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Readers of Infinity: The Between Times

Here is the weekly message from Jeanne. Have a great week!

Like the last daisy struggling to survive, we too must struggle to change... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Like the last daisy struggling to survive, we too must struggle to change…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

These are tenuous, between times. Shifts will begin to happen soon, if they haven’t already. Old ways will begin to fall away as new ways begin to assert themselves more fully, as they achieve a more firmly planted place in your life.

Remain focused on progress. Remain attuned to your heart’s desires and your heart’s path, for that is the path of change. On your path of heart find your glory and your balance, your calmness and your gaiety. Your happiness will naturally arise from your certain steps forward, as you learn who you are and who you are meant to be.

Look to the self to fulfill your deepest needs. Bring steadiness and love into your life through deep communication with the self. Seek your inner world a little bit more each day. Find your way inward, especially as you traverse these between times, for it is now that your greatest progress will be made, even as you may also have to face your biggest challenges. But that’s the beauty of it all! Only in difficult times will Life really grab you and say, “Come on! There’s so much waiting for you to experience and explore. Let’s find out what it’s all about together, but first you must know yourself at the deepest level or I will not find you the true companion I know you to be and our experiences together will not be as fulfilling as they have the potential to be.”

“I wait for you,” Life says. “I’m waiting for you, but do your inner work first. You won’t really know anything until you know yourself at the deepest level.”

Yes, life asks you to do inner work too if you are to experience all that you are capable of, all that life offers, and all that the universe provides.

Remember, you are all part of a greater interconnected whole, but to experience that you must know yourself on the deepest level. Otherwise, the greater interconnected whole is meaningless. Without a foundation within the self there is nothing of meaning to build on, no meaningful structure for greater awareness to come from and rely upon.

Life awaits within. It waits to greet you there and take you on the journey of a lifetime—whenever you are ready!

Readers of Infinity: Hone Your Intent

Here is today’s channeled message from Jeanne:

Find your intent and stick with it... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Find your intent and stick with it…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Hold to the fine line of intent, the intent for your life, the intent which you personally have set in your conscious state of being, as well as the bigger intent of your spirit in alignment with universal intent. What this means is: Do not lose connection to yourself as a being who is seeking greater purpose in life, with the far greater intent to evolve as a spiritual being comprised of energy.

Shift focus away from the mundane tasks of life throughout the day. Even as you must deal with mundane tasks, constantly return to that fine line of spirit intent. Reconnect with it and then go back to your daily life. In this manner will your unconscious awaken further, and your awareness will gather to you the strings of your intent that have been flustered and frayed by life and reweave them back into that finely honed sense of self as an interconnected, whole being on a journey of the utmost importance. Keep that always in mind too, that you are on a journey of the utmost importance. Let it unfold as it will.

Your job is to maintain awareness so that your travels through life may be synchronized with your spirit’s intent. You will get there, to that place of easy alignment, by acquiescence to the truth that you really have no control. Once you arrive at that insight it’s pretty easy to take the journey along that finely honed line that I speak of. I do understand that that is the hard part, acquiescing to your journey, especially if it’s been a pretty rough one. Keep in mind that all beings have rough journeys. It’s the nature of life; it’s how you learn the lessons you need to learn. You are not alone, nor are you special, you simply are. There are plenty of things to do to get you to that place of acquiescence.

Begin by forging a new self constantly. Make the decision to change and then do it daily. Each time you visualize your fine line of intent—whatever that line may look like to you—see yourself shifting into position, equally honed, alert, impeccably pointed in the direction you know you need to go in. It’s not that hard to do once your begin the process. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you are on a journey of change and evolution; you have to say: Yes, I’m ready. Let’s go!

And then you have to act on your own behalf by taking full responsibility for yourself, for your actions and decisions, for your internal dialogue, for the journeys you have thus far taken, and for the things that keep you stuck. Constantly shift body and mind throughout your day, and begin to notice the changes you yourself enact simply by being fully aware of yourself as an impeccable being on a journey of fulfillment.

Travel onward with your own intent as your guide now. Let it lead the way.

Readers of Infinity: A Journeyer Upon A Journey

Ready to wake up sleepyhead?

It is time now to take all the lessons you have learned—all the tools and techniques, the discipline, containment, and limitation practices—and not only put them into deeper practice, but to step back and take a clear look at all that you have been granted in your life. Look not at the self with pity or sorrow, nor with self-adoration or inflation, but look upon the self as a journeyer upon a journey. Look upon the journey of your life as a journey of fulfillment, a journey that is showing you just what you need and how to get there.

This is a time of acceptance, for everything is now in place; the only thing missing is your awareness of this. All of you who reside now upon that planet are in a unique position to personally and collectively grow. The big question is, are you fully aware of this? Are you totally alert to the truth of major change being in your own hands?

You are the energy and the catalyst to change. You are the carrier and the deliverer of your own change in circumstances. You are the power and the provider of power. By your very existence you hold all that you need in order to grow, to take yourself to a new level of understanding, and to reach fulfillment.

Life’s journey is, as you already know, a step-by-step process. Today, though you may awaken in a bit of a fog, will become a day of clear skies, meaning clear head and clear insight into the self, if you allow it to be so. If you accept your journey and yourself as transitioning—at all times being pushed to evolve—you will awaken to many truths about the self and the world around you.

Channeled advice and vision is ancient knowing coming to guide you, full of long-ago learned truths that have fallen by the wayside in modern times. But it is guaranteed that most of you will discover your true identity and your spirit’s yearnings explained quite nicely in these ancient truths that in fact lie waiting within all of you.

Do not be afraid to channel your own truth and your own spirit. Do not be afraid of the changing self. Accept the rightness of this changing self as you confront your deepest truths, both your past and present truths. Make a determination of how you wish to proceed, knowing all that you now know, and go in that direction. You will, if you are ready, go there anyway, for your spirit will guide you. Your main task is to accept the offer. Much life is in store for you if you do.

Channeled, with love, by Jan.

Readers of Infinity: Fear=Transformational Information

Here is a message from Jeanne.

My Dear Ones, fear is energy. Fear is knowing the truth of the self at a very deep level. If you are looking for signs and guidance, look first at your fears, for that is where your answers to all your questions lie. It’s where the energy of new life lies too. In fear will you find new life and the energy to forge ahead.

Fears are encountered in the strangest of places and ways...

Face your fears and discover your untapped self. Why do you think you have fears to begin with? They come to warn you, not to be afraid but to be aware of something stirring inside you. What is stirring will be deeply personal, a part of the self long suppressed perhaps, or a part of the self totally unknown. It may be the child self asking for attention. It may be the daring spirit self asking for freedom. It may be both of these things at once, an abundance of energy seeking outlet. It is rare, however, that unbridled release of such energy will lead to any real change.

As spring arrives, look at the modern expression of such energy. In the youthful community it tends to be expressed in uninhibited explosion and momentary unleashing with few long-term results. For in such release is there, unfortunately, little deeper understanding of the true need for such expression.

In fact, all of you are deeply attached to nature, far more deeply than you may realize and this is what you contend with at such times of life: primitive self—nature—stirring deeper awareness of ancient spirit as it seeks joining with everyday self. Fears arise as the everyday self is confronted with primitive self. Expression of this confrontation is often suppressed, rejected, or allowed expression that is misaligned with its true intent.

Choose a new word for fear. Perhaps “change” is more appropriate, or perhaps “transformation” is better because the urge for transformation always comes riding in on fear. Shift away from fear as negative and turn it positive. Fear is really a positive sign, your personal sign, the only guidance you need now, and at any time, as you face life, everyday life and inner life as well.

In facing fear—change and transformation—one must be attentive, alert, constantly aware that one is on a journey. A lifetime is one journey, a lifetime in human form, but that is only part of the true journey of self. The other part is infinite, a simultaneous journey being taken, accompanying the everyday self in the everyday world. This infinite journey is full of insight, full of strange and wonderful happenings, offering deep truths about the human journey as well as its own.

The journey of primitive energy in nature

As you take your journey through life, look upon what happens to you as transformational information: synchronicities and signs that come to greet you on a daily basis, asking you to not only note their presence but to find out what they mean about you personally, the deeper you, the infinite you.

Learn to trust the infinite journey that you are all taking while you are also taking the human journey. Facing fears as nothing more than transformational energy will begin a process of greater awareness of these simultaneous journeys that you are all on.

How you take your journey now is important. Are you like a child with this energy of transformation? Well, on the one hand, that is good, but on the other hand it must be balanced by ancient awareness recognizing its deeper meaning and its deeper challenge.

Discover the difference between child-self and innocent-self. Though they are entwined they are deeply different. Ancient awareness asks child energy of fear to join it in maturity, with reverence, and, yes, in release to its true purpose as transformational information.

How does transformational information come to you? How does change approach you? Watch nature for secrets of success as new roots grow now, new shoots appear, and new energy blossoms all around. Nature does not hold back, yet its direction is both deep and wide.

In nature, in all-encompassing, fearless awareness, new life grows and takes precedence. Human children mature naturally on the outside, but it is equally important for them to mature on the inside. That is your human challenge: to take the inner journey to maturity—transformational beyond anything already undergone on the outside, though it will naturally re-transform the outer self as well, as its process is undergone.

The chickweed naturally grows deep and wide each spring...

Allow for a natural process of self-growth at all times by facing fears and transforming them into new ideas of growth and self. Mature fulfillment requires true innocence in alignment. True innocence must be accessed, understood, trusted, and fully embodied in order for such a journey to be taken, so do not leave your spirit’s true innocence behind, take it with you each step of the way!

These are Jeanne’s words of guidance for this week as I asked her to offer us all some guidance as we experience the energy of spring, bursting upon us in the Northeast USA. I hope this is useful guidance no matter where you are.

Most humbly offered,