Soulbyte for Friday March 1, 2019

What are you thinking? Thoughts have power. You draw to you what you think. Thoughts manifest in good or bad ways, in abundance or lack, in beauty or ugliness, constructively or destructively, in happiness or sadness. It all depends on your state of mind, on what you think and believe. What you tell yourself comes true because you have the power within to manifest that which you think. Some manifestations may be old forgotten intentions, set long ago, even before birth. Some manifestations may be haphazard ideas you latched onto for one reason or another, reasonable or not. Other manifestations may come because you picked up some other person’s thoughts or ideas that have nothing to do with you. Perhaps it’s time to rethink, to clear old beliefs, and to decide what’s right for you to personally manifest. You can change your thoughts, your beliefs, your mind, and create a new you simply by how you think about yourself. You draw to you what you think. Got some new positive ideas you’d like to manifest? All you have to do is think them, continuously, until they become your mind’s automatic fodder. Every time an old thought appears replace it with the new thought, and then see what happens. The power of your own thought is all the power you need—it is infinite! And remember: Everything IS possible!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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