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Soulbyte for Wednesday August 12, 2020

When the spirit is far removed from the body, unknown and unacknowledged, there is no connection to the true reality of the duality of the human self. When spirit lies at a disconnect from the body, the ego, the narcissistic self rules and thus pain and suffering will ensue. Without spirit the simplest and most basic necessities of loving kindness and compassion will also be at a distance. But an individual can bring them back to life through concerted effort to reconnect body self and spirit self. Begin with the breath of life, stirring the heart awake so that the body may feel its own heart beating and know it as more than just biological, for the heart is the connection to spirit, to Soul, to all that is. Find that connection and all will be well again, within and without.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday July 15, 2020

Let your heart be your main guide, for the heart has a direct line to spirit. You may think the brain is the center of human consciousness, but in truth, the brain only takes care of the body. The heart takes care of the spirit. Turn more often to your heart center and ask for its help. Quiet the mind and listen to the heart instead. Learn its language, the universal language of love and begin a new dialogue, within and without. You won’t be disappointed!

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Encounter with Other

– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Other, is a separate reality. Other is life in dreams. Other is life in a body. Other is life beyond reason. Other is shadow. Other is other.   

Beyond the protective narcissistic wrapping around self lies other, waiting. This narcissistic sheath serves to homogenize other, blending it for inclusion within the familiar comfort of self, a far cry from true encounter with the mystery of other.

The internal dialogue immediately snatches the waking ego to erase its  dream encounters with other. To connect and journey with other from dream, threatens the ego’s hegemony over its world. To include other would require ego to take in a world far greater than its solid grasp on reality.

Even if the ego takes up the dream, it quickly formats it into the known; all characters fit into associations that lead back to parts of the self. Reason ensconces encounters with other safely within the boundaries of known self, reinforcing all the usual dramas. From here the internal dialogue paints the day, a portrait of self, everywhere.

Reason cannot permit the mystery of other. Though drawn to the magic, it pummels it into logic, sneering smugly, as it brands it childish fantasy. All that is known is provable in experiment, repeatable in the light of day; everything else is fantasy.

Characters in a dream are merely the byproduct of neurotransmitters active in the brain, says reason, just as it judges out-of-body experience to be merely dissociative hallucination. How reassuring for ego to transpose the irrational into order. How protective of self to resist the delusion of other.

That which is not-I can shatter one’s world. Perhaps its worldview is far more comprehensive; suddenly one is nothing. Perhaps one doesn’t feel worthy of other; other will never show up. Longing for other, one hides in excuse.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of our time is our reason’s encounter with the irrational other. So complacent we became with the dominating all-encompassing rule of reason that we dismissed the power of nature, whether in the form of a coronavirus, or an emotional virus, that now holds reason in its grip.

Clearly, reason must accept the power and autonomy of this  irrational other. Denial has led to this compensatory rise of impulse over science itself. Modern humanity is responsible for this uprising because it embraced reason alone as its one true god.

Suspend judgment, get to know the fullness of other in one’s whole self. Take up the challenge of life in the dream. Get to know and fully live in the body, as well. Connect with the universe in the synchronicities and agreements that saturate every moment. Talk to the plants, the birds, and the bees.

Encounter other with openness, respect, and loving kindness. That’s how the world will heal. 

Encountering other,


Soulbyte for Thursday April 16, 2020

Return to groundedness each morning from the night’s escapades, from the dreaming darkness to the morning light of a new day. Find your feet again. Set your intent again. And begin anew with certainty that your life and your path matter. Find your spirit and tap into it for what you need, beyond the world and bound to the world that you are. Keep physical self and energetic self in harmony, for that is your goal each day, to be in harmony within the self, the whole self. Begin there.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday April 1, 2020

What is known is that the spirit is eternal, the spirit in everything lives on infinitely. Life culminates in renewed energetic form and yet most spend their lifetime unaware of this truth, known by mystics, shamans, and energy explorers alike. Most lessons in life do not teach this truth, but occasionally something happens to prove it, but even that may be forgotten. In times of stress, remember this truth and those personal times of revelation. Keep them alight in your heart and mind as reminders of the eternal energy of which you are all a significant part. All spirits matter, and all spirits transform one day.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne