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A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Dream A New Dream


Dream with the cosmos…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In today’s audio channeling we are all encouraged to dream a new dream, to take our lives forward in a new and good way, because that’s what we’re supposed to be doing, always. Dream on everyone! May your journey be buoyant and joyous!

Chuck’s Place: The Economics of Changing Dreams

We must begin by assuming personal responsibility for the world’s current dream. Last week, I proposed that we are in the Time of the Usher, the dream changer. That lead role mysteriously fell upon Donald Trump.

Our very own Petty Tyrant!
– Art by Jan Ketchel

If we face the deeper truth that our world is spinning out of balance and requires a radical shift to survive, perhaps we can appreciate why we have called upon such a ruthless sorcerer from the dark side to usher in change. This sorcerer fits the bill of what the Shamans of Ancient Mexico call the petty tyrant.

Petty tyrants rank as extreme narcissists and psychopaths who wield the power of life and death over others. For shamans, encounters with petty tyrants are fundamental to their training. Most importantly, since tyrants lack any capacity for empathy for the cruelty they perpetrate upon their victims, shamans are offered a golden opportunity to lose their self-importance when dealing with them. Those indulging in self-pity under the reign of the petty tyrant exhaust their energy quickly and unwisely, as the petty tyrant has absolutely no concern for their needs.

Instead, shamans learn how to hone and revamp their energy, wasting none in seeking sympathy or validation for the hardships and cruelty directed at them by their petty tyrants. This energy saving training has the secondary benefit of preparing them to face future onslaughts from the unknown.

In this time of changing dreams that we are now experiencing, we are all at a distinct advantage, as it is very clear who the petty tyrant is. We can choose to stand up to him, by deciding to have all our energy available to meet the unexpected challenges and shifts that are occurring daily, with a minimum of energy expense.

Shamans ultimately seek the defeat of the petty tyrant but realize that getting caught in the traps of indignance and being offended both exhaust energy and cloud the ability to observe and plan strategically. The bigger the tyrant the greater the challenge to preserve  one’s energy and stay centered on the task. This is the position of the assemblage point that the shamans call the place of no pity. This position requires extreme mindful presence without ego attachment. The only question to ask oneself is, what is the appropriate action now, all personal attachment removed from view.

Since January 21st of this year I have limited myself to one minute per day of taking in the news. I came to this practice after observing the energetic impact that one hour of news was having on my energy as I went through the day.

Donald Trump, our news tyrant, seduces with outrageous antics and threats, which literally suck the energetic life out of a person. The emotional volatility evoked, and the attention given, literally feed the tyrant entity, who clearly has an insatiable hunger for attention.

I observe a tremendous energy savings with my one minute per day limitation. Each morning, I quickly receive the bullet points of necessary information, intentionally avoiding the trappings of emotional reactivity and seduction to track, think about, react to , and talk about the stories that are circulating in the news throughout the day—all energy-zapping practices. As a result I am free to decide if I need to do something or if I can just move on.

I don’t spend my energy on worry, fear, or rage. It simply depletes too much energy. Being offended by Trump is a waste of energy! Refusing to give him the attention he feeds off of, starves him of my energy and I get to keep it for myself. Having detachment from his outrageousness allows me to see clearly and to strategically navigate now.

Thus, I see Trump’s role as the usher, who has disrupted the familiarity and security of our world, as the role of the petty tyrant as well. He offers himself as the one to help us hone our energy and prepare for the real changes that we will invariably face as the world changes dreams again.

It’s a dangerous situation!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Please don’t misconstrue my perspective as a benevolent casting of Donald Trump. He is a tyrant and he is dangerous. Many people will be and have been crushed by his ruthlessness. However, the world must evolve now into a new dream in order to survive, and the silver lining in Trump is that, though he appears the antithesis of survival, he has had the ability to interrupt the status quo of the world. This interruption of energy flow is a move of a sorcerer and it allows us all an opportunity to hone our own energy and prepare for the challenges on the horizon. These challenges may be hastened by Trump, but they hardly originate with him.

The deeper dream we are leaving is the self-centered dream where it’s all about “me” and “us” (U. S.)! Trump’s embodiment of that dream is the catalyst for the new dream, the one centered at the heart level: the real truth, transparency, and all-inclusiveness.

For us to prepare for this new dream, we must learn the economics of saving our energy resources by losing the self-importance of being offended and raising our consciousness to the truth of the heart.

The heart stays in alignment with the soul/energy body—spirit—call it what you will, but it is that divine center within us all that tells us the truth, the real truth, and whose guidance will lead us forward into a truly sustainable dream, the dream we are really preparing for, a heart-centered world dream.

From an energy miser,


Chuck’s Place: Why We Matter

On an individual level, the deepest question we can ask ourselves is, “Why am I here?” On a collective level, the deepest question we can ask ourselves is, “Why are we here?”

After years of focused exploration in the spiritual realm, seeking proof of and versatility in life beyond the body, I found myself drawn powerfully back into this world. I know my focus needed to first be in the spiritual world because I could not avoid exploring the question, “What comes next, is there life beyond this life?”

We are all dreaming this dream together... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
We are all dreaming this dream together…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Recently, however, I was drawn powerfully back to focus on life in this world. In fact, for the past several months I have been drawn to volume after volume of notes taken at Jung’s seminars in the 1920s and 1930s. I realize that the energy of now mimics the energy of that time and that Jung was thoroughly engaged in comprehending its questions and attempting to provide answers. Those questions were answered but not solved in his time. We live in the further unfolding of the seeds of that time and are asked, in our time, to provide the next evolution of answers.

The stakes are indeed much greater now. Though the horror of Hitler still hovers, it pales in significance to the threat of total world annihilation, which is the truth of our current predicament. To soften that blow I refer to a dream Jung had where he met a yogi in deep meditation. This yogi was, Jung realized, dreaming his, Jung’s, life. When he looked closer at the yogi he realized it was an exact replica of himself. He also realized that once the yogi awoke from his dream Jung’s life in this world would be over, though life itself would go on in another realm, in a another dream.

That is our predicament now, we are the collective participants of God’s dream. We are the incarnation of God’s dream. That makes us all, like Christ, God made human, set down in our collective world to freely explore the evolution of God’s dream.

Our world dream, Earth, has been an epic dream that has managed to never end because we, in the dream, have always found a way to keep it going, to both create and solve innumerable challenges that continue to evolve the dream. And it’s a beautiful dream, one we’d like to keep going!

In our time, we have forced this dream to epic challenges. Can we rescue ourselves from the clash of forces that scream out for a major evolutionary advancement? Hitler heralded an attempt to maintain purity of line at all costs. That motive has fully matured on the world stage at this very moment. Tribalism, purity of line, separation of races, religions, classes and sexes are all at war with the ultimate world melting pot that we must evolve into if we are to continue our dream on a more secure footing.

The truth is, God is indifferent to the outcome. Here I speak of God beyond incarnation, eternal God. For that God, whom we are the seeds of, all is forgiven because the outcome of our dream was left to us to freely and creatively grow and discover. That is how God grows. We are the creative side of God and we are here to discover things.

If this dream ends, God will not be angry or disappointed. God grows and learns regardless of the outcome. All outcomes are seeds of future eternal dreams. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful dream and it presents fascinating challenges.

From the perspectives I articulate here, I arrive at detachment. For me, detachment is merely having a fuller perspective that enables access to true solutions to problems. Detachment requires, however, that we fully suffer being in finite, human form. Only from that place can the true answers arrive. God outside time and space cannot provide the answers. Only incarnated God, in time and space, can provide the answers. And that’s us!

So, from inside the dream, feeling the full weight of endgame time, waking up now, I find that love in the form of suspending judgment appears as the clear resolution. To suspend judgment is to erase hierarchy; all are equally valuable, good, bad, and ugly. We are all necessary parts of the same whole. Each of us is necessary and vital, playing our unique part in the struggle to evolve the dream.

Love is embracing every aspect of the interconnected whole that we are, each of us trying desperately to solve the problem of a higher level of integration. And those that fight it the most must be loved and embraced for their role in forcing all of us to solve the issue our parent’s generation could only shelve.

It’s fully off the shelf now and WE MATTER, because without all hands on deck this dream will be shelved as the yogi comes out of meditation.

In meditation,



Chuck’s Place: Gaia-dence For Early Pregnancy

Waiting for the sun to rise... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Waiting for the sun to rise…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We are in the changing times. Mother Nature, Gaia, is in her element, leading us forward. I call to Gaia for true guidance, as we are indeed in her grasp. We are completely encased in her womb, at the early stages of her pregnancy, leading eventually to our salvation and ultimate deliverance. Though we cry out for deliverance now, that is not nature’s way. For now, we must stay contained and face the darkness of this pregnant time, this time of transformation.

Pregnancy is largely a hidden process where the mysterious forces of nature gather and coagulate the materials needed to eventually usher forth new life. Now these materials are being drawn from our changing environment and transformed, like frozen waters melting into rising tides. Mentally frozen attitudes are being broken down to allow for broader acceptance. Heightened emotions are the fiery energies of change. Naturally, the tensions created by all these energies contained within the womb cry out for relief.

And yes, we are drawn to the early release of this tension. We turn to the security of a “Trumpism” as the solution, but like all isms this simple solution is a miscarriage, not the needed rebirth Gaia now prepares us for. The truth is, we must bear the extreme tension of this time of darkness, this time of unknowing, as our world is being reshaped and reformed into its most fitting and natural next stage.

Every evening we dip into the darkness of sleep and the phases of the moon, with their own mysterious growth and healing processes. We cannot force a solution to new wholeness but must patiently allow the pregnancy to proceed, largely in the darkness too. We must participate with care and caution, responding as needed to the growing changes slowly and naturally taking place.

Just as the moon eventually becomes full, at the right time, so does Gaia ask us to bear this time of tension for, eventually, it will lead to right action. Rather than simply reacting and taking things too far in the wrong direction, Gaia teaches us to patiently evolve. When the time is right, right action will be born into a new balance, ready to sustain us as we embark on the next evolutionary journey, into infinity.

What, Gaia, should we be doing at this stage?” I ask. Through Jan’s dream, recounted below, Gaia spoke. We pass it on.

From the debris and the dung a new world is forming... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
From the debris and the dung a new world is forming…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Jan’s Dream: Chuck and I are at home. He is a Master Plumber, teaching a class in plumbing. The pipes inside a wall are exposed and he is busy making repairs and explaining to his students what he is doing. “Don’t do this at home, ” he warns them. I stand on the side watching. I am worried about something.

Suddenly a giant praying mantis, the size of a hat, flies into the room and lands on my head. I feel it walking around, digging its claws into my scalp. I call out. Chuck turns to me and says: “Just get still, stay still. It will go away when it’s the right time, but for now just go into stillness.”

I stand as still as possible, bearing the tension of the praying mantis’s sharp claws digging into my scalp, squeezing my head. It starts to poop and I stand perfectly still while black shit runs down my face. The students want to clean it off me, but I tell them to leave it, that I will clean it off after the praying mantis leaves.

Then a gigantic yellow butterfly flies into the room. It circles around me where I stand in stillness with the giant praying mantis on my head and alights on my right arm. I try to shake it off, but it molds itself to my arm, encircling it like a giant tattoo. I stand there like that, in stillness, with the praying mantis on my head and the butterfly on my arm, waiting for what comes next. -End of dream.

Chuck’s Interpretation: Gaia sends the praying mantis to demonstrate utter stillness, while she clutches us in her grasp. This is the time of pregnancy after all, and we cannot undo what is already in motion. We must bear the muddied earthiness from the dung of the mantis as life is transformed. These are the dark energies of destruction we see and experience all around us. We must bear them, without taking action, in utter stillness. No matter how intense the pain or fear, we must remain still. It’s not personal. Gaia is gathering her materials. We are all part of that.

Gaia also sends us a butterfly, assuring us that transformation is happening. The process is underway, but it’s nothing we can force. Nature works in nature’s own time. The moon eventually gets full, the sun eventually rises again, the seasons unfold.

And finally, the Master Plumber points out: don’t interfere with nature unless you truly know what you are doing, which can only be from a place knowledge and right action. All of nature practices stillness, all of nature knows how to hold back until the time is right.

A new world is forming... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
A new world is forming…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Gaia’s new world is in utero, and we are all in it with her. Rather than worry or fear, let nature do it’s part, but stay with the practice of love. All those around you are part of the same whole new world—my neighbor, myself.

Gaia is speaking to all of us now, in our world and in our dreams,

Chuck and Jan

Jan’s Dream Insights: Kill The Cobra

I have been dreaming again. Last Saturday, we published the following dream with our Soulbyte for the day, after the Paris attacks, as it clearly foreshadowed what occurred in Paris on Friday night. Here it is:

Insights from the night bring light into the day... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Insights from the night bring light into the day…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

On Thursday night, I had a numinous dream in which a huge energetic force sucked all energy from the earth, destroying all of nature, revealing what lay buried in the depths of the earth, a large coiled cobra. Then a giant tidal wave came and washed over everything, bringing a new order. I stood calmly as all of this took place around me. After the tidal wave I calmly walked away, followed by the cobra, to higher ground, but all that had been was transformed. The valley that had been a river was now the ocean, transformed from the personal to the universal. This is what I understood as important now: the new world order is universal love and compassion.

Last night I had another dream in which I heard a loud booming voice say: Kill the cobra in the bathtub! At first I thought it ridiculous, there was no cobra in the bathtub! And secondly, I couldn’t kill anything, let alone a cobra, the symbol of spiritual awakening and universal consciousness in my earlier dream!

Upon reflection, I realize that is exactly what must happen. We must kill the cobra in the bathtub. Not to be misconstrued as killing the enemy, but as per the following meaning:

If we are all spirits living a human existence our challenge is to bring spirit fully into our human lives. To do that we must suffer. There must be sacrifice. Think of Christ on the cross, Buddha under the bodhi tree, Jesus in Gethsemane, all examples of suffering leading to enlightenment.

Marie-Louise von Franz, in Shadow and Evil in Fairytales tells a tale of a white horse that guides and protects the protagonist. The white horse tells the protagonist that in order to be saved in the end the protagonist must cut the horse into pieces and throw its severed parts to the four directions. The protagonist is horrified at the idea of killing this beautiful horse that has been its savior and companion, but at the crucial moment does the deed and all is well. Now, back to the cobra in the bathtub.

In the first dream, the cobra followed me and now it’s in the bathtub. It went from the ocean, the collective unconscious, to a small body of water, a bathtub. It’s in too small a container. The bathtub is personal consciousness, a small body of water over which man has control. The cobra in the bathtub is under control of the ego, though its real home is the ocean, the deeper, uncontrollable unconscious, which it longs to return to. Thus, a cobra contained is madness bursting to be free. It is the urge to go to war.

When the cobra followed me out of the ocean in my first dream, it was foreshadowing what was to follow if the natural balance was not maintained. In the first dream all was as it should be, nature restored to balance, though greatly transformed. The cobra, in following me, was hinting that there was more to come.

Restore the balance... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Restore the balance…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The truth is, the cobra doesn’t belong in the bathtub, it belongs in the ocean. In its containment it is going mad and thus has to be killed. Out of the sacrifice of the cobra will come healing, for the snake is a symbol of healing, yet it is also a symbol of destruction. The cobra specifically has a helmet-like mantel that when expanded means it is about to strike, so watch out!

The cobra is like the Goddess Isis that Chuck wrote about in his blog this week, a symbol of the dark and the light, life and death, destruction and healing. The lesson is that these contrasts must be kept in balance. And the greater unconscious does not belong in a tiny bathtub, as the human ego is quickly overwhelmed. It can only take in the fullness of what lies in the collective unconscious a little at a time or it will go mad. This happens to people who experience true reality in visions and overwhelming insights, they often go mad.

So what does this have to do with ISIS and world events? The lesson is that we must rid ourselves of the ego attitude that the cobra in the bathtub signifies, it is too powerful and unwieldy. We are kidding ourselves if we think we can contain this madness. We must sacrifice its deadly urge to strike, its dark side of hate and destruction and find the healing answer in love. We must all kill, within ourselves, the urge to go mad with hatred. We must overcome our passion for destruction.

Yogananda’s teacher, Yukteswar when confronted by a deadly cobra that rushed angrily at him, with hood expanded, conquered it with his love.*

The ego continues to toy with the cobra, wondering how it will tame it, but we must remember that the cobra is deadly. It will not be contained and nothing the ego comes up with will subdue it. Kill the mad cobra by seeking refuge in love, which releases the healing power of the snake, and then the Goddess energy returns to natural balance, as shown in my first dream.

The Soulbytes and the Message from Jeanne this week have all been about stabilizing the ego and remaining focused on what is right. Monday’s audio message implied that those who pray are innocent at heart, i.e., it is not Islam that is the enemy but the disenfranchised, misguided and misdirected youth unable to find meaning in today’s world.

As Hermann Hesse stated when the German youth were being drawn to antisemitism preceding World War II: “…the form of [antisemitism] with us now among misled German youth does a lot of harm, because it prevents these young people from seeing the world as it is and because disastrously it encourages the tendency to seek out a scapegoat on which to blame everything that goes wrong.” **

We must keep in mind that we are spirits living a human existence and as such we must each create our own bridge from the spirit realm to the human realm. I bring what I learn in my channelings and my dreams, daring to speak of what comes through me.

Even just a little love will do the trick! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Even just a little love will do the trick!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Much as I would rather just recoil back into my own little world, I feel the obligation of these dreams and messages as they ask me to leave my comfy quiet and put out what comes through. I have, after all, resolved to walk this path of spirit more fully. It is what we must all decide to do now.

The messages are clear: Love, which will only fully release from the the healing power of sacrifice, is the answer.


* Autobiography of a Yogi, p. 98.

** Portrait of Hesse, Bernhard Zeller p. 98