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Chuck’s Place: Embodying The Mood Of Love

Relax into the mood of love…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

It begins with deep calm in the body, the soul’s physical extension into this life. The true father of all modern somatic therapy, Wilhelm Reich, brought intimate attention to the opposition between natural impulse and defense in human musculature.

The suppression of sexual and aggressive energies, as well as powerful emotions such as sadness, is executed through what Reich called body armoring, the tensing of muscles that freeze the free flow of instinctive and emotional energy.

A tense throat constricts the vocal expression of emotion. A tense belly and solar plexus create a wall that short-circuits the natural energetic current of tender emotion, natural reflex, and instinctive movement that  issues from the lower half of the body.

Love is the energy of union and wholeness, the glue that binds together all of creation. To embody it we must soften our armored muscles.

The standoff between impulse and defense creates pools of charged energy, which in turn generates fears of an uncontrolled tidal wave of chaos and eventual loss of control. Indeed, a cathartic release, such as a deep cry or scream, might be necessary before a natural balance between expressive and receptive energies can be established.

One can directly speak to the body and receive a response. “Stomach, relax and release tension,” or “Shoulders, let down, release tension,” are suggestions to the body subconscious that result in immediate relaxing of rigidity.

Be gentle and accepting of small increments of release with each suggestion. Allow the body to gradually let go and adjust to the influx of freed energy. As the body musculature releases, invite and allow the breath to flow gently, expanding and opening new channels. The key word here is gentle. Follow each gentle breath with a slightly more deepening next gentle breath. Force nothing; gently widen the channel over time.

On the mental plane, Carlos Castaneda’s suggestion to suspend judgment is foundational. When we judge we create separation; this is good, that is bad. Thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuitions that are ‘bad’ are suppressed, and the body responds by rigidifying against them; they are not allowed.

In a shamanic recapitulation, or in an end of life review, as reported consistently by many who have experienced near-death experiences (NDE’s), the salient feature is total acceptance of every experience and every person one has experienced in life, regardless of their abuses and failures. This is the mood of love embracing everything with equanimity.

Boundaries may be absolutely necessary in this life but love knows no boundaries, all is accepted. Love and boundary can coexist. That was Christ’s golden message: Love All!

Total acceptance of self and other, of every aspect of life lived, and lost, is the path to embodying the mood of love.

Release, breathe, and accept,

Soulbyte for Thursday February 9, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Stay connected to your own truth. Each day check in with your body and ask what it needs. What can you do for your body today? Find techniques to calm the mind and relax the body that work for you and that you are apt to do on a regular basis so that they become second nature. Stay attuned to what your body is telling you throughout the day, to its changes and needs, to its desires and urges. Your body is the vehicle for the rest of you, for your spirit energy and your High Self, and thus it’s important to pay attention to it and to maintain it with more than just food and sleep. Give it your attention in a good and nourishing way and it will reward you in turn.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday October 4, 2022

              -Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Tune into your body’s messages. What is it telling you? How does it try to get your attention? Avoid stresses. Learn relaxation skills. Your body is your spirit’s clothing, what it has chosen to wear during the lifetime you are in. It is not simply an independent entity with a brain but a complex structure that houses more than you know or can imagine. Keep it in prime condition by tuning into it as only you and your spirit can, asking what it needs each day in order to function in an optimal manner. You might be surprised by what it tells you in its own way!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Get in Balance


When it’s windy nature bows to the wind, when it rains nature absorbs the rain…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

This week’s audio channeling offers us insight into what it means to be in balance, within and without, in a healthy way. We may learn by our mistakes, but our bodies and our hearts know what being in balance and in alignment mean. Have a listen and see if the message resonates. In any case, have a great week!

A Day in a Life: A Somatic Recapitulation Experience—The Body Never Lies

On Monday, as I was washing the breakfast dishes, I recalled the same day twenty-two years ago, the day before my son’s birth. He was my first child and I was nervous as the estimated date of arrival neared. On that day I stood in our apartment in Tennessee also washing the breakfast dishes. I broke a glass and cut my hand. The cut bled profusely. My grandmother had once told me the story of cutting her arm one day, quite deeply, and with no medical aid or doctor available she simply held the skin together applying pressure until the bleeding stopped, then wrapped it up with a clean cloth and in no time the skin knit itself back together again. Recalling this story at the time, I did the same thing. Not interested in rushing off to have the deep cut sewn up I washed it clean of the dishwater, applied pressure, held the skin together and tightly applied a Band-Aid. The cut hurt badly, but by the end of the day it was well on its way to healing.

Monday, which synchronistically happened to be this same grandmother’s birthday, I looked at my hand for the scar I knew was there, but could not find it. I knew it was somewhere on my right hand on the mound around the base of the thumb. I looked and looked but found no scar. It’s gone?! It didn’t seem possible. “Funny,” I thought, “that a scar like that could disappear.” I finished washing the dishes and went about my day having had this little recapitulation, soon forgetting it, letting it sink back into memory.

Later in the afternoon the heel of my right hand began hurting. It was a deep burning pain. As I worked I absentmindedly tried shaking it off, literally shaking my hand in an effort to stimulate circulation, rubbing it and wondering what I had done to it. Had I bumped my hand, bruised it, burned it? I couldn’t recall any recent injury. Then suddenly it dawned on me, my body was showing me where I had cut my hand twenty-two years earlier! Looking at the spot that was now so painful I found the old scar. There it was on the heel of my right hand, just where it should be, a white scar about an inch long just below my pinky.

My body was once again, as it had done throughout my recapitulation, reminding me that it does indeed hold all of my memories. My brief recapitulation of that day was enough of a trigger, setting the intent that allowed my body to experientially recall that memory more exactly than my mental recapitulation could. I found this little experience most interesting. “Very cool,” I thought, but even more so I appreciated the reminder that our bodies hold our experiences, even the tiniest details, until we are ready to recapture them.

I personally believe that most of the pain we carry, and most illness, is due to our pasts, whether the past of this life or of previous lives, that pain expresses that which is hidden or repressed. Louise Hay, in her simple yet informative book, Heal Your Body, describes her own process of discovering why she had cancer and how she used mental healing to cure herself. Her little book offers insight into the possible psychological causes of many illnesses and bodily symptoms.

Pain is a gift, a signal, a trigger to recapitulate, offering us the opportunity to do deep inner work, to bring into the light that which lies hidden in our physical bodies. When we investigate and reconcile our pain we offer ourselves yet another gift, not only the gift of freedom from pain but also the gift of what that freedom can open us up to. In unblocking our bodies we have the opportunity to become channels, channels of energy.

The other day, my own body once again underscored this truth: that within the body lies everything, not only our personal memories, but access to infinity, to that which we cannot see with our minds but know the truth of by our awareness.

If you wish, feel free to share or comment in the Post Comment section below.

Sending you all love and good wishes for fearless recapitulations.