Soulbyte for Monday March 4, 2019

Your energy affects the energy of others, just as you are affected by the energy outside of you. Though you may not always feels this, it’s true, for everything is interconnected, playing off everything else. So watch your energy, how you decide to use it, how you think, where you place your attention and what kind of attitude you decide to take. You are part of the greater whole and as such you make an impact on the whole, whether alone or in a crowd. If you want to lead the world in a new direction, begin within yourself. Take responsibility for your own life, especially your inner life. Your inner attitude may be more important than any outer action you take, for what is felt is often more impactful than what is seen. Keep this in mind with everyone you meet and every day as you wake up, for this is your secret weapon. What impression are you going to make today? Are you going to be part of the greater good, so badly needed? You have the power of energetic connection and intent within you. Your life is VERY important. You are a spark of energy among other sparks of energy. You affect everything you come into contact with. Ready to sparkle?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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