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Soulbyte for Thursday July 12, 2018

Exchanges of energy happen all the time. Your awareness upon another person stirs their awareness of you. Your thoughts upon what must be done stirs energy to support or thwart your efforts. Ideas percolating stir the energy of creativity to meet your own creative energy. Positive energy stirrings happen all the time, but so do negative energy stirrings. Become aware of your inner energy stirrings, of where you are placing your energy. Is it in a positive or a negative direction? It is not necessary to simply reject all negative stirrings but to work with what comes, turning the negative into energy that will work for you in a positive way. The main thing to remember is that your energy is being exchanged somewhere in the thoughts and fixations of the mind, sometimes helpful, sometimes not. Watch your energy fixations today and see what happens as you pull your energy inward, back into yourself, or as you let it go outward in other directions. You may notice that you are more in control of it than you realize because, yes, you are a being comprised of energy!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday November 9, 2017

Though you may not realize it, you are energy first, flesh and blood second. As energy you have power over your flesh and blood, your physical and mental bodies. You have power over how you feel, act, and think. Keep your energy tuned to its highest healing power. Ask it to work within you to keep you in tiptop shape. Hone it, melt into it, let it do its magic. It’s right there, for you are energy at all times. You just have to relax and feel it, breathe and become it, acquiesce and know it to use it for your greater good. In this way know your energetic self and know the greater possibilities of all beings, the power of your own spirit. Energy first!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Random Act of Guidance #7: More Questions For Jeanne & Saleph

Here is a new conversation between Chuck, Jan, Jeanne and Saleph, all present and participating. If you haven’t read Jan’s most recent blog, found here, we suggest you take a look at it as some of our personal process in advancing this channeling work is explained in detail. We are very excited about the unfolding of this process that we are engaged in with all of you—we hope you enjoy the results! Once again Jan did not hear the questions ahead of time nor was she privy to who the questioner was.

In addition, if you haven’t been keeping up with us lately, our daily Soulbytes are now posted on the website, offering, we hope, insight into the energy of each day.

Thanks for listening and being a part of this most exciting time in all of our lives!

#770 I Am Energy Inhabiting Human Form

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I feast on the first light of the morning sun as I sit and meditate, connect with Jeanne, and ask for guidance for this day, this week, and this new month of August. What guidance do you offer us, Jeanne? I ask. This is what she replies:

I offer you awareness of the world as comprised of interconnected energy and you are part of it! Each one of you is connected by energetic filaments, unseen and for the most part unknown. Trust me on this, you are all energetic beings comprised of energy that is seeking recognition and desirous of being put to better use.

Learn to feel the self as energy in the same way you perceive electrical current to be energy. You too are of similar makeup. You too are capable of transmitting your personal energy, both to the self within your body and outside the self to others and the world around you.

You have the ability to heal the self of damage to body and soul. You have the ability to aid in the healing of others. By your awareness and your intent, you have the ability to change yourself and your world. However, it takes work!

Today, I challenge all of you, My Dear Readers, to begin taking yourselves more seriously; to more deeply consider that each one of you has untapped powers of healing. Consider that there are processes of change at your core that have gone untapped and uninvestigated for far too long.

Why are you alive? Why do you exist at all? What higher purpose does your life serve? Who are you anyway? Can you imagine finding out the answers to these questions? Can you be open to the possibility that you are there to discover your own potential as an energetic being? What does that really mean?

In the context of many lifetimes, it means that perhaps you are ready to consider the truth of this idea. Perhaps, since you are a seeker of spiritual knowledge, you are ready to accept some new ideas about life upon that earth.

Energy Beings

Perhaps you wonder how I can communicate and pass on these words and ideas, seemingly coming out of thin air, because I do not in fact exist in your world. But I exist nonetheless and each one of you also exists, at this very moment, in the same energetic form as I. The only difference is that for the moment you inhabit a human form. I have been released from human form, as you will be one day as well. Until that time you might find it helpful to take into consideration that you are an energetic being inhabiting a human form.

You may not feel that you chose the form you are in, the person you are today, but, in fact, you did! Can you accept this? Can you appreciate your choice? Can you find your energy self and fully know that this journey you are on is vitally important? Can you find your energetic self more often as a result of these concepts and explore the ideas I propose?

If you are the same as me, an energetic being, then your abilities are unlimited. But, as I said, it takes work to discover those abilities, trust them, utilize them properly, and evolve beyond the world of personal attachments. I too have had to learn how to use them and how to evolve. I suggest that a wonderful exercise for this day, this week, and this new month is a daily process of acceptance of the self as a being of energy.

As often as possible state, out loud or too the self: I am a being comprised of energy! I am a being comprised of energy! I am a being comprised of energy!

Say this when you are waking in the morning and when you are going to sleep at night. Say this when you are preparing for your day—when walking, running, sitting, meditating, driving, working, playing, loving—let it be a constant mantra, replacing all the old mantras that keep you stuck and unhappy. Allow this phrase to be on your every breath and see what nuances of reality show themselves to you. Seek to envision the self as this energetic being in order to truly change how you view the world, how you relate to the world, and how you understand your personal life as an energy being in human form.

You all know this about the self already, you’ve just forgotten. You just need to dredge up this knowledge and remind the self of its truth on a daily basis. I am a being comprised of energy! Remember?

Thank you Jeanne! I, and my fellow energy beings, thank you for reminding us of this truth! I am a being comprised of energy! I am an energy being in human form!

#686: The Way of the Truthful Warrior: I wish to live! I wish to grow! I wish to be a fully functioning, aware, changing being!

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today is Monday, the day I ask you for guidance for all your readers, those who have found you via the Internet or through other connections, and those who once knew you in this world. What would you like to talk about today?

I am inclined to discuss the world situation. Though I know many of you seek personal guidance, do not turn from what I say, for it will be personally relevant, that I guarantee!

In this time upon that earth great forces are at work. You may already be aware of many such forces, for you know and see much that is happening around you, but be assured that there are other unseen forces that partake in “the world of change” that is now where you reside.

It is not by happenstance or coincidence that you are there upon that earth at this time. That is what you must always strive to discover about the self. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Each one of you has a meaningful existence. At times, you may feel full of despair, full of sorrow or sadness, full of depression and even self-pity, but I ask that you always stay connected to the fact that you belong there for a reason. So, that being said, what is your reason for being there?

I turn again to the conditions that exist in that world, your world. I ask that each one of you take full responsibility for the current climactic, economic, and global political situations. I ask that you each decide that you, being an important member of the world community, resolve to also have an active part in changing that world. Those of you who are of like mind, like inner mind, use your energy now for greater change. You can change the world.

This is not an inflated statement meant to perk you up in an idealized fashion. This is the truth of what I speak of today. As far gone as you may think your world is, as I have said, there are other forces at work to correct it. These forces of good are the ones you must now energetically seek. Once you understand what they are and how they operate, you will find yourself more fully in tune with them. Once you distinguish what it means to be truthful, to be utterly aware of truth as it is spoken and utilized, you will find that your own connections to it will be more open.

The way of the truthful warrior must now become your own. This will lead you to greater self-discovery and greater attunement with the forces of good energy that abound, seeking to reconnect such energy upon that earth. With a simple shift and twist of awareness, of how you elect to view the world — your outer environment and your inner environment — you may begin to prepare yourself for this new path of connection. In asking the self to partake in life more fully, as an aware being of spirit and connection to energy, you will allow yourself to be ready for understanding and finding out what it means to be connected on an energetic level. The more you allow for such connection, the greater the flow of such energy toward you.

I ask that you do not despair at the conditions of the world you live in, My Dears, but that you commit to energetic responsibility and responsiveness to them, and to all that arises as a result of your personal life.

There are many forces that seek to hold the veils over your eyes, to keep your status closed and unaware, to keep you complacent and dark. Those forces are always present. You will not make them disappear, but you can push them aside. You can find the voice of self, within the self, and allow it to say: Enough of this darkness and confusion! I wish to live! I wish to grow! I wish to be a fully functioning, aware, changing being!

Those are words of enlightenment and hope to your inner spirit self. They may be the first words that allow you to shift, so that your personal view of the world broaden and opens up to the horizon where all possibility lies. Do you dare to part the veils that keep you from really seeing what you must? Do you dare to give the self its true purpose, allowing it to come forth? Do you dare to keep going forward, breaking through the barriers, no matter what? That is how you will change the self, and the world.

The world will not disappear, but it will change. Do you want it to change with you in greater despair? Or do you want it to change with you in greater truth, enlightening awareness, and in energetic discoveries that are now but like small buds upon the trees, waiting to be forced open by the energy of the light? Are you ready for that energy, too? It really is your decision.

In conclusion, I suggest that you keep in mind that life and energy are always present. Sometimes they just need a little boost. A little light shining through the darkness may be enough to get them shifting and moving out of the place that holds them still. Is this all that you need? Think about it, but better yet, shift a little.

Do something differently today. And then see what happens!