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Soulbyte for Tuesday November 19, 2019

Remember to stay physically grounded. Look at your feet to remind yourself to do this, feeling the earth beneath you, feeling yourself in your body. Maintain body awareness for health and vitality, taking care of yourself so that your inner energy is maintained along with your looks that you care so much about, along with your clothes that you keep so nice, along with your hair that you groom. What is inside, and how well kept all that you cannot see is, is just as important as all that you see and present on the outside. Staying grounded by looking at your feet will remind you of how you feel on the inside. It will remind you to make adjustments, to make right what is not right so that you are vitally alive and well, within and without, from the feet up!

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday November 18, 2019

Tend to what needs tending. You know what that is. Don’t neglect yourself. There is no time to be lazy, indolent, or careless. There is only time to perfect your human life so that you may advance. Take advantage of the times you live in, of the energy that abounds, to work on yourself, to hone your skills, to learn how to dream, how to be soundly human with loving kindness in your heart, how to perfect your physical body so that you have the energy and the power to do all that you wish to accomplish. It’s up to you to take care of yourself, but there is also plenty of support for all that you wish for, within and without. Helpers abound. Stay on your path of heart, ask for guidance, and with your intentions uppermost in your mind pursue your goals. There is no time like the present to envision the future.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Host & The Guest

Body self, spirit self housed together in life... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Body self, spirit self housed together in life…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The body self is a finite creature; it will die. The spirit self, the energy body, houses the infinite part of ourselves, that which separates forever from the earthy host, the physical body, at the time of its death.

The relationship between the host (the physical body) and the guest (the energy body) during our lifetime is our most important and challenging relationship. The physical body knows its days are numbered and seeks fulfillment of its instinctive nature in the physical world during life. Fulfillment in physical terms is connected to security, sex, and power in the material world of people and things.

The energy body enters its host, the physical body, with its intention to sow its karmic seeds through the drama of human life by which it has the opportunity to advance its ongoing journey in infinity at the death of the physical. The truth is, the body is not that interested in soul work. The body, like all animals, is here and now, in its instinctive life, which it so covets. Enjoying and experiencing the joys, pleasures, and triumphs of this life is the sole intent of the physical body; there is nothing more.

The energy body, in contrast, is far more expansive. The energy body is comprised of mind and feeling, and though both become active in the physical brain and heart, they are, in spirit form, of a far more ethereal nature, capable of a far greater expansiveness and abstraction way beyond human boundaries. For instance, love, at the energy body level, can expand to include all interconnected life. At the level of the physical body, however, “love” does not extend beyond me and mine.

At this point, I nearly abandoned this blog. I had drawn a blank as how to illustrate the challenge of the conflicting intent of the physical and spirit selves. I went to sleep and awoke from the following vivid dream experience:

A gangster had seriously threatened a woman. He came to my home to discuss it. I let him in with four of his cronies. I directly confronted him. “You have to go to her and make it right; begin by apologizing,” I said. Then I noticed over my right shoulder that one of his men was holding a bungie cord, awaiting the signal from the gangster boss to strangle me.

A closer look and the details emerge in dreaming... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
A closer look and the details emerge in dreaming…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I looked into the gangster boss’s eye and said, “So, you’re going to kill me.” A moment before I had seen an expression on his face that was acknowledging the wrong he had done, a glint in his eye. I thought there was a genuine moment of redemption, but now I saw he was really lazy. It was easier to simply snuff out any possible threat to his operation, rather than risk change.

Oddly, I wasn’t afraid of the confrontation, more observant of the true predicament. I somehow knew I would subdue the group of them, though at the moment I wasn’t sure how. It wasn’t the threat that consumed me, it was the disappointment in his refusal to acquiesce to the light of the truth that shone in our encounter. He was choosing to remain cold-bloodedly instinctual, snuffing out the light of spirit, change, and growth.

Awakening from the above dream, I thanked my unconscious for the dream. The dream typifies the inner drama we all must confront with our physical, instinctive body host who remains governed by the archetypes of power and self-centered survival. This is the body self that wants survival, food, sex, and power at a purely instinctual level. This self will cold-bloodedly execute any spirit that asks it to transmute its own instincts in service of a higher cause.

On the other hand, the spirit self, with its own agenda for life in this world, can be a completely ungracious guest, treating its body host like a slave and servant, completely in bondage to the proclivities of the spirit. I defer to Arianna Huffington’s commencement speech at Vassar College, linked HERE, to expand upon abuse of spirit power inflicted not only on the body, but also on the world body that now finds itself in mass revolt at the misguided governorship of humankind.

The symbiotic relationship of spirit and body self while the spirit resides in human form requires responsible leadership based on right action. Right action flows from love centered in the heart chakra. The body is a conservative host to a liberal spirit guest whose quest is evolutionary advancement.

As my dream points out, the body, in its conservatism, would kill off any attempt to elevate its spirit above its instinctive rigidity. On the other hand, a spirit guest that exploits its body host for its desirous intrigues is a leader that breeds revolution and assassination.

In the light of a new day and from a different perspective things can unite in a new way... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
In the light of a new day and from a different perspective things can unite in a new way…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Spirit self must acquiesce, from the heart center, to leadership in accordance with truth—that which is all-inclusive love. Spirit that acts from this place offers a path of evolutionary advancement to its body host, who in turn can acquiesce with support to fair leadership from its guest. A tenuous balance indeed, but not unachievable.

The challenge is to become the gracious guest who leads its willing servant to new heights so that, in the end, guest and host dissolve their apparent distinctions and join in consciousness, as optional expressions of the same oneness, e.g., as body and energy body, spirit and matter, sun and moon, particle and wave.

And so, the journey continues,

Chuck’s Place: Multidimensional Living

Here is Chuck’s blog for this week. The dreaming Soulbyte we published this morning on our Facebook page reflects one aspect of aligning with our multidimensional self!

We must strive to bring our multidimensional self together... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
We must strive to bring our multidimensional self together…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I pause in this moment to connect with my multidimensional self. The sound of energy is steady in my ears. High pitched vibrational tones deepen and intensify as I give it my awareness. I intend it to spread. The vibration begins to radiate throughout my entire body, a unison of sound and vibration.

I reassert my physicality with a deep breath and notice my musculature at rest. The vibrational state recedes from my body at large but intensifies in my inner ears, reminding me of its ever-presence. At night the situation is reversed. The physical body goes increasingly dormant to a state of catalepsy, a temporary paralysis, as the higher vibrational self lifts off to worlds of adventure and discovery.

We are multidimensional beings with a variety of energetic possibilities. The physical world is the outer crust, the densest of our energetic possibilities. In that world our senses govern our experience. This is “in-body experience,” the full presence and sensory awareness of being in our body.

The mind is the energetic experience of abstraction. The mind operates in the field of thought, a non-substantial subtler energy that constructs its own world separate from the physical world. We indeed can find ourselves lost in the stories of our thoughts, worlds apart from the world of our physicality. Even thought completely focused on the physical world is still a mind of abstraction, creating models to approximate the denser physical world it observes.

Emotion is another dimension of our energetic being. Emotion is a magnetic energy that attracts and repels. It draws us to deep union, keeps us in seclusion, or mobilizes us to change. Emotion is a world of energetic intensity, the fuel of rapture. How often the world of emotion can misalign with the physical world! Emotional worlds of extreme intensity are often projected onto others who feel nothing in return. In this case, we are fully enraptured in our own emotionally vibrant world, devoid of actual connection.

Our evolutionary challenge in this life is to align with and deeply realize our multidimensional self. It is our higher vibrational self that journeys into transpersonal realms.

With intent we can extend our dreaming awareness, training it to stay present during those nightly journeys into infinity. When we write down our dreams upon return, we open the door to recapitulating those infinite journeys, good practice for future adventuring.

When we practice mindfulness in the waking state of the physical world we extend our awareness to be fully present in the journey of our physical everyday lives.

When we meditate we teach the mind to be calm, to allow for thoughtful presence that we can extend into other worlds, rather than stay encased in abstract stories.

When we bring our awareness into full alignment with our emotions, we allow ourselves the richest experience of life’s intensities. However, adult presence is required as we must learn to ride the waves with both awareness and detachment. Here detachment means being open to the fullest experience yet separate from it at the same time. We must become the observer who will not get overly attached to anything.

We burn from within... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
We burn from within…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The common thread to deepening and aligning our multidimensional self is the intent of awareness. We must intend our awareness to be fully present in our physical body, as well as fully present in our thought body, emotional body, and ethereal body simultaneously. Once in alignment, we are set to fluidly experience the fullness of multidimensional living and we open to being fully present to our evolutionary journey as well, both in this world and beyond.

True multidimensional living is really all about preparing for the definitive journey when all of our energetic bodies consolidate for the last time, at death, and leave the physical realm. Death is the unifier of all those energies. As we take the journey into infinity we “burn from within,” as the Shamans of Ancient Mexico say, all our energy combining in a single energy of fire. On to new life!

Happy Beltane!