Soulbyte for Monday May 25, 2020

Stay alert, aware, and on your guard at all times. A warrior knows the final outcome of life and yet lives as if there is no tomorrow, focused not on foolhardy endeavors but on what truly matters, taking to heart that every action matters, that every thought is capable of capturing attention, and that the only meaningful pursuit is a path of heart. A warrior takes life seriously and yet also knows how to play, how to laugh, and how to be free. But a warrior never forgets the goal in life is to evolve from a person who knows little to a person of knowledge, led by spirit and an internal compass that always points to the path of heart no matter what happens, within or without.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday May 22, 2020

Hold yourself accountable. Take full responsibility for your life. It’s so easy to blame others, but that gets you nowhere. Realize instead that your life is a journey of evolution, inviting you to play the game that will get you closer and closer to your spirit, bring you in touch with the universal powers that hold everything in place, and invite you to know, see, and experience beyond your normal perceptions. Life is grand, if you open up to that idea. It awaits your participation. What are you afraid of? That you’ll lose something? Nothing will be lost, except illusion and false ideas, and everything else will be gained.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday May 21, 2020

Pay attention to your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, to the head and brain full of ideas, to your belly full of fears, to your arms and hands that do, to your legs and feet that are either reluctant or eager, to your inner systems that pump life into you and keep you alive, that keep your body functioning so that life may proceed. Treat this mass of yourself well so that it may treat you well, so that your spirit may reside in a house of calmness and unspoiled beauty. When your body suffers so does your spirit. Keep both of them happy and healthy, in alignment with nature and the bounty provided. Even in times of hardship and stress, it is these two companions, body and spirit, that deserve your utmost attention so that they may remain in tune, in alignment, and fully functioning in a healthy manner upon your path of heart. Their intent is your intent. Their life is your life. Their importance is your uppermost importance too. Everything else pales in comparison. Without one there is no other. Be well.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Recapitulation: Movement is Crucial

Just Breathe… anywhere, anytime…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

There are many phases of a recapitulation, especially a recapitulation of childhood, especially a recapitulation of a childhood of sexual or physical abuse with its many layers of psyche and soma.

Each layer needs its own separate recapitulation time. Memories are multifaceted and multidimensional, like the skins of an onion, layer upon layer of thin veils of information that must be addressed one at a time. This is one reason that a recapitulation can take a long time. But we can facilitate a recapitulation by consciously attending to each of those layers with intent and awareness, paying attention to where we need to go next by what comes to guide us.

Recapitulation is guided by spirit, that of our body and that of our high self. Dreams guide us too, and we should pay attention to where they take us; our spirit speaking to us in its own language of symbol, myth, and possibility, tapping into other dimensions of truth and fact that we may be missing during our waking life.

During my own recapitulation, I discovered how the many layers of memory came. First there were visual flashbacks. Then those flashbacks fused together into movie-like scenarios, with sounds, smells, feelings, in both physical body and emotional body. Eventually each of those separate somatic experiences required their own recapitulation, so that in the end my recapitulation became a many-layered experience, as each part of each experience took its own time to show me what it had to show me.

The body holds just as much memory, or possibly more than the mind. This is what I came to discover, that the body holds its own memories, separate and yet connected to the memories that come from the deep recesses of the mind, that which is stored in the memory centers of the brain.

These body memories appeared as stuck in my body, energy caught in various places, causing pain and discomfort, anxiety and tensions, and they often acted out real physical disabilities, such as unexplained limping, numbness, swelling, rashes, etc. Often, just the remembering and reliving of a memory did not fully release it from my physical body. Such memories remained deeply embedded in my muscles and sinews until I did something physical to urge them out of me.

I found running, walking, doing yoga, Magical Passes and breathing, Embodyment Therapy® and energy work by an energy worker helpful in releasing these memories from the sinews of the body. Massage, making love, with a partner or alone (yes, masturbation is an excellent means by which to release stuck energy); physical work, gardening, creative endeavors like painting, dancing, singing, playing music, even taking lots of soothing baths. Don’t force; do what comes naturally to you. Anything that stirs the body is helpful in addressing the deep needs of the body to release what it has stored alongside the mental memories.

If physical activity is limited, pain and incapacitation will continue. Mysterious symptoms that no doctor can explain will continue. Illnesses of no origin will continue. So, I urge all of my readers to get up off the couch, out of the bed, and onto the yoga mat. Do some exercises that appeal to you. Put on some running or walking shoes, ride a bike, do something you enjoy in order to get moving.

If physical movement is difficult, even just lots of deep breathing will begin to open the passageways to release what’s stuck; either the recapitulation breath or any other deep breathing technique will suffice. Or simply breathe consciously, with awareness, paying attention to the gentle and natural in-breath and out-breath that your body makes on its own. Breath is life; breath is healing.

Whatever you choose to do, begin slowly, proceed at a pace that you and your body can handle, but be persistent. Ask your body to show you what it needs; this is often the best way to start the physical release of recapitulation. Your body will respond and show you what it needs.

Both your psyche and your body will thank you for getting in touch at a new and deeper level. Your recapitulation will get unstuck, and you will be better prepared to handle what it reveals to you.

It will make you stronger in mind and body, psyche and soma. And your spirit will be overjoyed.

Wishing you well on your continued journey of recapitulation.

Sending you love and support,

Jan Ketchel, Author of The Recapitulation Diaries

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Soulbyte for Wednesday May 20, 2020

Engage your intent from morning until night. Even when you dream, state your intent to change, to be a loving being, to connect with your spirit, and to express peace and happiness wherever you find yourself, in every world you enter. By your declaration of loving kindness and your intent to evolve, become the beacon of light you wish to see and know yourself to truly be. Face your inner difficulties with this same intent of loving kindness so that you may be truly free of all that now binds you. Have compassion for yourself and the life you have lived. Seek your freedom by remaining intent upon your path of heart. As every warrior knows, there is more than one way to get there, but once there, there is no turning back. Intent!

Sending you all love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne