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Chuck’s Place: All Roads Lead to the Energy Body

In our energy bodies…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Is it a particle or is it a wave? Physicists have come to the conclusion that it is both. Sometimes it, (that is, our self) appears in solid form, sometimes in pure energy form.

Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda’s teacher added that we are always energy first. What we call physical is a specific configuration of energy that has materialized into a solid form. Nonetheless, our solid physical form regularly shifts into its energetic essence.

This happens to us automatically every night in dreaming. A part of our solid energy form dissolves into its energy body state where it is free to travel the universe in an instant with such lightness of being.

Dreaming allows the energy body to be bathed in pools of energy that release the stress accumulated in the physical body during its daytime encounters in the dense physical world. If we are denied our REM sleep, our energy body dreaming state, we lose our physical and mental ability to function coherently.

Our ultimate Self, what we might call our Soul, resides in our energy body. The basis for this conclusion is the fact that the energy body  does not die when the physical body dies. Our energy body consolidates all of our energy at the time of physical death and then flies off into infinity.

Our nightly energy body dreams are the gateway to explorations in infinity while we are still securely attached to our physical body that lies in deep, frozen, space-time rest while we journey. This attachment remains firm until the cord is cut when we undertake our definitive journey into infinity at the time of our death.

Consciousness is retained beyond the physical world of space-time. We experience this while in physical form in our nightly dreams with our energy body. We are fully capable of thinking and reasoning in our dreams, however, our physical capacities are actually thought imagery projections in dreaming as our physical body is held in a state of transitory paralysis while in REM sleep. Sleep walking is actually a failure of this suppression of the physical body in dreaming, which results in active physical accompaniment to a dream.

In ordinary dreaming the energy body releases the physical and emotional energies and entanglements from a day of waking life. Lucid, shamanic, and out-of-body explorations are more advanced forms of dreaming where consciousness is aware it is in a dreaming state and great control is exerted over staying present to the expanded opportunities for exploration in this altered energetic state.

The great energy of now is offering all of us a terrific boost of energy to discover and cultivate our latent potential to expanded awareness and exploration in our energy body’s nightly adventures. What was once the province of shamans and advanced yogis and monks is now available to all seekers who embrace the intent to retain awareness in dreaming.

All roads lead to the energy body, the carrier of our infinite soul. Enjoy it, explore with it, find the answers to the mystery of your soul’s intent with it. Dream on!


Chuck’s Place: Spiritual Instinct

Spent some time in the Deep South. Couldn’t help but be impressed by the preponderance of churches, congregations, assemblies, and conversations that ended in “bless you.”

Driving along, taking it all in, we were 30 miles from our next adventure, a week long immersion in out-of-body experience, for us the ultimate spiritual experience.

Something in the human being cries out for spiritual experience. On this one I’m quite certain Freud had it wrong. Spirituality is more than just a by-product, a sublimation of frustrated sexuality. We are spirit as well as animal beings. We are more than our physical bodies!

We are indeed beings whose animal self will die. Like some of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico accomplished, our species will find ways to extend our animal life for perhaps hundreds or even thousands of years, but eventually it will end.

Of course we covet life in the body. Why else would we find ourselves on this planet, land of opportunity? And that opportunity is the completion of a dream; beginning, middle, and end. Beyond that is more and more dreams, adventures without end. The great challenge is to complete the current dream and leap forward with awareness.

Were we but animals we would follow nature’s program as animals show us to do in their very orderly preparation for death. But our spirit self becomes so attached to the peoples and things of this world that it struggles mercilessly not to let go of this amazing life in time and space, to allow our dreams to unfold in new ways.

We are the active side of God, we are the seeds of possibility, living, feeling, failing, succeeding, developing and sensing in new ways the realization of infinite possibilities. All those possibilities are equal; success is as real a dream as failure, no judgment.

Our spiritual instinct gets caught in attachment to the physical. Our challenge in this life is to open up to our full spiritual nature. We are soul beings who travel endlessly in infinity, exploring love in all its possibilities. To reach this experience we must get beyond the veil of love existing only in the form of physical attachment in this life.

We are prompted by our spirit throughout our lives to awaken to this fuller truth, and this is the greatest challenge in this life. Pain and death are part of the loving path. They must be experienced, they must be mastered before the veil fully lifts.

Along the way are experiences of life and love beyond the body. It happens every night in dreaming. Hold the intent gently to explore that realm with consciousness as you go off to sleep. Repeat it every night. Eventually the door will open.

And then you won’t need to believe, you will know.

Sweet dreams,


Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Dream On!

On cloud nine! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
On cloud nine!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is the channeled audio message for the week, a good practice to begin taking a deeper look at the self. Happy dreaming!

Note that there is a bit of a long pause partway into the channeling, but not to worry, it does pick up again! This is a natural occurrence, as sometimes the words and visual symbols I encounter are not quite ready to be deciphered!

Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Dreaming

Dream reality becomes familiar territory if we practice it with awareness... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Dream reality becomes familiar territory if we practice it with awareness…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel
Spring is finally in the air up here in the North and that means time for new life. Perhaps today’s channeled message will offer some inspiration for how to stir awake the inner life’s work. Enjoy the week!

Chuck’s Place: Changing Dreams

The morning light cuts into this moment, offering an opening to a new dream... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
The morning light cuts into this moment,
offering an opening to a new dream…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I sit, sun pouring through the window. I absorb its heat and the glow of the light. I know we’re at the precipice of a major shift, but in this moment I bask in the awe of the sun’s rays. This week has been about changing dreams, minor shifts of focus that take us into other worlds, worlds of rejuvenation and awe, worlds that take us deeper into the magic.

I open The Eagle’s Gift by Carlos Castaneda, to a moment in time when Carlos and la Gorda were caught in powerlessness and gloom. “One day, in order to alleviate our distress momentarily, I suggested that we immerse ourselves in dreaming,” Carlos wrote. “As soon as I voiced my suggestion, I became aware that a gloom which had been haunting me for days could be drastically altered by willing the change. I clearly understood then that the problem with la Gorda and myself had been that we had unwittingly focused on fear and distrust, as if those were the only possible options available to us, while all along we had had, without consciously knowing it, the alternative of deliberately centering our attention on the opposite, the mystery, the wonder of what had happened to us.” (p. 127)

In this moment, I am thankful for the coming uncertainty, the forced interruptions in the continuity of routine. These are the wake-up calls to change the dream. These are those moments in a dream when we are invited to lucidity, when the absurdity of circumstance stirs our awareness to wake up and realize this can’t be real, we must be in a dream. If we awaken to that truth, without waking from the dream, we are freed to enter new dreams of possibility in full awareness.

In waking life, as well, we can find or create glitches to awaken ourselves from the trance we are induced into from the habits we mostly inhabit through the routine days of our lives, through the repetition of our behaviors, and the slumps we find ourselves so often stuck in. These trances of habit so define our actions as to shape our needs and daily outlook into fear, distrust, and boredom.

Yet, at any moment we can intentionally pause and reclaim our awareness! In the moment we skip outside the mundane—the routine, the expectations, the pain, the frustration, the sadness, the shame, the fears, the disappointments—and choose instead to occupy “the wonder of what has happened to us,” we offer ourselves the opportunity to enter a new reality, a new dream entered in full waking consciousness.

We are beings on magical journeys, fully capable of shifting our lives in an instant, making ourselves available to love and enjoy every moment of our magical lives, simply by, as Carlos says, willing a new dream.

Enjoying the magical momentary pause,