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Soulbyte for Friday September 25, 2020

Maintain stability. Equalize body, mind, and spirit so that all are in alignment with the heart’s intent, that of loving kindness and compassion. Maintain stability in action and deed, as well as in spirit, for one stable person may create stability in the world simply by example. Withdraw from that which is unstable, unsound, unreasonable and unkind. Engage in that which is right, good, positive and loving. Keep heart, mind, and body aligned with what is right for all and all will be well. A stable person is a blessing indeed in times of duress. Be that one stable being so that peace and calmness may once again have its day.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Quake Beneath the Mountain

Open mouthed Kali dragon stirring the world…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

It was Sunday morning. As I read to Jan, from Carlos Castaneda’s foreword to The Sorcerer’s Crossing, the Earth suddenly moved like a wave beneath us. Moments later, in a  more pronounced tremor, the Earth shook again.

The paragraph I was reading at the moment of tremor focused on how humans share an interpretation system that generates a solid agreed upon reality. This interpretation is not the only true reality, but in order to perceive beyond it one must gather energy.

Simultaneously, I have been immersed in Niels Bohr’s conviction that physical reality only exists when humans observe it. Therefore, ‘true’ reality exists at a level beyond the human perceptual program. Like the shamans of Carlos Castaneda’s lineage, physicists are confronted with two realities, one solid and one energetic.

My other current preoccupation has been Muktananda’s  counsel to “Give up all desires. If something comes, let it come; if something goes, let it go.” (Secret of the Siddhas, p. XV) This powerfully simplistic Taoist guidance from an Indian Swami is at the core of all spiritual traditions: reign in the ego, stay mindfully present, and let go when it’s time to let go.

On Saturday, Donald Trump issued executive orders that challenge the balance of power among the branches of government. From a synchronistic perspective these actions send tremors through the interpretation of the Constitution, the foundation of American democracy. Such challenges may generate a whole new interpretation of reality.

The active side of the Hindu Divine Mother is Mahakali, the dominant force of the world cycle we are presently in, kali-yuga. It is the tachycardia in her heart that rumbles beneath the Earth. It is she that hastens the changes rapidly unfolding before us, as we are challenged to reconstitute ourselves, and our world.

The image of a quake beneath the mountain constructs hexagram #27, Providing Nourishment, in the I Ching. The image is built with a solid line at the top and bottom with four broken  lines in the middle, suggesting an open mouth between upper and lower lips; hence the association with nourishment.

The quake below is action, contrasted with the utter stillness of the mountain above. Steadiness is recommended in the place of tremor. For Muktananda, desire would be the energy of tremor. His guidance would be to store one’s energy vs egoistic attachment and reactivity.

The I Ching recommends that one observe appropriate measure with all activities of the mouth: “For tranquility keep the words that come out of the mouth from exceeding proper measure, and keep the food that goes into the mouth from exceeding its proper measure.” (I Ching, Wilhelm edition p. 108)

The time of Providing Nourishment depicts God as coming forth with an arousing force that is brought to perfection in the keeping still of the mountain. This is the energy of spring, which brings forth new life.

With the breakdown of a uniform interpretation of reality all around the world, powerful forces have an opportunity for life. Steadiness of the individual is highly recommended to withstand the tremors of a  broken reality, but also to encounter the energetic reality that lies beneath our solid world of interpretive reality. That reality for physicists is the oneness of everything, as an interconnected energetic whole.

Like the mountain, store your energy; the path to new life. Care for the Spirit with careful words. Care for the body with temperate food and drink. Let desire be elevated to the intent for the greater good for all. Greet all that comes with equanimity. Release all that goes with loving kindness.

In stillness,


Soulbyte for Thursday July 23, 2020

There is a big difference between the light and the dark, between those who carry the light of love and those who carry the torch of hate. All beings carry both within themselves but some choose to exemplify the love while others choose the hate. It’s a matter of choice and there is no one else to blame except the individual. To choose the light of love is by far the higher quality, yet the hate must be acknowledged as well, for if it is not it will fester beneath the light and one day rise up. In balance within the self, acknowledge both the light and the dark so that the light may have more power and the love greater truth, while the darkness and the hate may lie satisfied beneath it all that it has been well attended to. In this manner, a true path of heart will never be disturbed and love may indeed lead the way.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday July 9, 2020

When under stress, seek calm. When times are hard, seek peace. When your inner world is in turmoil, seek the steadiness of your own breath and the anchoring of your own heart. Even as you look outside of yourself for anchoring and stability, grant yourself the simplest measures from within. In finding equanimity within the self you will naturally bring it with you into the world. Walk in calm peacefulness and notice it begin to be equally calm and peaceful outside of you. As within, so without. Let peace begin with you.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday June 17, 2020

Keep the light of hope alive. Keep the light of change alive. Keep the light of prosperity for all alive. Even in the darkest of times do not let the light go out. Keep a spark of spirit always lit within the self. And within that spark keep your love alive, keep your dream of peace and happiness alive, keep your visions of equality and equanimity alive. One day peace will come, justice will come, and love will reign. Keep all that alive.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne