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Chuck’s Place: Today Is The Manifestation Of Last Night’s Dream

We all take nighttime journeys in infinity…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

We are conceived as human beings by our greater Soul, which already resides in infinity. The intent of our life is thus our Soul’s intent, which is that life be physically lived on the stage of our three-dimensional space/time world.

Our Soul asks us to play out its dream question, with free will, in the drama of our human life. When we leave human life, we bring our experiences and discoveries home to our greater Soul’s enrichment, enhancing our personal evolution as well.

We enter human life with a blank-slate amnesia as to our royal ancestry as infinite beings. Our Soul heritage is masked by an ego that must discover and live the drama it has been cast in. This is the part of us that seeks the meaning and purpose of our earthly life.

Beneath our groundedness as physically aging beings, we are still soulful beings who return to our true homeland in infinity, out of physical body, as we sleep and dream each night. The memory of our nightly dreams is the download of our greater life in infinity.

Generally, however, we reenter our physical bodies upon awakening with the same kind of amnesia we experienced when we were first born into this life. Much of what we remember in the morning is distorted by the filter of the ego, who clothes its experiences in infinity with the mindset and images of material reality.

Nonetheless, our waking life experience for the coming day is enriched by our previous night’s dream, where we explored our daily experiences and made new discoveries with our greater Soul in infinity. I am always excitedly aware that the theme of my downloaded dream has already set the stage for the waking adventure to be physically played out in the new day I was just born into.

Attention to, and analysis of the dream, gives me a heads up as to my oncoming waking drama. My subsequent contribution to infinity will be in the outcomes of my decisions and actions as the plot unfolds. Infinity does not know in advance what choices I will make, and thus awaits my findings in our nightly exchanges.

Thus, our waking ego state, beneath its materialist fixation, is actually well acquainted with non-physical living, through its nightly out-of-body journeys in the sleep and dream times of our physical lives. So much so that when we make our final out-of-body departure, at physical death, in our untethered, freed energy-body state, we will actually land in a very familiar landscape.

As we physically age, the veil between dimensions thins, as locales and acquaintances we’ve made in infinite life begin to cross waking boundaries. Oftentimes, what is experienced during Alzheimer’s disease reflects the soulful integration of ego with its greater Soul life in infinity. This indeed generates much confusion for self, and for all in waking life, but it is nonetheless a natural phase of a major transition.

Bob Monroe’s* discoveries of our multidimensional soul states led to his use of sound science to enable explorers to discover that they already lived in states beyond the physical body. Not only does such exploration reduce the fear of physical death but also opens channels to greater conscious integration of ego with Soul states while still living in a physical body.

This was the message that the shaman don Juan Matus imparted to his apprentice, Carlos Castaneda: Evolution for human beings is no longer physical, it’s energetic. The energy body soul state, that runs our physical body in waking life, is evolving in its conscious participation in life beyond the physical body, in what is called the astral dimension.

Bob Monroe visited the future of our planet in a permutation of potential evolutionary trends, where human beings lived primarily on Earth in their energy body state, with the creative power of their intentions shaping the world, devoid of reliance upon physical manipulation of the environment to survive.

We are currently living through a developmental leap of merging potentialities from subtle energetic life with physical life. Our current struggles on Earth are intermingled with both the light and dark forces of the astral realm, as we dream the human dream forward into a whole new dimension. The confusions of Earth life now resemble the course of Alzheimer’s disease on a mass scale, as we struggle to integrate it all.

Our greater Soul has assigned us the task to discover the path to sustainable balance, as we collectively advance the Earth dream. The knowledge accrued through the myriad of experiments we all perform in the daily dramas of our lives is ultimately manifesting that path of heart.

Dreaming it forward, with heart,

*Robert Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia

Chuck’s Place: Learn To Think In Optimistic New Ways

Restore your innate optimism…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Seth, whom Jane Roberts channelled, spoke of an innate body optimism that we are all born with. Both Jan and I immediately had the thought of birth trauma, the body’s welcoming birth committee of perinatal challenges, that Stan Grof has so thoroughly delineated.

Almost immediately, our query was answered when Seth gave the analogy of a child’s birth being equivalent to the first opening of the petals on a flower.* Regardless of the effort or trauma experienced in arriving at new life, that innate impetus toward life propels us to open to it. We are born optimists.

Seth goes on to suggest that this innate body optimism always moves toward health and healing. What brings in disease, issues from the mental plane of existence in the form of thoughts that limit our inherent optimism and instruct the subconscious mind to generate feared states of being.

These limiting beliefs are derived from the overarching socialized belief in the inevitable breakdown of the physical body, which is marked by the occurrence of predictable medical conditions throughout the course of the life cycle. In fact, many diagnostic tests are indicated to be performed as one reaches certain ages, subtly reinforcing the inevitability of decline. These are the suggestions that often manifest disease.

Medicine has yet to discover the power of the mental plane to both generate and cure disease. In fact, it remains staunchly prejudiced by a material perspective in its healing prescriptions. A typical course of treatment requires some form of pharmacological medicine or surgical intervention to restore health.

Psychology suffers a similar prejudice in its approach to healing. For instance, no academic discipline for the mental healing professions teaches dreamwork. Dreams are the messengers of the soul, which deliver to us the cause and cure of our ailments. Psyche means soul in Greek. How can one learn about psyche if they don’t consult the soul?

The soul, like the body, is inherently optimistic. Dreams are the soul’s attempt to keep us in balance, as they take us deeper into our mystical journey of life. Our mental rejection of  the value of dreaming largely emanates from the ego dimension of the mental plane.

The mental plane is the spirit plane, and the ego is the part of that plane that is largely identified with the physical body, which it is primarily assigned to navigate. The soul, which issues from a much more subtle dimension of the spirit plane, views life from a far vaster energetic perspective, which includes both body and soul. Thus ego, though itself a part of soul, actually identifies itself with the body and therefore rejects its life on the spirit plane.

Learning to think in new ways begins with linking to our inherent optimism of both body and soul. The ego, through its internalized limiting beliefs, coupled with the ever-present drone of its internal dialogue, constantly bombards the subconscious mind with negative suggestions. For healing to progress, ego must align its intent with the optimistic healing powers of the body and soul.

The subconscious mind is also part of, and located in, the soul on the spirit plane, right at the crossroads of spirit intent and material energy. The subconscious is a magical factory. It transforms spirit suggestions into material objects and reality. Therefore, it might take a negative thought suggestion as its building plan, from which it emotionally manufactures a depressed mood that then registers in the body as physical inertia.

Negative thoughts, over time, become strong habits that are reflected in the posture and condition of the physical body. Dreams, in their unique symbolic language, offer commentary and solutions to overcome the detrimental impacts of these diseased mental habits. Dreams can restore the innocence of one’s inherent optimism, which is bathed in the energy that anything is possible.

When we open to our dreams and take responsibility for the quality of our internal dialogue, by presenting optimistic suggestions to our subconscious mind, we realign both our body and soul with the optimism of health and healing.

We must understand that, yes, when we came into physical incarnation we had an intent to explore a facet of life that would likely land us in adversive circumstances that would traumatize our body and soul. Trauma is a necessary entree into deeper life exploration, which must be transgressed. However, beyond trauma is the much greater energy of body and soul optimism, which always points toward the true north of health, growth and fulfillment.

When we view all circumstances in our life with the equanimity of an underlying optimism, that is sure of mastery and ultimate fulfillment, we indeed learn to think in new ways.

Value your dreams and optimize your optimistic suggestions. May this open you to pure innocence and awe, and one hell of a fulfilling life.

With great optimism,

* The Way Toward Health by Jane Roberts, A Seth Book, p. 69

Soulbyte for Thursday March 10, 2022

Life on Earth is a constant attempt to remember, to remember where you come from, why you are there, and for what purpose you took on an earthly existence. All of these things are stored within you waiting for you to find them, the pieces of you, the mysteries you have forgotten, the answers you seek. Remembering is the process that will enlighten you. Practice remembering by trying to remember your dreams. They are the first and most immediate portal to all that you are.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Earth’s Field Of Dreams

Dream love…
– Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Our nighttime dreams are actually evening meditations. As the senses of the body become passive in sleep, our consciousness is freed to meet with our teachers and guides who reside in the subtler dimensions of our being. Dreams and waking meditations are the portals to communion with our own High Spirit.

When we return from our nightly spirit consultations, we abruptly wake up to our physical reality, as the ego quickly begins anticipating its day. If we are able to download the contents of our dream journeys, we are able to contemplate their messages and benefit from their guidance.

It always helps to write them down. It is amazing how a dream, clearly remembered in the morning, drops from memory as we move through our day. Themes that are encountered in the subtler dimension of the dream take physical form as the day progresses. The subtle energy of dreaming creates the mental blueprint that deeply influences the events and attitudes we will assume in waking life.

Collective dreams are the dreams of Mother Earth as she interacts with the guides and higher self of her own Earth being. Human beings collectively comprise the ego consciousness of Mother Earth. Human waking behavior and climactic events are the physical downloads and expressions of her subtle dreams.

Covid-19 was an enactment of one of Mother Earth’s subtle dreams. That dream completely disrupted human behavior. For a while a united world raced to protect itself from that serious viral infection. Then the world split into opposing factions, unable to agree upon vaccines, masks, or whether the threat was even that real.

The covid dream confronted human beings with an abrupt threat to individual and collective survival. The latent Spirit intent was to raise human spirituality to face the truth and be willing to act in alignment with it. That dream had a minimal impact on human unity, but a new dream was needed to further the cause.

In came the Russian attack of Ukraine dream. Almost overnight the covid dream ended. Even the Freedom Convoy arrived at the outskirts of Washington, DC without a cause, as most mandates have disappeared!

The Russian/Ukraine dream is Mother Earth’s latest dream, where even the potential nightmare of nuclear holocaust has been activated. The collective reaction of the world to this onslaught has brought a much higher level of human consensus to the world stage.

This includes the welcoming of migrants and the willingness to suffer and sacrifice to shut down a behavior that is rooted in untruths and which threatens the innocent people of Ukraine, as well as the overall stability of the world.

Interestingly, it appears that Putin’s strength rests upon his export of oil. Will the world completely shun Russia’s oil to shut down this invasion? This is being contemplated right now. Is the world ready for such sacrifice?

I ponder Mother Earth’s higher self’s intent in this dream. Truth, unity, and sacrifice are key ingredients. Yet, the latent effect of shutting off the oil might be the development of a new dream, of seriously going green, a major key to Mother Earth’s survival. We will see how this dream advances.

Mother Earth’s next dream will be the karma of the outcome of this current dream. Rest assured that whatever next dream appears upon our Earthly field of dreams, it comes imbued to the brim with Spirit intent! And that intent is love, regardless of the challenging dreams we must be shaped by to get there.

Just love,


Soulbyte for Thursday February 17, 2022

Focus on  your dreams of a new self, a new life, a new path. Create a vision of this new self, life, or path and see yourself in it, living it, being it. Perfect it with all the nuances you can imagine. Keep this vision in your mind’s eye, in your thoughts, and in your everyday world imagine it as though it has already happened, already come to life. Manifest your dreams in this manner, and then keep going. Don’t stop. For life is the plane of manifestation and realization, the place to make dreams come alive.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne