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Chuck’s Place: Staying Positive

Is it chaos or a work in progress?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

What we think is what we get. Make the central focus of life calmness. From the place of calm we find the freedom to be at ease, with the mind as a tool to find clarity and channel the truth. Without calm the mind is blown about in free association with all its resultant emotional storms. These are the storms that breed negativity, as we feel ourselves overwhelmed by the anxieties of thoughts seeking to birth in the center of our minds.

We get to calm by weeding the mind of invasive thoughts that grow bigger as they seek to root in the energy of our attention. We cultivate the mind by being in charge of where we place our attention. As all gardeners know, invasive species are a fact of life. However, like the gardener, we can be in charge of which thoughts receive our greatest care and which we discard as mere weeds.

There are infinite seeds of thought that seek to take root in the soil of the mind. The mind is daily flooded with a highly charged marketplace of thought-offerings that vie for the currency of our attention. The outer expression of this is eloquently mirrored in the insatiable attention-seeking behavior of political leaders, whose viewpoints thrive on the food of our attention, rendering us powerless and energetically bankrupt.

But we are not victims. The Shamans of Ancient Mexico confirmed that although extreme trickery is allowed in all realities, in the final analysis we must sign up or agree for our energy to be taken. Even in the most extreme of captive circumstances, pointed out Victor Frankl, referring to his stay in a death camp, are we still free to choose the attitude we will take toward our circumstances.

From the place of calm we arrive at detachment. Detachment does not mean dissociation. There is a distinction between objective emotion and subjective emotion. To be mindfully present does not free one from the power of emotion. In fact, it insists that we be fully present to all that is: thought, feeling, sensation, and intuition. Objective emotion is genuine reaction to the truth.

The story is told of the teacher monk who cried at the death of his son. His students were flustered at his display of deep emotion, this apparent failure of detachment. He replied that his son had died. What more appropriate time to shed tears?

Subjective emotion arises from thoughts that stray from actual reality, thoughts that catastrophize as they hook into the present and enhance it to archetypal proportion, leading to dissociation from reality.

From the place of calm detachment we see the truth and know right action. This is positive action, because whatever action that might be, it is the necessary response to the truth. If we know right action and act in accordance with it, we are in deep alignment with inner truth and feel positive, regardless of the phase of the moon. Ending a relationship, leaving a career, even leaving this world if it’s truly time to leave, brings with it an inner certainty of rightness of being that launches one’s full energy into new life.

The world is now undergoing deep transformation. Nature is daily acting out these fundamental changes. Of course, we are all free to ride the thoughts of illusion that deny the truth, or play it for profit. An alternative is to accept what is objectively there but not fall prey to catastrophic interpretation and attachment.

If we realize that our collective thought energy is what feeds the machine that controls us—or, put another way, generates the reality we live in—we are free to employ our thought energy, our intent, on positive outcome. State, for instance: “I intend a world aligned with the truth.”

See what happens!


Soulbyte for Thursday May 31, 2018

Let your mind be still, your heart calm, your body loose and easy. Remind yourself often to “relax your body, relax your mind,” as you make your way through the day. In stillness, calmness, and ease of body, mind, and heart breathe and acknowledge that in this moment you are fine, and let that be enough. “In this moment I am fine.” Let this moment be good enough. With kindness and compassion for yourself let this moment be good enough. Eventually all of those good enough moments will string together into a fine day indeed!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: It’s All About Balance


Balance: As within, so without… As above, so below…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is this week’s audio channeling. We hope it brings you some clarity and direction. All messages point now to the importance of maintaining balance in our inner lives and our outer lives. There’s no day like today to begin that process. It really is all a matter of balance.

Good luck and have a great week!

Soulbyte for Friday December 8, 2017

When times get tough remind yourself often that you are energy, that everything is energy in constant motion, that all things change and change they will. You cannot stop change or hinder what will be, but you can choose how and if you attach, react, or get infected by it. As an energy being you are flexible. You can turn down your own energy, clear it, let other energy go through you without being infected or effected by it. You are in control of your own energy. And remember, what is outside of you is only energy too after all! Keep your own energy centered on your calm heart and all will be well, within and without!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday December 7, 2017

Remain heart centered though your heart aches. Remain heart centered though you are in pain. Remain heart centered though you fear the worst. Remain heart centered though the light at the end of the tunnel is a long way off. Remain heart centered because it is simply the only choice you have when things fail. Remain heart centered because it is the right way to be, always. Even in the darkest of times keep the light alive. Remain heart centered.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne