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Soulbyte for Tuesday July 30, 2019

Keep upon your path of change, your path of heart, no matter what comes to thwart your progress, even if you feel you have made a mistake. In truth, there are no mistakes upon a path of heart, for it is the intent of the heart that is the driving force and that does not change if it is the heart’s true intent. And thus there are really no wrong choices, only choices that challenge, choices that confront, choices that ask you to make another new decision that will move you onward, one day and one step at a time, having learned from your previous day’s decisions. If you have made a decision, it must be the right one, so deal with it; use it to your full advantage to keep you focused upon your path of heart. And don’t forget, a path of heart is a loving path, a path of kindness and compassion, and so utilize all of its characteristics for your own good. For who matters more than you upon your path of heart? Accept that learning too is the intent of a path of heart. Every day is another day to learn something new.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Heat wave reading!

The above link explains what is happening in the world environmentally and in terms of the utter disintegration of morals. From a rich Hindu understanding of cycles of time, what we are experiencing now is objective and far transcends the foolishness of blame, which is rampant in our world today. The year 2025, only 6 years away, represents the completion of the Kali Yuga age, the darkest period in human civilization that accompanies major environmental transitions on a planet wide level. What is rapidly changing is inevitable. We are at the completion of the darkest of dark times, which will be followed by a regenerated civilization, whose consciousness will move gradually toward a new Golden Age. This conception of cycles vastly contrasts with the notion of evolutionary progression as linear. From this cyclical perspective evolution progresses in a cycle that ultimately regresses. We are now at its lowest stage of regression. As the last placed 1960s Mets used to say: “The only place to go is up!” And voila! In 1969 the rock bottom Mets became the Miracle Mets, winning their first World Series.
Today, we celebrate the landing of the Apollo astronauts on the moon, 50 years ago in that miracle year of 1969, the same year that the Woodstock Music Festival forecasted a world of peace and love. So, don’t despair, the only place we have to go is up!

Soulbyte for Wednesday July 17, 2019

Curtail your energy, conserving it for that which is most necessary. Keep it safe within rather than expending it without unnecessarily. You don’t have to do so much. Far better to take some personal quiet time than to run around doing nothing. Study how you use your energy. What are you wasting it on? What can you turn off? What can you turn away from? Who can you depart from? Who or what simply drains your energy? To be a caring person takes energy, but some giving is right and some giving is not. It might be time to stop doing something that is not good for you. Decide what’s most important and focus your energy there. In all areas of life strive to be focused, concentrated, and energetically appropriate. Make new decisions that are healthy, kind and loving toward yourself so that you may be energetically available when it is right for that which is most necessary. It’s okay to take care of yourself too.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday July 11, 2019

After times of darkness come times of light. After a storm comes the calm. After night comes the day. Such is nature, such is the natural progression of all things. What goes up must come down; one extreme will automatically and naturally seek balance in its opposite. It’s only a matter of time before things right themselves, before loving kindness and compassion return to the planet, before all beings will be protected, respected, and valued equally. Much is already stirring in that direction. Stay in alignment with its certainty, with what is right. As things change rapidly now, know that the right direction will eventually assert itself. But no matter what happens in the short run, remain the loving being that you truly are.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday July 8, 2019

A new day has arrived! Challenge yourself to make a change that is beneficial and positive. Adopt a new attitude, change a habit, protest something, begin something, resolve something, relieve yourself of something you’ve long upheld but no longer see the value of. You are responsible for yourself and only you can change yourself or give yourself new life. Today’s a good day to start off on a new journey, for every day offers the opportunity for new life. Why not let today be your day to begin anew? Seize the day!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne