words. Get unstuck by using new words, positive words that will get you unstuck. It’s called the power of positive thinking, and it really does work. Try even one new word today and see what happens. The real power is not in the word, it’s really within you. It’s called intent!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday january 7, 2019

Focus your energy so that it may be put to good use, utilized for growth and change within and to create harmony in your outer world. Do this by changing your negative thinking to positive thoughts. Do this by imagining yourself in a future setting and determine that you will arrive there whole, unscathed, and in the most magical way. Visualize yourself in a most beautiful world and then manifest it by making beauty in your own world, one day and one thought at a time. Allow yourself to imagine a changed world by doing something to create it, every day, in the most positive ways. You are the creator and the creation. You are everything, the source of power and the power in your own life. Use it wisely for yourself and for the good of all.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne