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Chuck’s Place: Facing Now

Time for your two selves to sit down and have a chat?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

On March 24, 1995, Tony Schwartz phoned Elmer Green to share his frustration that his recently reviewed book, What Really Matters (1995), which chronicled the development of the New Age spiritual movement in America, had sold so few copies. This despite favorable reviews in The New York Times and Fortune, and an upcoming guest appearance on PBS’s Charlie Rose.

When I went on to research Tony Schwartz, I discovered that he was the ghost writer for Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal (1987), the hugely successful, number one bestseller that first made Donald Trump a household name.

The coincidence and cognitive dissonance of Tony Schwartz, who has gone on to be one of the most successful proponents of New Age energetics, as applied to the workplace, being the same Tony Schwartz who first launched Donald Trump, is too compelling to ignore. Regardless of the findings of the Mueller report, Donald Trump was being groomed to become president by the forces of destiny, decades ago, as the prerequisite to the real launching of the Age of Aquarius.

Destiny insists that we reconcile our nature and our spirit selves for evolution to proceed now. Tony Schwartz reveals this polarity within himself in his 1995 call to Elmer Green. His outrage at his poor book sales, and his attachment to self-importance reflect his bottom-line-self, growling from his solar plexus chakra, saying, “what about me!?” On the other hand, the book he wrote speaks to the emergence of the New Age, reflecting a view from his heart chakra self, where the self-serving ego of the solar plexus chakra acquiesces to synchronicity and the importance of interconnected energy, versus self-importance and the will.

The fact that Tony Schwartz bemoans his role in Donald Trump’s rise in his 2016 statement on Good Morning America, where he characterizes his ghostwriting of Art of the Deal, as putting “lipstick on a pig,” suggests to me that he misses the true significance of his contradictory actions. All humans have two selves that must be reconciled with to advance both themselves and the human race.

To project the evil squarely upon a president, who may have stolen an election (even if it is true), is to dissociate from one’s own shadow self, which, as is evident in the Tony Schwartz example, continues to impact one’s life, albeit unconsciously.

The self of the first three chakras is embodied in the caricature of Donald Trump, and we all have that self. The first chakra is all about the wall and core safety. Do I have enough to survive? How much of our lives is spent on this obsession?

Birthright and entitlement spring from this chakra. Did I get the attention, resources, and security promised by the ruling archetypes of family? Have I settled with my core disappointments and resentments, or do I secretly harbor acrid bitterness and jealousy? Why do I really have to share? The bottom line is everything. “I’m all for spiritual enlightenment, just as long as I get my piece of the action,” is the perspective of this chakra.

The second chakra is truly the scourge of humankind. As a therapist of some 35 years, I know for certain that child sexual abuse is a hidden industry in all communities, at all socioeconomic levels of society. It’s an ancient shadow industry that reflects humankind’s inability to face the true depths of its animal sexual nature and, with the turning of a blind eye, relegates the instinct to target the most innocent and vulnerable.

The notion that human beings have mastered and integrated their sexual selves is absurd. Many ‘solve’ the issue of sexuality through dissociation from and repression of their sexual selves. This, of course, only empowers the collective dissociated instinct that flourishes in human trafficking and the hidden corners of spiritual traditions.

Even those moderately engaged with their sexual selves have to question how much of their sex lives are commandeered by manipulation, avoidance, obligation, personal gain, control, or simply a focus on personal desire. How much of the fullness of sexual desire is integrated with true love and meeting of another? To reach this level of refinement, sexual connection must travel to the heart center, where the egg of narcissism is cracked open to reveal the other.

The third chakra is all about personal power, as the ego comes into its own.  At this locale, the ego is all about Me. I want, I need, I deserve, I desire. These are the ego’s marching orders. It’s about agency and will, deeply colored by desire steeped in narcissism. The emboldened ego serves the desires of the physical plane, be they sexual or material. The tendency is to overindulge all the appetites and be granted attention for one’s specialness.

Though many may have settled for a codependent solution here, the shadow of that dissociated will-to-power fuels the energy of a Me First president, regardless of how deeply he may be consciously disavowed.

These concrete, primal, instinctual footings of the first three chakras are the basement foundation of our spiritual being, which resides in the heart chakra. Material accumulation, carnal desire, and personal power are the building block challenges through which our soul must pass. Though we may stalk the higher values of energetic interdependence and love for all beings, at the heart chakra, if we haven’t grappled with and made peace with our own first three chakras, our experience there will be overshadowed by unrequited need.

A well-seasoned warrior is one who has faced the power of the kundalini energy of the instinctual self within, and raises it for further refinement in love, compassion, truth, and right action of the heart chakra. Arrival at this heart-centered place marks the integration of the two selves, that which is needed for evolution to proceed now. As destiny is boldly reflecting to us now, we must cross the divide from the full experience of the lower chakras to the heart chakra for evolution to proceed.

The transformation of our political landscape, that which rules the world, is directly linked to each of us, as we face the fullness of our own natures. Soulful introspection into the truth of our inner opposition, as well as a sacrificial attitude that brings moderation to the heart, as well as acquiescence to the true leadership of the High SOUL, are the keys to this transition. This is our golden opportunity to face, now, with strong foundation, and launch ourselves into the spiritual potential of a truly enlightened New Age.

To be alive in such times as these is the envy of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico, who treasured the opportunity for spiritual advancement as they faced the tyranny of the invading Conquistadores. Nothing tempers the spirit more than to shake loose the bindings of self-importance, that which is needed to cleanly arrive at the sobriety of the heart chakra. Owning the tyranny of narcissism, both within and as reflected without, is to find the ark to begin the journey across the great chasm of self-reflection to SOUL purpose.

Taking the journey,


Soulbyte for Thursday January 24, 2019

Even as you expand your consciousness, even as you dream and explore other realms and other possibilities, stay grounded in reality, in the real world you live in. For all the dreaming and exploring will do you no good if you do not bring the lessons you learn back to earth and put them to practical use in your everyday life. Make your lessons work for you in positive ways so that all that you experience, awake and asleep, may be brought together in harmony, so that life as a spiritual being and life as a physical being will not be two separate experiences but one united experience of wholeness. Do stay grounded and yet also keep dreaming. The possibilities in both worlds are endless, but your experiences will only really matter if you can bring them together, into life in a real way. You may learn of love, but you must also practice being loving for it to truly be a lesson learned. Experience all that you are inside your wholeness, in containment of Self, with feet firmly planted, breathing the life-giving air of the real world. And with love for all and for all that you are, carry on.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Align Your Two Selves

Today, I asked Jeanne: What is the most important message for us to receive and work with this week?

Here is her answer:

In nature's intent we observe the slow and steady path to achieving the perfect delicate balance... -Photo by Jan Ketchel
In nature’s intent we observe the slow and steady path to achieving the perfect delicate balance…
-Photo by Jan Ketchel

Adhere not to the principles of old, but find, through your own inner guidance, that which is most important for you personally to adhere to. As you take your next step, stop a moment. Pause, and let your inner voice be heard. It will direct you to what is most important.

Do not rush blindly ahead, but take life one step at a time, in conscious alignment with your eagerness and your drive. Just because life flows at a fast pace outside of you, does not mean that it is right to engage, or the right flow for you to step into now. Test the waters of the energy outside of you, but don’t forget to take a long pause and really feel what is happening inside before you decide to jump in. That’s where the answers you seek lie, inside, where the direction you must take lies as well.

Detach a little bit more from what is outside and be open to what is being suggested inside. Follow the guidance of your heart. Begin to more fully navigate life from this place of calm knowing, and life will meet you in the calm rivers of spirit, in alignment with inner truth and outer reality, the ultimate goal of life as it is lived upon that earth. Once you achieve this calm alignment in that world, your seeking spirit will find its own means of taking you further, beyond that reality, in its own way.

Align your two selves now with greater intent, and greater ease of navigation will naturally follow. Decide how you wish to live your life and take the steps to achieve this. This will take some discipline. Though those steps may be slow and painful, though you may stumble often, look always for the next sign along your path to direct you onward.

The signs are there. Whether you are on the right path or not, the signs are there. They will tell you to go ahead or they will tell you to change direction, but they are there.

Patience, intent, and constant realignment of spirit in the flow of everyday life are all you need.

Go the distance now. See what happens!

Readers of Infinity: You Are A Most Amazing Being!

What are you keeping from yourself in the shadows of your mind? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
What are you keeping from yourself in the shadows of your mind?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Examine the self. Find out who you are, who you have become, and who you want to be. Follow no protocols but your own. Discover what you need as you journey through life, trying out what might work for you, dismissing that which is not amenable, acceptable, practical, or fulfilling to your spirit. In order to know what is fulfilling to your spirit you must know yourself very well. This is what is most important in life—to know the self fully.

Use all the tools of awareness and inner work that you have at your fingertips and go to work on deeper examination of the needs and wants of the self. I do not speak of the needs of the child self, though they must be taken into consideration and seen for what they are. No, I mean the needs of the evolving human self, inhabited by an evolving spiritual self. These two parts of you must come to some agreement that is fluid and accepting of each other, not compromise but cooperation, with evolutionary growth in mind.

After all, what do you really want to accomplish during your time in this life, in this body? Think about it in the context of the self as an energetic being full of life and vitality yet stuck in human form. The body must get in alignment with the energetic self so that these two parts may fluidly navigate through life, learning about each other in the context of everyday life.

What do you want out of life? Ask your two selves. They already know, but perhaps they haven’t told you yet. The answer lies within, in the context of you as a spiritual human. It’s a great way to be! The answer to your question must begin with accepting this self as a most amazing being! You are a most amazing being!

Look for ways to shift your present outlook and your present perspective on yourself and your life. It’s not that hard to do. Find one thing that you consider a negative and turn it into a positive. Go ahead, I dare you! Then do the same with another aspect of self. Notice how your two parts learn to speak and communicate on a new and different level as you dare yourself to practice this exercise. A most amazing being indeed!

As I finish channeling, I hear the raven that lives in the woods nearby calling loudly in its crackly voice. “Heh-Heh!” it says, “laugh at yourself a little too!” And so, I end this channeling on a happy, laughing note to you all. Sending love, Jan