Chuck’s Place: Now is the Time of Testing

Being love…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

What is the spiritual purpose of the coronavirus? We ask this question as a new variant, given the name of the Greek letter, Omicron, descends upon us.

Spirit is the purest, most rarified subtle energy intent behind physical reality. Spirit intent is encoded in DNA and in the subconscious programs that attract and solidify energy into the physical forms that we are and know ourselves to be.

Nothing exists that is not, at its most subtle core, spirit. Spirit is housed in the subtle body called the soul, just as the soul inhabits the physical body during its earthly sojourn. As one spiritually progresses, one’s consciousness lives in evermore subtle bodies of spirit.

Spiritual evolution is accomplished through the successful passing of tests at various soul body stages. While in human form the soul body is symbiotically attached to the physical body, thus much of the spiritual tests in human form occur in relation to the physical plane. Someone may have to deal with a debilitating illness; someone else may have to overcome extreme shyness; someone else may have to confront rejection, abandonment, or deep loss.

The greatest test in human form, however, is to bridge spirit truth with physical life. Spirit truth, first and foremost, knows that everything that exists is part of an indivisible whole. At a physical level, we appear as distinct separate objects; at a spiritual level we are all one.

The spiritual challenge of our time is to raise our consciousness to a higher level of truth and embrace actions that bring our interdependent physical whole into harmony and balance. To accomplish this we must overcome our separatist illusions that deny our deeper spiritual truth of oneness.

While in human form we are all holograms of Gaia, Mother Earth. Our separatist behaviors, which have thrown Gaia into disarray, have been our own process of coming to know ourselves, enacted through a system of differentiation from each other, a necessary developmental step.

However, differentiation is but the prelude to union. That which has been distinguished must find its way back to its wholeness, filled with new knowledge of self, gained through self-exploration. Greater consciousness is then rejoined with its greater wholeness.

The appearance of Omicron is rocking our very fragile sense of freedom and mobility. Something greater is being asked of us than simply a return to normalcy. Yes, we so want our freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but we must raise these values to physical expression according to higher spiritual truth.

The freedom to travel and interact with the entire physical world is being transmuted to the spiritual level of truly caring for and loving everyone, and everything, in this world. Accepting physical limitation elevates spiritual connectedness.

Our collective spirit has landed in this physical world to bring the Earth into greater spiritual harmony. Symbiotically, our individual spirits are themselves being raised to higher soul body states, as we pass the tests presented in this physical world.

Progression is the ultimate law of spirit. Astrologically, both Pisces and Aquarius have Omicron stars in their constellations. For Pisces, it’s a big yellow star, for Aquarius a blue one. We have moved now from 2100 years of Pisces domination into the Age of Aquarius.

Pisces represents the goddess and god of love, Aphrodite and Eros, bound together as two fish in the sea, hiding out from the destructive shadow of Typhon, the personification of violent volcanic forces. Love has been safely protected in the time of Pisces but now is being challenged to rise out of the protective sea into the air of greater spiritual realization, into the water jug of Aquarius, the water bearer.

With such exposure, love cannot help but encounter its shadow in Typhon, cruel and power hungry. This is the collective test of our time, to overcome and absorb Typhon through the purest of rarified love.

Fear not this time of testing. Take full advantage of opening to loving all that you hate. Join with the water bearer in raising the spiritual level of self and world. It’s not about seeking love but all about being love. That’s the transformation that our times call for.

When you open your heart to loving, you become a loving being. And when you are love, you become fully available to love as well.

Let there be love,

Chuck and Jan

Soulbyte for Monday November 29, 2021

Take good care of yourself. Like a little bird in the woods look around and decide what is most appropriate for you to eat, to engage in, and where to be that is most beneficial for you. With natural discernment protect yourself from harm. As a little bird in nature, let instinct guide you and let your quick wit and wisdom be always ready to keep you happy and healthy. In nature all play their part to perfection, for in nature there is no other way; as within so without. You too are part of nature, like that little bird in the woods. Let your thoughts today be of this.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: God Is A Lymph Node

Heart centered harmony in the Tao…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Polarity is the essence of life. Electricity is the intimate dance between positive protons and negative electrons. Likewise, magnetism is the energy of attraction between opposites.

The interplay of these opposites are the ups and downs of life. When we jump up in the air we are drawn down to the earth. Though we are light spirit beings we reside in a dense physical body. This bipolarity of our beingness is the essence of life. Our ability to reconcile these opposites is what brings balance to life. Harmony is balance generated within the interplay of opposites.

Governments reflect the interplay of opposites. Generally there is polarization between left and right viewpoints. Governments seek harmony of governance through reconciliation of these opposites. Our world today reflects extreme polarities that resist reconciliation through the integration of opposites.

The extreme polarities of now are deeply enhanced by a third factor: the pervasive extraction of human data through the internet. This extracted data allows corporations and special interests to manipulate consumers and citizens to buy and believe. It can now be argued that the internet has created its own world governance that rivals and controls both reality and elected governments.

This current state of affairs has led to an extreme world bipolar disorder. Nonetheless, this, even in its extreme imbalance, is part of the Tao. Humans are challenged with the reconciliation of these extreme opposites that are insistent upon remaining one-sided, fueled by morally  indifferent special interests. Human beings must restore the balance of opposites to return the world to harmony. But how?

In Jan’s recent dream, a group of Mennonite women knocked on the door with the message, “God is a lymph node.” A group of men were down the driveway arranging stones to create a waterfall. The water was filtered as it flowed over the rocks. End of dream.

The action of the waterfall personifies the function of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is our body’s filtering system. If the dream is assigning this system the rank of God, then the ability to properly filter is being given the highest spiritual value.

The algorithms of the internet target the subconscious mind to influence human emotion, cognition and action. We are all being catered to, both positively and negatively, by algorithms tuned to our personal habits or virtual footprints. For instance, in a recent blog I discussed wrenches on my workbench. Within the hour of it being published an email selling wrenches appeared in my inbox! Make no mistake about it. Everything we research, write or purchase is extracted as a datapoint on how to influence us.

Jan’s dream brings the highest value to the ability to filter. The internet, for all its wonders, is filled with toxicity. When we are catered to we tend not to recognize this toxic implant. For instance, if it is known I have a specific point of view I might be sent news articles or supposed studies that validate my perspective to influence my thoughts and feelings, as well as stir my emotions and actions.

Filtering can best be achieved by seeking the truth of the heart. If I am excited and feel self-righteous about an issue, my heart will tell me the truth: I am being inflated and attaching to a one-sided truth. As I cling to one pole of my bipolar being I throw myself out of balance and lose the harmony that is maintained through reconciliation of opposites.

Humbly incorporating this truth prevents nefarious internalized programs from taking root in my subconscious mind. I am now freed to incorporate the value of views opposite to my own. This reconciliation of opposites restores inner harmony.

May we all embrace the filtering and immunity-boosting benefits of our body’s lymphatic system. On the mental plain, let us utilize the cleansing system of the heart to arrive at both inner and outer truth. The heart, without prejudice, will lead us to harmony in polarity.



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Monday November 22, 2021

We are taking a restful week away from our routines—no Soulbytes this week, though Chuck will publish a blog tomorrow— but found the following from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Living the Wisdom of the Tao very interesting and wanted to share:

“Knowing ignorance is strength.
Ignoring knowledge is sickness.

Only when we are sick of our sickness
shall we cease to be sick.
The sage is not sick but is sick of sickness;
this is the secret of health.”