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Soulbyte for Wednesday May 13, 2020

Look to nature for guidance, to know when it is right to do something or not. Watch the slow incremental unfolding of nature bringing forth new life. Without hurry, impatience, or frustration, nature is steady and sure. What happens will happen in its own time, nature shows, without interference or intervention, simply because it is time. The moon in its phases does not alter. The sun in its rising comes forth daily and in its setting leaves again, just as life comes and goes. In nature all things come to pass. A warrior knows this and is always prepared. And yet a warrior studies nature, cautiously and carefully waiting for the signs that say it is time. A warrior learns how things work, so that nothing is unexpected or a surprise. A warrior accepts everything as it comes, in its time, one moment and one day at a time.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday November 13, 2019

Make choices that are healthy, consistent, manageable, and practical. Make choices that will indeed change you in positive ways. Make choices that will challenge you, but make them for reasons that are personally right, interesting, and sound. Make choices to change yourself into who you truly are. Work through your karma from previous lives, brought over to resolve in this one, and work through your current issues too, your regrets, entitlements, and resentments so that you are truly freed of all encumbrances. Seek to know and understand yourself, fully and deeply, so you can figure out why you do certain things that are harmful, withholding, punishing, or downright dangerous. Accept who you now are, but choose to change yourself too so that you may evolve. Choose a new path of healing, inner and outer, in alignment with your heart’s path of knowledge and adventure so that your life may now unfold in a new and more balanced, enlightening way. With loving kindness for yourself and the journey you have traveled thus far, make a choice today that will be the first step of many to come on a new voyage to a changed and evolved you. You won’t regret it!

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday June 17, 2019

Trials and tribulations come in many forms, but their greater intent is to afford a shift, offering release from something that can no longer be sustained, pointing out something, within the self—in the body, mind, or spirit—or in the outer world, that needs a course correction. Look to your personal trials and tribulations as gifts, offering release from something that inhibits, offering at the same time the needed healing. View outer trials and tribulations in the same manner. Discover the real reason within the self for personal issues as they arise, and let go of that which brings you stress and strain, sickness and pain, for something at your core has prescribed a trial to be your healing balm. So is it with the rapidly changing world now. Get right with the real reason for the changes that are taking place, within and without, and get in alignment with the healing plan that will set things right again. Let healing be your personal intent now. Let go of that which is no longer part of the greater healing plan. And don’t forget, the greatest healing balm of all is love!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Kundalini Rising

We are in the time of the great healing crisis…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Tragic, the burning of Notre Dame. It takes us to the heart and the intent to rebuild. The energy, contained for centuries in this monolithic structure of Catholicism, has been released and will be reformed in its reconstruction.

Pope Benedict spoke from retirement last week, proclaiming, in a letter, the source of sexual abuse in the Church to be linked to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the free love of the 1960’s. His prescription for reformation is in keeping with similar calls throughout the world for conservatism as the solution.

His letter reflects, at the highest level, the schism within the Church. Pope Benedict reflects the power of control at the third chakra, will. Pope Francis calls for love at the fourth chakra, all-encompassing. The mounting energy of this schism can be depicted as kundalini energy rising and bursting forth, in flames, in the split between these two chakras.

In America, the same schism is being exploited and the fires stoked. Some hold to the true spirit of the American Dream, the heart chakra. Others hold that that dream is over, that America is full, back to an old conservatism, the third chakra. The same schism confronts Israel. And though Netanyahu emerges victorious, Beresheet crashed into the moon.

At the deepest level, all these local tragedies are signs of the earth’s healing crisis. That crisis is the earth’s reformation, as the farmers of the Midwest can well attest. Healing will require rising to the objective truth of what is needed to survive at a fully interconnected level, beyond all special interests.

Consider Katie Bouman’s modest contribution to the algorithm that made possible the first viewing of a black hole. The key was to bring all telescopes on the earth together as one. The ability to merge the data as one produced the light of consciousness that takes us deeper into the mystery of us all.

The fires rage and the destruction is painful. Nonetheless, the healing crisis, well underway, portends new life, on more solid ground.



Chuck’s Place: Tossing of the Ring

Like rippling rings on water, let your love flow…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Noticed, subliminally, that the ring on my pinky was quite loose, barely stayed on. A brief thought process to safely tuck it in my pocket was dismissed. Upon returning home, I discovered that the ring was gone. I was stunned but soon calmed, as I realized we, my ring and I, had made this agreement earlier in the day. I was alerted to its readiness to jump; it had given me one last obvious warning. I had given it the green light and it had chosen to launch.

The ring is composed of two thick golden entwined threads, a couple’s infinite love woven into a healing path, a sealed strand of intent ready for life. It had adorned my finger for 45 years. Though coveted, it expressed its intent to move freely in the world now. I release you, dear ring, so imbued with love, to bring your magic wherever you land.

Realized later that the day the ring sprang free, April 6th, was exactly one year to the day of our initiation at The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Voyage, where Jan and I abruptly moved into new life. Found out, as well, that our nearest neighbor, Elizabeth, had launched on her definitive journey into infinity that same day, having physically died in Los Angeles. Truly, this was a day of profound shift.

The spreading of love is indeed the karma of what is happening now, the work to be done. That which has fragmented must come back together. We must be patient in the knowing that change is constant. Disintegration, however vast, is the precursor to integration. Love is the energy of healing and union.

Spend not time judging the self, judgment is too divisive. Seek only clarity and truth. From the heart center ask the self the question, “does this old decision hold up now?” And if the answer is that it’s time to shift, walk in a new direction. Quietly, light as a feather, attract no attention, simply move on, filled to the brim with love.

To get to the truth of the heart, we must reach a profound state of relaxation. Allow each inward breath to reach every cell of the body. With the exhalation, ask every cell to profoundly release. Hold that level of relaxation as you begin the next inhalation, then release even deeper on the out breath. After some time, the body will become calm and receptive, the mind will have dropped its prejudices, and the truth of the heart will be ready to be heard.

Doubt is the third chakra’s devil’s advocate. Allow it to make its case, but recognize its narcissism. With calm, speak the truth. If unduly influenced by its call to arms or self-serving ploys, then reenter the matrix for another round of groundhog day. When the cycle completes, you’ll have accrued greater knowledge. And with it, what will you choose next time around?

The world populace oscillates now between its separate wants and true collective needs. Only love can settle the score, because it transcends the one-sidedness of separateness.

Toss the ring of what you hold dear into the ring of greater good. Let  love grow in every interaction, in every thought and action. Let’s see what happens!

With love,