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Soulbyte for Wednesday January 6, 2021

Remain committed to a path with heart. When enough people gather together in spirit for a common cause, whether for an individual, a nation, or a world, a positive outcome is more likely. When the right path with heart, in alignment with the greater intent of the Great Mother is embarked upon the result will be in alignment with a higher purpose, that which will bring about the change that is truly needed and will set the stage for true evolution. Do not give up hope for a more beautiful and loving world. Remain loving and heart centered yourself. When strongly committed to that which is right for the greater good and the good of all, all will be well.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Path to Heart

Wherever your path to heart may lead…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Often, what is experienced as traumatic in the moment becomes the seed of great growth and liberation when viewed from a deeper perspective at a future time.

Maya, a central concept in Hindu cosmology, is considered illusion at the level of everyday life, as events in the moment veil the fuller picture beyond the container of space and time. Yet, at the fully transparent level of the highest spiritual plane, Maya radiates as ultimate truth. The key to accessing ultimate truth is to revisit experience from the fullest and deepest perspective.

Thus, everything that challenges us, no matter how terrifying or painful, ultimately has the potential to lead us into deeper truth as we trod upon our path to heart. However, to benefit from this gift we must allow ourselves to review what we have already lived, by viewing it with a ruthlessly open and conscious mind and heart.

In viewing from a different perspective, we can release the emotions that have protectively shielded us and view the deeper truth that lies beyond our limiting beliefs. With this, the protective chaff falls away, as we now have direct access to the seed of our fuller knowing and future possibility.

One great antagonist in 2020 is Covid-19. At the level of everyday human life, its impact upon the world has been devastating. As a world, we hope to neutralize its impact upon us, even as I write. Many lives have been lost at the physical level, and many livelihoods and life plans have been radically changed through the lethal invasion of this virus.

Beyond personal impact, however, is the interruption it is causing to the energetic flow of the planet. Travel is severely limited. Gatherings of humanity, even the smallest of nuclear families, are suspended in physical space and consigned to connection only at the vibrational level of virtual reality.

The next higher vibrational dimension of humanity, the soul level, operates via thought and feeling, in its energy body, independent of the physical body. Though the virtual reality experience during the pandemic has largely been dependent upon human technology, it has also challenged the physical human being to find mental and emotional connection in non-physical contact. This has been a tremendous crash course on spiritual contact beyond the human body.

Of course, we all crave physical contact, as we also exist in human form. However, we are being ushered, via virtual reality, into another dimension of our human potential. When this potential is more inwardly developed, via the discovery and practice of innate psychic powers—such as intuition, conscious dreaming, and telepathy—the door is opened to unlimited possibility for travel and connection beyond physical reality.

Within the physical dimension, the quality of connection is spiritually enhanced to include greater movement to the heart, in a deeper experience of abstract love; that is, love beyond strictly physical attachment. The legacy of Covid-19 has launched us forever into a greater world of energetic possibility to satisfy our deeper mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Donald Trump has certainly presented as both central protagonist or antagonist, depending upon your perspective, in 2020. In fact, as I write this blog, it remains unclear what is actually going to happen at the completion of his current term.

Regardless of one’s perspective, Donald Trump has championed the fact that reality is truly relative. He has shown us that it is consensus of agreement that actually generates a reality. What we believe is true is more powerful than objective reality.

This is most powerfully demonstrated via the placebo effect in scientific medical trials. Many a person has actually been cured of a disease because they wholeheartedly believed they were being administered the curing agent, even if it was actually a placebo sugar pill. Though medicine may dismiss the change as mere placebo, cure is cure! The power of belief can concretely transfigure physical reality.

The power of the subconscious to change our mental and physical conditions is the essence of hypnosis. What we tell ourselves, often via forgotten or unknown subconscious programs, is what we manifest.

Donald Trump, as master hypnotist, has demonstrated the power of repetitive speech to determine one’s belief system. The use of affirmations, mantra, prayer, and suggestion to shift belief and behavior is extremely powerful. The collective massing of such efforts, when attuned to the common good, can spiritually advance the planet.

Donald Trump has also embodied the ego at its me-first zenith, which is a reflection of the collective planetary ego of our time. Every individual human must face that the dominance of the ego within their own personality is their greatest resistance to desired spiritual growth.

On a planetary level, it is the collective human ego that puts the wants and desires of itself above the true needs of the whole planet, presenting the greatest blockade to needed planetary change. Donald Trump has impeccably embodied this attitude of resistance, reflecting humanity’s struggle with its own massive ego entrenchment.

For the planet to arrive at the heart center, the needed perspective for planetary survival, the ego must acquiesce to the needs of the greater planetary whole. It is inevitable that we will get there, but we don’t know how far planetary disruption will go before we arrive at the heart center consensus.

To arrive at the position of unconditional love for all that is, is where we are headed. Begin to practice it now in full unconditional love for self. To love every aspect of self, from lowest to highest, will end the need for projection of one’s personal evil upon other.

To love other as self is indeed the path to heart. May we all take giant steps upon it this coming year.

Love to all,


Soulbyte for Monday December 21, 2020

By your intent, with the thoughts you think, the actions you take and the emotions you express, turn your path into a path with heart. No matter where you are in life, each new day is a new opportunity to change. And change can be as simple as taking a new outlook, thinking a positive thought, making a new and unusual choice, or doing something out of the ordinary. It’s never too late to start fresh and anew. And remember this: everything is possible!

Sending you all love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday October 9, 2020

Let not worry rule but instead turn down the noise of the busy mind with the calmness of the heart. In the stillness of no mind, let the heart speak its words of calming wisdom so that you remain steady upon your path with heart, knowing that life will unfold as it will. Whether you are in control or not certain things will unfold as they will. Acquiesce to the laws of nature, which guide more often now the direction to take, for though human hands wish to take over there are greater forces at work. Learn the ways of the quiet mind, the calm heart, and the peaceful body and be at peace within and without. In the absence of worry let spirit take over. Sometimes you just can’t do any better than that.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday June 23, 2020

Bear witness to the times you live in, for these are the changing times you have long anticipated, the times of upheaval and revelation, the times of chaos and confusion, which are leading to a new world order, not only among the human population but the entire planet. Bear witness from a positive and loving standpoint. Rather than stir up controversy, stir up kindness. Rather than acting from a place of fear, act from a loving place. Rather than spreading disdain, spread compassion. Rather than deny others the same happiness you seek, the same desire to avoid suffering, seek happiness and freedom from suffering for one and all. Rather than be full of anger, be full of loving kindness, intent upon forging a path of heart that all can travel with ease. Let everything you speak, write, and do prove that a path with heart is a path for all.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne