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Soulbyte for Tuesday January 29, 2018

Your energy effects those around you. Just as you are effected by others, so are they effected by you. Your moods, your overall state of health, and your attitude have a lot to do with how you effect the world. You can wound or you can bring joy. You can heal or you can sicken. The world around you effects you greatly too, the general atmosphere of the times you live in compounds how you feel, especially if you do not protect yourself from what you cannot control. If you get right within yourself, calm and relaxed, so that your energy is of positive vibration, you have a better chance of weathering through the world atmosphere. Nature has a very special vibration, one that is beneficial to mind and body. It is naturally calming and relaxing. Reset your inner vibration to nature’s gently positive radiance. Radiate this calmness within and without so that you heal yourself and protect yourself, and in so doing make the world a better place too. When you energetically change yourself, you energetically change the world around you, and the people you are closest to will notice this positive change in you. As within, so without.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday September 4, 2017

[This will be the only posting for today, no audio channeling today, taking the rest of the day off! Happy Labor Day!]

In times of stress it is important to protect one’s energy, to pull inward, get calm, and let nature takes its course. The impulse is to get involved, help out, do the impossible, convince someone of something. But the truth is, as fine as your intentions may be, no one can help another being do what they must do themselves. Of course, there are times when help is needed and therefore should be granted, and to the self this kind of help is very energetically rewarding. But it is in those times of energy drain that one must pull back and wait calmly for nature, and the nature in everyone you meet, to have its way. Nature has a knack for smoothing things out and often does not need interference, for often it is the interference of humans that causes problems to begin with. Step back in times of stress, protect the self, waiting in calmness, knowing that lessons are only learned by experience. Let experience be the teacher, the savior, the salvation. You can do no better than that!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Take Stock Of Your Energy

Here is a nice cheerful message from Jeanne today, inviting us to let ourselves enjoy the energy of change. Here is what she says:

What's your energy like today? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
What’s your energy like today? – Photo by Jan Ketchel

Today is a good day to take stock of where you are. Contemplate where you are in your lives and how far you have actually come on your journey of change. Be honest with the self in your assessment. Notice your energy level. Have you gained back some of your personal energy as you have worked on the self? Have you let some things go that have drained your energy? Have you learned when it is appropriate to say yes and when to say no? Do you then act on that knowing?

Be kind to the self as you do your personal assessment—don’t be too hard! Accept your truths and resolve to move on with renewed intent. Simply allow the self to be fallible. The honest truth is that you are human and so you will be as human as you need to be. But once you realize this humanness, and once you fully see where you are caught, the next move on your part is to act in a new manner.

That is what must happen now. You must all act in a new manner today. The energy of the universe supports all such acts of change. Your efforts will show immediate results. You will be gifted the energy to continue your evolving journey with new intent, hope, and compassion. New insights will arise to guide you. I suggest that you grab them and go with them. They will take you where you need to go next.

Open your hearts to the self and others, and always remember that Everything Is Possible! Let some of that possibility in today, even if only a bit. It will make your day a lot brighter. I guarantee!