Soulbyte for Tuesday November 26, 2019

A need for fulfillment is a common human need though many understand it only as a physical need, for it appears in a physical way, as a craving, a hunger, a deeply entrenched desire to feel the fullness of something rather than the emptiness of nothing. And yet, true fulfillment is much more than a physical desire. It is the desire of the spirit to partake in life, to be as present and important as the physical self. True fulfillment comes when the two sides of the self finally become aware of each other, when they merge and a new kind of contentment forms that centers on knowing that everything and nothing are but illusions and that true fulfillment is the energy of loving kindness coursing through the self, without need of anything, except to be lived.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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