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Soulbyte for Monday June 10, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Too much introspection can lead to a failure to connect while too much extraversion can lead to a failure to discover that there is a vast inner world, larger and more interesting than the beloved outer world. Too much of any good thing is just too much; balance is needed. Find ways to strike a balance so that both the inner self and the outer self are fulfilled. With this intent consciously in mind, look for ways to amplify or tone down in one area or another, to turn inward when appropriate and outward when the time is right. Learn to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong in any given minute. Learn the distinct differences between the inner self and the outer self, and pay attention to the needs of each, so that you will begin to know what balance feels like.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday October 31, 2022

                                  -Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Stay attuned to what is going on inside you whenever you are dealing with something going on outside of you. Check in with your inner self, your spirit, to get its reaction. You are more than just the person you see in the mirror, more than the outer self you present to the world. Your inner world is much more vast, interesting and important. So learn to pay attention to what it has to teach you. You won’t be disappointed.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: The Spirit’s Call

Answering the spirit's call

Find solace in quietude today, for it is only in inner calmness that the deeper self may be realized. There is need for such inner seeking of self and not only now during the times in which you live. This is a truth for all times. It is only through experiences of the deeper self, the spiritual self, that humanity will realize the eternal connection that all human beings possess, not as a gift, but as a reality of being human.

In moments of quietude seek the deeper self, the universal self, and ask for guidance of this deeper universal self, which is the source of all knowledge.

Your guidance will come from within the self, though your outer reality will signal your way. Your direction in life and the necessary steps to discover the deeper meaning of your life will be in alignment with your outer reality.

Perhaps your outer reality signals a direction that will lead you to a new level of awareness or perhaps your outer reality signals that it is time to take a new direction. Your outer reality will approve or disapprove of steps you are considering. You will be offered choices that may or may not be right. How do you choose? How do you know what to do next? How do you know if one step will lead to growth or to disaster?

Inner quietude will bring the answers you seek. The trick is to know just what such inner quietude feels like for you. Seeking inner quietude as often as possible will train your awareness to know what to do. Eventually, you will feel this inner resonance immediately arising upon questioning. In inner calmness you will learn that all the answers lie waiting within.

Often the answer may be accompanied by discomfort because it will, of course, be challenging you to change, to choose something out of the ordinary, to perhaps greatly disrupt the life you have been leading, daring you to face a new direction. Discomfort-in-resonance is perhaps the most challenging inner place to be.

Be aware that such moments are evolutionary ones, the moments when you are fully aware that you must change, that you are being challenged to go beyond the present self. They can be frightening moments, but if you stay firmly attached to the resonance of the moment—the clear voice of your spirit calling—you will find the strength and guidance you need.

Training the self to listen and act on your spirit’s call to change will lead to greater awareness of your spirit’s ways and means of guiding you and you will also have learned a new step in acquiescing to your journey.

Pay attention to your spirit calling you. The call today may be for you alone, a call to grow, but in the future it may lead to the growth of others as well. As we all evolve upon this earth, as we all listen to the truth of the spirit’s call, a greater sense of ourselves as interconnected beings, all desiring the same things in life and in spirit, may arise as a new reality of being human. This is already a known truth: that we are all just struggling to become more than we are; that, in reality, we are all on the same journey, but as humans we become so wrapped up in our personal woes that we forget that we all suffer.

Do not forget that each one of us is on a similar journey, the point of which is to grow in awareness of why we are here. And that is why inner quietude is such an important tool in both our spiritual practices as well as in our lives in the world. Through inner quietude the two worlds may merge and we may begin to flow through our lives more seamlessly each day.

Find inner quietude, heeding the spirit’s call, as often as possible. Find the calm self and the calm mind and let the knowing mind of this state of being human guide you. We are all readers of infinity and our training is in our own lives, in the circumstances that make up our realities and the choices we make.

May you find quietude and make a decision based on your spirit’s call today. Even if it is only a small or seemingly insignificant shift in self-awareness, such a step may offer more than you can imagine. It may release you from the place you now find yourself so caught in. Change the inner self and find how easily the outer self grasps at the opportunity for a new and different life as well. If we are hungry for anything, truly that thing is change.