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Chuck’s Place: All That Is & All That was

Joining above and below…
– Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Jeanne, from her Soul perspective, has advised that all we need in order to advance our karmic intention in this life is present in the material circumstances we encounter in this life. Regardless of the past life incarnations that constitute the deeper fabric of our present life, it is not necessary to retrieve them in memory to reconcile our Soul’s mission in this life.

Too much obsession with past life retrieval can distract one from fully living one’s current, actual, life. In fact, though fascinating and enchanting, past life exploration can, if overly lived in, provide a dissociative distraction from the depths of emotional engagement and challenge needed in the full living of one’s current life.

Recapitulation, or retrieval of all of one’s current life experiences, is the key to cracking the karmic nut of one’s current life. This is aptly verified by the life review process consistently reported in near death experiences (NDE). Retrieving and processing traumatic memory from this life also paves the way to liberation and fulfillment of one’s karmically interrupted current life.

Ultimately, one’s spiritual evolution requires a recapitulation of all of one’s many lives to arrive at the fullness of one’s Soul identity, an amalgam of all those experiences. Beyond that is the greater amalgam of all Souls’ journeys in the cosmic hologram of oneness. Wholeness requires full ownership and reconciliation with all that is and all that was.

As the icebergs melt and the lakes dry up, our material world reveals its hidden human history. The subtle energies of bygone times are no longer frozen in time, they reveal themselves upon the current world stage.

Queen Elizabeth’s passing is the end of an era that is, ironically,  reasserting itself upon the current world stage. The Souls of the unsettled departed cry out for attention and resolution, as the Queen recapitulates, in her subtle body, the life of her reign beyond the confines of her royal diplomacy.

The hunger of the Soviet empire to reassert its hegemony over Ukraine harkens back to 1922 when the Soviet Union annexed Ukraine. The rise of racist ideologies in political personalities throughout the world reflect Hitler and Mussolini, prominent dictators of WWII. The polarization among the American populace reflects the unleashing of suppressed energies and ideologies from its own Civil War of the 1860s.

In its current life, the world is facing a potential Armageddon, due to climate change brought on by a reticence to face the truth and acquiesce to the needs of the greater whole. The world ego is being challenged to grow beyond its narcissistic worldview to embrace a true love for neighbor. Souls currently in this life, as well as those subtly departed but still attached, are energetically engaged in the global chess moves of now.

Earth’s karma is forcing an engagement of unrequited energies that are demanding reconciliation. Currently, world ego is struggling to acknowledge Earth’s deepest needs, even as it prioritizes its own comfort and survival. The broader view that acknowledges and actively addresses the imperialist impulses of now, evident in much of the world’s response to the invasion of Ukraine, is a definite advance from ignoring the Nazi purge early in the lead up to WWII.

Hitler’s once crafty rise to power is being deeply reflected in the current challenges posed by the political events on many continents. The American Civil War is being replayed with a vengeance, while its unity, necessary to serve as world leader, teeters on collapse. The current release of anger, in the many tragedies of now, reflects another stage in the grieving process, perhaps unavoidable if we are to achieve the ultimate reconciliation of detached acceptance.

Though we shouldn’t obsess over the past world memories now active upon the world stage, appreciating the deeper restless energies of yesteryear casts a broader view of all that has a stake in the outcome of now. Our focus now should be on facing the truths of now, within and without.

From this position of broad contemplation, past and present included, let us take up, with diligence, the recapitulation of our personal lives, and find true fulfillment in loving all that is and all that was.

Intending the broader view,

Chuck’s Place: The Energy of Now

Viral energy of now…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Body and mind are inextricably linked in our human sojourn. The physical condition of our world is reflected in our collective mental process.

Most pressing, currently, in our physical world, is the impact of a virus on human civilization. Most dominant on the mental plane are an infusion of viral beliefs, currently challenging a cohesive collective agreement on what is reality.

As the physical virus mutates and remains energetically viable, so do the action and energy of viral beliefs that overshadow human thought and relationships. Human efforts to vaccinate and subdue the power of the virus are equally reflected in highly charged emotional efforts, as humans of opposing beliefs seek to reach cohesion via heated persuasive argumentation, a largely futile effort to convert each other.

The backdrop of our current energetic collisions is an energy poised to affect change. The virus clearly seeks to affect major modifications in human behavior. Certainly, the ruling practices of humankind are in need of update to continue supporting life on the planet. Competing, emotionally-charged, clashing beliefs are equally determined to restructure human thought and behavior. 

The repetitiveness of human behavior is a slow yet significant technology for evolutionary change. Repetition ultimately accrues to boredom that then sets the stage for a breakthrough of a volatile energy that breaks down the familiar, as it seeks fundamental change. The physical and mental viruses of now are composed of a revolutionary energy so powerful as to hasten this change process and set the stage for a new way of life.

To be alive at this time, in this world, suggests a readiness to participate in such monumental change. Beyond the outer challenge of navigating the viruses amongst us, is the opportunity for great change within the self. The energy of now insists that we examine our core beliefs and open to greater perspectives and possibilities than we’ve previously known.

To be alive in this energy matrix portends great opportunity to change life patterns that have dominated thinking and living, up to this current moment. The seduction to battle for needed change in the outer world exclusively, is to forego a great opportunity for evolution of the Spirit in its journey in infinity.

Take full advantage of the energy of now to achieve full transparency of self, to self, and make needed adjustments on the path of fulfillment.

Energetically yours,