Soulbyte for Thursday February 28, 2019

Let your heart be quiet and still as you face the oncoming time and all it brings, as you face the truth of the times you live in, knowing that in heart centeredness your days will be content, your actions good, and your intentions pure. In heart centeredness do the right thing, no matter the pressure to do otherwise, for the times call for new balance, for the good to overpower the evil, for indeed evil is alive and well. Stand with that which is good and strengthen that good core within yourself so that good may reign outside of you as well, so that your actions may have an impact far beyond the confines of your own body and mind. It all begins with you taking your own heart centered stand, strengthening your own inner knowing that, no matter what happens, good is always the heart’s choice and so will it always remain.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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