Soulbyte for Wednesday November 13, 2019

Make choices that are healthy, consistent, manageable, and practical. Make choices that will indeed change you in positive ways. Make choices that will challenge you, but make them for reasons that are personally right, interesting, and sound. Make choices to change yourself into who you truly are. Work through your karma from previous lives, brought over to resolve in this one, and work through your current issues too, your regrets, entitlements, and resentments so that you are truly freed of all encumbrances. Seek to know and understand yourself, fully and deeply, so you can figure out why you do certain things that are harmful, withholding, punishing, or downright dangerous. Accept who you now are, but choose to change yourself too so that you may evolve. Choose a new path of healing, inner and outer, in alignment with your heart’s path of knowledge and adventure so that your life may now unfold in a new and more balanced, enlightening way. With loving kindness for yourself and the journey you have traveled thus far, make a choice today that will be the first step of many to come on a new voyage to a changed and evolved you. You won’t regret it!

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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