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A Day in a Life: Intent

Occupy bluebird box! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Occupy bluebird box!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

One recent morning we noticed that a pair of wrens had taken up residence in a bluebird box in our yard. What I know about wrens is that their delicacy belies an underlying fierceness. Tiny and cute, they bob and flutter about, but they are warriors of the most impeccable kind. They chirp loudly and incessantly, very loudly in fact, demanding to be heard.

We watched as our new move-ins prepared their nest, poking sticks and grass through the hole in the bird box. When a stick was too long to fit in sideways the wren was smart enough to poke it in headfirst. I wondered if it was mere nature or did they actually have to think about it the way we humans do. The wren did not seem to think at all, it simply did what it needed to do to get the stick in. I also noted their impatient nature. If one of them was inside the box and the other arrived with a mouthful of nesting material, it just could not wait long before opening its mouth, announcing loudly that it was there, immediately dropping its mouthful of sticks and grass. Impatient, I thought, but the wren has so much energy that it didn’t seem to matter. In an instant it was back on the branch awaiting its turn to go in the box, a new clump of grass in its beak. As you can see, we watched them for quite a while!

It was a calm morning, and it was the weekend, and we felt honored that the bird box—probably a little too close to the house for bluebirds to take—was finally being occupied. Suddenly a pair of bluebirds swooped down and a scuffle began. Wrens and bluebirds were on the ground in a swirl of blue and brown; in the branches too, with wings fully extended and cutting, like drawn weapons. There was a lot of noise, the bluebirds peeping and the wrens angrily answering back. The battle raged for quite a while. It was a sight to behold. In fact, other birds appeared to watch. Robins and house finches, bluejays, and even a pair of goldfinches showed up and stood around on the ground, circling the fighting birds like spectators at a wrestling match. One of the wrens even dive-bombed me later in the day. I guess I appeared threatening in some way. Size didn’t matter, they were going to protect and defend their right to occupy!

In the end, the tiny wrens won. Their tenacity, their determination, and their fierceness never waned as they fought off their foes. I was pretty sure the bluebirds would never have wanted the box anyway, as they like their privacy and our human presence so close would have bothered them, but perhaps they just couldn’t resist the call to battle. Like a pair of roaming thugs, perhaps they simply couldn’t resist the challenge.

Afterwards, I thought about the wrens as tiny shaman warriors. Having set their intent to nest in the bluebird box they were not about to give it up. As tiny as they were, they were determined to maintain their ownership. They fought impeccably. As soon as the battle was over they resumed their nest making, assured that the bluebirds would not return for another attack. I paused and thought about myself, about the intents I have lately set. Am I that impeccable? I wondered.

A few days later, as I write this blog, I hear the wrens happily chirping away. I see one of them fly out of the box and the other poke its head out the hole. They are happy. They have great energy. They are firmly settled and working on their next phase of life, becoming parents and raising their young. I feel privileged to have been an observer of this part of their journey. They will not, however let me photograph them!

The wrens seem to live by certain rules. Once a decision is made they uphold it with utter determination, impeccably. They are fiercely protective of their right to live where and how they choose. They are warriors of intent. They also know how to play, how to let loose and sing out, boisterously and without restraint, daring the world to interfere, to try and thwart them from their intent. That, I think, is a warrior’s impeccability—to never break from the intent, no matter what comes from outside, no matter how grave or threatening.

This is what Jeanne asked us all to ascertain in her message the other day, to observe and learn, to determine what the signs and situations in our own lives might mean to us as impeccable warriors, intent on our own paths of change and growth. She asked us to constantly be aware of what is happening around us, and to use it in our inner work. If I had been too busy to notice the wrens, perhaps I might have missed an important message. If the wrens had not fought back they might have lost their home.

The wrens have taught me something about intent, about sticking to plan, no matter what comes along to interfere. By observing their determination to face off outside threat, I understand what it means to fight for what is right. I’m here now; I intend to occupy this space. This is my time; this is my life. This is where I belong and I will not give up. There is a lesson in everything as Jeanne implied in her message. We just have to sit with it long enough to discover what it might be.

Observing and learning from the wrens,

Readers of Infinity: Patient Waiting

Here is this week’s message of guidance from Jeanne.

Center the self and wait patiently... - Image by Jan Ketchel
Center the self and wait patiently… – Image by Jan Ketchel

This is a time of waiting. “But what,” you might ask, “are we waiting for?”

You, My Dears, are waiting for everything and for nothing. You wait for life and you wait for death, yet every move you make, every thought you allow to form, every word you utter, every action you take must become part of your patient waiting.

In patient waiting, practice and intent are of the utmost importance. Without attachment to outcome, personal gain, or getting your due in any way, patient waiting asks only that you live impeccably.

To live impeccably is to assign the utmost importance to the self, devoid of selfless and selfish feelings or sentiments, so that you may hone your energy, and thus your evolving self, to perfection.

“Is perfection the goal?” you might ask. Yes, I say, perfection of the self in all you do is a perfectly acceptable goal, but that perfect self must be energetically perfect as well. And even though the human self may constantly battle or defend or disappoint you as you seek perfection and impeccability in all you do, remember this: that’s its role!

I suggest you find or accept what you are good at and make it your goal to be the best at whatever that is. This seeking of perfection must enter all parts of the self and all aspects of your life. You may be a good friend, a good parent, a good cook, a good writer, a good athlete, a good doctor, a good clerk, a good gardener, a good samaritan, a good teacher, have great talent or be a good guide to others. You may even be a good lover. Learn from yourself. Notice how you have honed your attentive and impeccable self, how you constantly learn your job better and better, how you constantly seek higher ground professionally, and as many skills as possible to keep up in a changing world. Such seeking to better the self must extend into all areas of the self and life, into your inner world and your outer world.

Include compassion, kindness, and gentleness into your every movement and decision. Include firmness and high expectations in your intent to change as well, yet be also flowing and open to what life brings to the table. Notice when life is asking you to change, when circumstances do not permit you to move in a certain direction. Do not force what life itself says must not be forced. Accept limitations with humbleness, knowing that you are being guided to go in a new direction. Learn how life itself, without any input on your part, naturally pushes you to change.

Drop your controlling habits and acquiesce a little bit more each day to the flow of life, honing your impeccability to flow naturally without worry or regret. In this time of waiting, allow the self to be both open to opportunity as regards your skilled self and also open to the changing self as well.

Be flexible. Be aware. Be open. Be accepting of change. At the same time, firm up your intent so that in both your inner world and your outer world your intent may be heard, so that its firm commitment to change may be acceptable, adaptable, unresistant to the true self, the impeccable self you seek to know better. This is the self who, without doubt, knows exactly how to live through this time of waiting. This self also knows how to take you forward into new life, if you can allow yourself to be taken.

With patience and in full awareness that this impeccable self exists, begin your time of waiting. Set your intent and then practice becoming the new you. Each day as you awaken reset that intent and often throughout the day as well. Whenever there is a lull, remind yourself of the following:

I am a being you is going to die, but before I do I intent to fully live impeccably and with awareness. I invite my most impeccable, honest, and truly compassionate self to emerge and fully live!

Readers of Infinity: Life Is Waiting To Receive You

I set my intent to channel and here is what I got from Jeanne for us today:

Once my intent to channel was set, I let it unfold...this is what I received from intent meeting me in return... -photo of handwritten channeling by Jan Ketchel
Once my intent to channel was set, I let it unfold…this is what I received from intent meeting me in return… -photo of handwritten channeling by Jan Ketchel

Postpone nothing. Live your lives to the fullest. Do not reject or turn away from what comes to you as your next step, challenging you to progress. Be open to what life offers you. Know always that you are being guided. These things must be kept in mind if you are to learn how to leave your fears, your old self, and old places that are no longer nurturing, behind.

The time to move on has arrived. Please note that moving on means remaining fully adult, aware of life to come as more fulfilling than the life you now feel stuck in. Moving on requires maturity, compassion, and kindness to others. Moving on requires taking full responsibility for the self. Moving on requires impeccability in all that you do.

Strive for perfection in your daily lives. Such striving brings new energy. It makes you gain, in so may ways, crucial skills and attributes that you will need for your new life ahead. As you move on, new challenges will come to greet you. Life itself will come to your door. You must be prepared to receive it to your fullest advantage.

Impeccability is individually centered, an inner knowing that you are doing your very best in any given situation without inflation or greed for anything in return. To be impeccable is to do your best because there is no reason to do any less, ever.

Give life your all and life will give you all in return. Keep this in mind when you tire. Keep this in mind when fears arise. Keep this in mind when old voices from the past speak out against your more fully embracing life as it comes to you. Keep this in mind as you dare yourself to more fully embrace life and move on.

Life is unfolding, won't you too? - Photo of daffodils emerging by Jan Ketchel
Life is unfolding, won’t you too? – Photo of daffodils emerging by Jan Ketchel

This day is a day of newness, of energetic importance; a day of transition. Make the most of it. Make it be important on an inner level as well as an outer level. You may see it unfolding in transitory fashion in your outer life—one thing leading to another—but notice how your inner world responds as well. Let impeccability, maturity, detachment from the old, and compassion be your stability and your sobriety, as you take full responsibility for yourself and take the next step into your unfolding life.

Life is waiting to receive you. You just have to take the first step out of an old self and an old place, and into a new self and a new place. This opportunity is available every day, at all times. Sometimes it is more energetically apparent; at other times you have to work to discover it. Today, however, it is easily within your grasp.

Let yourself be open today. Look around you and you will notice that something is asking you to tend to it with impeccability. Go tend to it.

Be impeccable and life will meet you with equal impeccability and lead you onward. New life always awaits!

Readers of Infinity: Impeccability

I asked Jeanne and all of our guides in infinity for a message of guidance today. Here is what I received.

Now is a time of change…

In order to change and evolve, a concerted effort must be made to constantly remain aware of the actions of the self in the world. In addition, perfection is required in all you do if you are to move the mountains that now stand in your way. Perfection requires a certain amount of attentiveness combined with a desire to succeed in making lasting changes. If one is to do deep inner work, commitment, impeccability, and diligence are needed partners in the process.

Look to the self for what all of this means, for only in working with the raw materials of the self will the necessary issues arise. What do you personally need to work on?

It is so easy to see the problems of others. Take what you see in them and apply it to yourself, for that is how to begin a deepening of your inner process. The imperfections you note in others are the signs pointing to your personal inner work. That which you cannot abide in others must be brought home to the self. This is the first step, to turn your frustrations and worries upon the self and use them to change the self. Change of the self must come first if one is to expect change in the world, so continue to ask the self to confront the issues that remain as burdensome blockages to change.

There is much fear and hatred in the world. When projected outwardly, onto others, no solution is offered. Such projection merely perpetuates an intolerable dilemma. In order for real change to occur you must all be daring now. You must all request impeccability of the inner self, diligence, and hard work.

Prepare the self for difficulties as you would prepare for life itself: work hard, take care of that which requires attention, and guard your energy. Do not be wasteful, greedy, or ignorant of the truth of the self. Do not hide what you know must be attended to. There is no time to waste. The truth must guide you now, on an individual level, as well as on a worldly level.

Impeccability requires acceptance of what is; then work with that. Facing the truths of self leads to honing the ability to change. When you are ready, you will change yourself and your life, but do not wait much longer, for now is the time to enact change. With daring, push the self to change. You will not be disappointed.

Most humbly channeled.