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A Soulbyte is a spark of the infinitesimal, a portion of the endless wisdom and the magic from which we all come, to which we all innately have access, and to which we will all one day return.

Our Daily Soulbytes are messages channeled from the energy of each day, from the dreams of the night, and from what the universe declares to be most important in the moment. They are usually posted before 7 AM but more often around 5 AM, every weekday.

We hope these Soulbytes offer helpful guidance, but we also encourage all of our readers to feel the energy of each day themselves and to make responsible choices and decisions.

Soulbyte for Sunday October 5, 2014

Think. And then act. Think for yourself. Think new thoughts, new ideas, new possibilities. Reach for the stars in your thoughts and then take action on behalf of the self when the time is right. A banana does not peel itself. Left alone it will rot and ferment. This is unconscious action, nature taking its course. Human beings have the ability to act apart from nature and nature’s intent. Use nature to guide you, but use human consciousness and volition to act on your own behalf so that progress and growth may occur. Otherwise your life will become like the unpeeled banana, possibilities left uncovered and untasted. Think. And then don’t be afraid to peel the banana that is your life and taste of its sweetness.

Soulbyte for Saturday October 4, 2014

Today is the next day of your life. Take what comes with humility and grace, but do not let it overwhelm you or take you off course. You are intelligent and conscious beings fully capable of sorting through your thoughts and behaviors to find the silver lining. Keep on track by constantly readjusting and reconfirming your intent. Allow for life’s unfolding to guide and accompany you on your journey while you simultaneously choose your next steps with awareness and firm conviction to remain on your path of heart. The journey continues and so do you!

Soulbyte for Friday October 3, 2014

Find your balance in your own body today. Watch what you put into it. Nurture it as a good mother would. Be caring and protective so that your vessel of containment may carry you through this day and through all days with comfortable, stable, healthy balance. For abundance and prosperity look to diet and nutrition first and then notice how your inner world and your physical body immediately connect and stabilize you in your outer world. Take care of the whole self today. You are physically important.

Soulbyte for Thursday October 2, 2014

Keep in mind where you have been, how far you have come, and what you have already achieved. Keep your eyes, your heart, and your intent focused on what lies ahead. Even though there may be interferences, if your path is the right one those blockages and thoughts of defeat will soon be behind you. Focus on your future as one of accomplishment and fortune as you walk through this day and as you deal with what comes to greet you. Keep the fire within always burning, clearing away and lighting your path of heart.

Soulbyte for Wednesday October 1, 2014

Who are you going to be today? Take up your warrior’s sword and cut away all that you are not until you arrive at the true self. Let this true self fully inhabit you today. Notice who this true self really is as you go through the day. Is it some combination of child/adult, masculine/feminine, objective thinker/worrisome feeler, active creator/calm meditator? Who is most real?

This is the warrior’s work, to decipher and bring forth the true self. With sword in hand allow only true words, thoughts, deeds, and feelings to dwell within and emerge and live without. This is the work of this day. Without overdoing anything be who you truly are.