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Soulbyte for Monday May 20, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

External woes are often the result of bad choices but they can equally be just the way things should go. Don’t get too caught up in trying to fix everything that you perceive as wrong but let things run their course. Often the cure can only be gotten by going through a process that may not appear as healing but actually is the solution. It’s nature’s way. Let things unfold as they will and full healing will result. This advice is to be taken at both a personal level and an impersonal one, in your own world and the world at large. Healing is taking place whether you detect it or not.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Restoring Sovereignty To The Inner Creator

Say but the word…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Hypnotism as a healing art was in its heyday in the mid to late 19th century. The turn of the 20th century heralded the birth of the modern advertising industry, when industrial psychologists galvanized the power of suggestion to influence public thinking and spending.

Today, in the early 21st century, we are witnessing the extreme  exercise of the power of suggestion in political attempts to whitewash blatant lies and install an alternative sovereign reality. The absurdity of this global drama draws attention to the profound creative power of suggestion to materialize a new reality. Say something enough times and people will believe it.

The interplay between the use of word and material creation is fundamental to human life. “In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh,” begins John’s Gospel. Human beings are creators who use words to suggest physical activity to the subconscious mind, countless times, every day.

Many of the suggestions we live by are embedded in the cells and organs of the body. The subconscious automatically goes with these default suggestions due to their proven evolutionary effectiveness. However, one can override an instinctive suggestion. For instance, the suggestion to simply hold the breath interrupts such a default habit of automatic breathing.

The process of human aging reveals the impact of inherent suggestions upon changes in the human body. These changes are so universal that they are generally accepted as irrevocable. Nonetheless, as I explored in a recent blog, the placebo effect demonstrates clearly the power of  conscious suggestion to potentially override disease.

Christian Science discovered the practical use of autosuggestion in its approach to healing, but it exhausted itself with its denial of physical reality as it attempted to influence the subconscious. One needn’t deny physical reality to successfully manifest changes in it. The greater challenge is to suspend the limiting judgment of the rational mind that disables one’s conscious practice of autosuggestion.

If you don’t believe that something is possible, you are not likely to practice it, or you will too quickly give up trying when you don’t see the results you seek. Blocking beliefs can be quite debilitating, as they present the subconscious with contradictory suggestions that undermine one’s conscious intent.

Rather than engage in interactions with blocking beliefs, let them be. Simply take attention off them and continue to state your desired intent. Say to yourself that anything is possible, at least until proven otherwise, and continue with your practice of stating your conscious autosuggestion.

Do not attach to the outcome of your subconscious’s manifestation of your suggestion. Determine that your subconscious has its own mysterious method of realization. Trust it; let go of any controlling thoughts.

Assume full responsibility for your suggestions. I stopped doing clinical hypnosis years ago in favor of suggesting self-hypnosis to my clients, where one assumes full responsibility for suggesting to themselves the changes they seek. One really only grows through one’s own efforts. Autosuggestion restores one’s sovereignty to one’s inner creator.

As a spiritual mentor, I do not hold myself accountable for the decisions of those whom I mentor. I do, however, hold myself responsible for tackling their challenges as they live within myself. As without so within.

Telepathically, my influence is one of compassion and unconditional positive regard for the sovereignty of all fellow travelers.

I do suggest that one be very sparing of sharing with others one’s auto-suggestive intentions. Sharing can activate doubting and blocking beliefs in others, which can then be conveyed telepathically back as suggestions to one’s own subconscious mind.

If what we intend to manifest requires that we address issues that must be tackled first, we will be led to that realization. If what we intend to manifest throws us off balance, we will be guided, through experience, to that realization.

If what we seek to manifest does not materialize, we will be led to the understanding that our soul requires the course we are on for our greater evolution. Here, the ego is freed to acquiesce to one’s greater good.

The profound power of suggestion currently dominating our world reflects to us the importance of assuming full responsible sovereignty for the inner creators that we all are.

Inwardly, we are offered the opportunity to realize our full potential. Outwardly, we are in a position to materialize a consensus reality dedicated to the greater good of all.

To the greater good,

Chuck’s Place: Beyond The Competitive Solution

Digesting one’s life is the source of new life …
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Every person alive in this extraordinary time is part of a major world transition. The question is whether this is a nightmare that must be completed or whether it’s time to choose a new dream.

The gods have unequivocally made certain that world events reveal the truths for all to see. And so it appears that what’s being asked is for humankind to assume full responsibility for deciding what comes next. Nightmare or regenerative dream?

Behind it all is the very real clash of opposites, inherent both in wholeness and in all of us.

Jane Roberts, who delivered to the world the epochal teachings of Seth, spent the last year and a half of her life confined to a hospital, her body completely locked in a fetal position, incapable of independent movement.

Jane’s mother had suffered and died from rheumatoid arthritis. Jane never saw her mother walk and spent her childhood and early adulthood at the beck and call of her mother’s bedpan. In her very early childhood, Jane spent two years in a repressive Catholic orphanage due to her mother’s inability to care for her. Her mother largely blamed Jane’s existence for her own medical woes.

Similar to many other extraordinary psychic adventurers, Jane’s traumatic childhood dissociated her into the largess of subtle energy exploration. She published short stories, science fiction novels and poetry before she ultimately met, and channeled, the wise, evolved human being, no longer in human form, who called himself Seth.

The opposites that riddled Jane’s existence were the part of herself that she designated the sinful girl of her childhood, who needed to be punished, and the adult channel she became, with access to the wisdom, critical in our time, to keep the human dream alive and evolving into deeper balance.

Jane had compensated for her neglected and abused beginnings with a spiritual drive that was intent upon discovering the deeper truths beyond everyday existence. It was not until later in life, fully frozen in her hospital bed, that she was forced to recapitulate the experiences of her neglected younger selves, with their limiting negative beliefs that had driven her discomfort with being a woman in this life.

Her total dependence upon nurses, and her husband Rob, allowed her to experience maternal care at a near infantile level, challenging the deep-seated unworthiness of her childhood. In addition, by embodying her mother’s limiting disease she was able to experience deep love and empathy for her mother’s frozen self, freeing herself of the burden of resentment. 

Jane’s heroic journey of ego compensation for traumatic beginnings is the heroic journey of most human egos. It represents the competitive solution to the problem of the opposites. In this scenario, heroic compensation defeats the legacy of trauma, at least temporarily.

Many a successful adult can trace their current good fortune to the one-sided discipline they brought down upon themselves to escape the fate of their origins. As successful as one-sided solutions may be, eventually, often by midlife, the knock of the spirit insists we retrieve the opposites we have left behind.

The extremes of Jane’s life required that she literally experience her mother’s full body paralysis in order to relive her childhood and face the depths of her own self-hatred and the negative beliefs she carried about herself.

Throughout Jane’s hospital stay, as she encountered the fullness of her night sea journey, Seth guided and supported her healing. Her devoted husband, Rob, would often massage her arms and legs, and at times Jane experienced her steeled muscles softening, permitting significant movement.

Generally, however, the physical and emotional pain resulting from such  release of defensive tightness would rebound into redoubled resistance to movement by the next day.

This scenario is a reversion to a competitive solution to the problem of reconciling the opposites inherent in our wholeness. Given an opening, the habitual solution to go to defense to ward off the pain and fear of true freedom reasserts itself with abandon.

On a practical level, the use of self-hypnosis to introduce to the subconscious new suggestions to old habits was freely employed by Jane and Rob, often with great success. However, the resource of new beliefs cannot override the necessity of recapitulation. We can never fully progress beyond where we are if we are not ready to bring all of ourselves with us: the good, the bad and the ugly.

As Jane discovered, and as her story reveals, no one else can heal us. No one else has lived our life and no one else knows the depths of our most painful experiences. Only we know what truly needs to be reconciled. Thus, only through our own exploration of our opposites, through the process of recapitulation, by taking a deep and thorough dive into our darkness, can we succeed in bringing ourselves into the light of full regenerative healing.

Of the many gifts that Jane Roberts left behind, I appreciate the full transparency of her offering of the complete annals of her life to the Yale University Library. What they, and Rob’s uncensored notes of the last year of her life reveal, to all of us, is how tenacious the problem of reconciliation of opposites truly is. Even a direct confrontation with potential death itself can fail to avert the well worn habit of a one-sided defensive solution that precludes reconciliation with one’s whole self.

Beyond this competitive solution of opposites is the full acceptance of all of one’s life experiences. This advances one to full self love, as well as love for everything and everyone else.

Everything and everyone is part of our own wholeness. With that level of truthful acceptance we are freed from the bindings of competitive solution, freed to choose the regenerative dream. It’s the obvious right choice, and it includes the welfare of all.

Thank you, Jane, for pointing out the true depths of the challenge of recapitulation. Thank you, also, to all of you scouts, who have done the work and are stalking the regenerative dream beyond the eclipse.


Suggested reading:
The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk
The Recapitulation Diaries, J. E. Ketchel
The Way Toward Health, A Seth Book, Jane Roberts  

Soulbyte for Tuesday March 19, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Pace yourself. Watch your energy. Make use of the breath to reinvigorate and re-energize throughout the day. Pacing allows for calm assessment and study of how you use your energy, where it goes and whether for good or for waste. Good use of energy involves honing your desires, your creativity, and your enthusiasm into the best use of the energy you have on hand, while also encouraging new energy to form. Eat and sleep well. Take time to be in nature, the best of all healers. And sometimes, just sit in the sun. It will do you good.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Getting To Know Our Parts As Probable Selves

Wholeness is accepting all the parts…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

I spent a training weekend with a virtual Susan Brown, LCSW and EMDR psychotherapist. This event coincided with my reading the book Seth, Dreams And Projections Of Consciousness, published posthumously in 1986, two years after the death of its author, Jane Roberts.

Susan Brown addresses the integration of sub-personality parts work with classic EMDR therapy as applied to treating addictions. For her, the multiplicity of fragmented parts that we become when separated from our wholeness of Self, through traumatic encounter, continue to serve our healing quest for connection with, and restoration of, our lost wholeness of Self.

Susan counsels that we value, accept and respect all parts of Self with equanimity, regardless of their apparent dysfunctionality. Wholeness, once again, requires acceptance of everything that we are. Her intent could be characterized as a modern day shamanic soul retrieval, where the adult self is brought into living connection with its lost parts, as the overall personality is restored to healthy balance and cooperative oneness.

Carlos Castaneda highlighted this shift in modern shamanism by insisting that we are now all our own redeemers. We must all become our own Naguals, or High Selves, as Susan Brown might characterize them, and assume central responsibility for the healing and individuation journey to our true wholeness of Self.

The therapist or shaman is a facilitator but does not assume responsibility for retrieval of a lost part in the underworld of the unconscious. The evolving relationship between adult self and High Self, and its variety of part personalities, is the magic and centerpiece of healing in this empowered journey of recovery.

Seth, the entity whom Jane Roberts channelled, explained that probable selves represent living permutations of the life we are currently in. These sub-personalities, or parts, are intimately connected and interactive with the life we are currently living, though they are completely autonomous and may be functioning largely outside of our conscious awareness.

For instance, Jane Roberts, and her husband Rob, had once travelled to Maine for a vacation. One night while there, they went to a night club and were drawn to sit opposite a couple whom they experienced as bitter, disgruntled versions of their future selves, miserably shut down and disconnected from their creative cores.

Seth explained to them that their present selves had created, or birthed, these versions of themselves from the shadows of their fears. As opposed to mere psychological projections, these beings were actual entities, with lives of their own, seeking their own resolutions.

This synchronistic encounter with their probable future selves served all four beings well, as their connection spawned many possibilities and reflected knowledge extremely useful to the making of decisions that would go on to change their future lives.

We all have our personal astral network of probable selves that we interact with, largely in dreaming and through the practice of, what Jung called, active imagination. These connections are real, living connections that exist as parts of our greater wholeness, regardless of our awareness of them. Just as we have neural plasticity networks in the brain, we also have, what I would term, the astral-plasticity to grow through greater awareness and connectivity with our probable selves.

Astral-plasticity utilizes lucid dreaming, where present selves volitionally encounter their probable other selves, meeting with the intent of respect and offering the opportunity to share and gain knowledge gleaned from their separate lives lived.

Astral-plasticity also generates the merging of healing intentions, wherein separate lives move beyond being unconsciously, compensatorily related, to being joined in similar healing intentions at different dimensions of Self.

I have suggested, in previous blog posts, that our current world crisis is reflecting a chaotic macro-encounter between the presently embodied World Self and the probable shadow self of past generational decisions, still alive and well on the astral plane, all demanding a physical replaying to reach a higher level of global Self-realization. We have at present slipped into a probable World Self that resembles Gotham City of Batman ilk. The advanced prefrontal cortex of current world civilization is becoming increasingly entranced by its limbic ancestors, all seeking a new world order.

Rather than pass the buck, through solidarity with the repression of prior generations, we are being called upon to live with the misery and lament of what appears to be irreconcilable differences. Accepting the role of taking the hit for the greater whole, by embodying these epic challenges, offers us the very real option of once and for all healing the deep splits that have perennially haunted human history. It also requires that we fully experience and reckon with the genuine threats to our current world’s survival.

Our best opportunity for healing rests in our capacity to summon our adult Self, with its ability to exercise its free will in the service of the greater good. Furthermore, we have the resource of our probable part selves, alternate selves who appreciate our efforts and contributions toward their own evolution and whom support us in ours. How critical it is that we get to know and make peace with all our parts. Ultimately, as Susan Brown points out, all parts matter!

Where to start? Set boundaries, but treat all parts with compassion and respect. Every part has a story to share that weaves together the mystery and wonder of Self.