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Chuck’s Place: Karma For Better

We all must face the highs and lows of karmic destiny…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Karma is destiny, the inevitable effect of a previous cause. That which goes up must come down. And, according to Newton’s Third Law, the force with which it lands will cause a reaction of equal force. This repetitive back-and-forth volleying generates a groundhog day habit of karmic stuckness.

We must circumambulate our habitual beingness until we accrue the consciousness to clearly see our individual core karmic leitmotif. Once filled with awareness of our karmic duty we are then freed to exercise our will to address our oppositions and eventually shift our lives in an equal and reconciled new direction. This is using karma for better.

Esther Harding states:
“The marvel is that there is not a perpetual state of war within the psyche, for each of these elements is endowed with energy and so cannot die. Fortunately for our sanity, many of these irreconcilable elements lie deep within the unconscious, locked in primordial sleep; those which may have stirred are shut away in separate compartments. But as life progresses and an increase of consciousness is achieved, the inner conflicts awaken, and the problem of reconciling the oppositions they reveal has to be undertaken as a serious and urgent task.”
–M.E. Harding, Psychic Energy

Cherokee guide Joyce Sequichie Hifler, in A Cherokee Feast of Days, speaks to the karma of a pond turning over. It’s nature’s way of cleaning house. The stagnant energy settled at the bottom of the pond activates, mixes with other strata of water, and rises to the surface. And yes, the whole pond of human affairs needs to turn over at times. This is the cosmic karma of now.

Judge Hatch, a Master teacher in the astral realm, hovered over the battlefields of Earth throughout WW1, channeling his observations and guidance for humanity to his scribe Elsa Barker, in War Letters. His intent was to empower humanity to advance beyond the perennial karma of war. His empowering technology is available to every human being to reconcile with both the warring factions within the self, as well as in the world. Here’s a method to transform hate, the mother of all wars:

“…Has anyone injured you in the struggle of life?—for life is a kind of war. Go out in thought to those whose desires have clashed with your desires, those who have hurt you or hated you. Go to them one by one—not several at a time in this exercise, and one by one try to understand them. See yourself with their eyes, feel toward yourself with their hearts. If they still hate you, you may hate yourself at first in sympathy with them. But remaining there in sympathy with them, you will gradually feel their hard thoughts of you change, gradually begin to be friends with yourself through them.”  –Elsa Barker, War Letters From The Living Dead Man.

Judge Hatch emphasizes that this exercise is not a subconscious abuse of black magic to control another because its objective is consonant with the intent of the High Self, one of unselfish union and positive evolution. Carolyn Elliot describes similar exercises of appreciation for the warring factions within the self in her book, Existential Kink.

From the perspective of every individual human as a single cell in the wholeness of everything, every effort—even that of a single person—will impact the state of balance in the overall whole. Furthermore, every individual, however disagreeable, is a permanent member of the whole, for energy cannot die.

What is changeable is the balance between the parts within the whole. We all, as individuals, are subject to the karma of our attitudes, decisions, and actions. The human race, as a whole, is subject to its karma as well. The artistry of being human is our ability to sculpt our beingness with attitudes, decisions, and behaviors that advance our karma for better.

As Judge Hatch describes, the practice of deeply appreciating the perspective of one’s enemy, especially feeling their hatred toward oneself, mitigates the intensity of one’s own anger, harmonizing an opposition within the self and impacting positively one’s outer relationship with the hated other.

Perhaps this technology can be simply summarized in the words of an earlier Master, “love thy enemy.” That’s how to advance the self and use one’s karma for better.

For the better,

Soulbyte for Monday March 25, 2019

Focus on your heart, for heart-centeredness leads to calmness within, and calmness within leads to calmness without. Self-regulation, by breathing calmly into your own body, and calming it, brings much needed regulation, not only to your own inner environment but it allows for much needed regulation of the environment outside of yourself too. You are part of the greater whole and the part you play has significance to the greater whole. Play your part well by learning the self-regulating technique of inner heart-centered calmness. And with gratitude, teach it to others by doing it every day, in every way. All it takes is one calming breath, and then another, and then another…

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday March 5, 2019

Think of yourself as a wave of energy in a world of other waves of energy. Without form or identity you simply are. But even energy has identifying qualities. If you are loving energy you will be perceived as such and if you are hateful energy you will be perceived as that. Love energies tend to gather together just as hateful energies seek like kind. But this splitting apart into separate camps is divisive and harmful to the greater whole. What is the world coming to that even unseen energy cannot exist together, cannot form a unity of one? Luckily, the human being has consciousness on its side, but even that may not be enough to thwart a misdirection.

There is not much time left to get yourself right, into a state of inner harmony, into alignment with peace and love so that all may be well, perhaps for the first time in human history. For when on the brink of destruction the greatest opportunities loom, the possibilities are endless. Before it’s too late, adjust your own energetic wave so that others may come together with you on the side of good; hopeful, caring and loving above all else. It’s time to use your energetic powers for the greater good. Adjust your own energy into unconditional loving energy before it’s too late.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday March 4, 2019

Your energy affects the energy of others, just as you are affected by the energy outside of you. Though you may not always feels this, it’s true, for everything is interconnected, playing off everything else. So watch your energy, how you decide to use it, how you think, where you place your attention and what kind of attitude you decide to take. You are part of the greater whole and as such you make an impact on the whole, whether alone or in a crowd. If you want to lead the world in a new direction, begin within yourself. Take responsibility for your own life, especially your inner life. Your inner attitude may be more important than any outer action you take, for what is felt is often more impactful than what is seen. Keep this in mind with everyone you meet and every day as you wake up, for this is your secret weapon. What impression are you going to make today? Are you going to be part of the greater good, so badly needed? You have the power of energetic connection and intent within you. Your life is VERY important. You are a spark of energy among other sparks of energy. You affect everything you come into contact with. Ready to sparkle?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday September 29, 2017

Wherever you are practice compassion. In your daily life practice loving kindness. Practice helping, giving, doing, contributing wherever you are, where you live and where you work, in what you say and how you treat others. Practice loving kindness where you pray, where you walk and play, in respect and all-inclusiveness, where you see a need and where a helping hand will make a difference to someone you don’t even know. In this manner you contribute to the whole, you share the wealth, you give of yourself. One hand extended to another sends the message that yes, loving kindness and compassion are alive and well in the world, right here right now. Be part of that trend, the universal message of loving kindness and compassion at all times, without discrimination, without judgment, simply doing good in the world, one person at a time.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne