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Soulbyte for Friday February 28, 2020

Carry a torch of light for how you wish the world to be and light the way forward with words of kindness, love, and compassion on your mind, your tongue, and in every word you write. Let not the darkness dissuade you but use it as a mirror to provide the contrast you wish to see. All is not lost. It is just waiting for the light to bring it forth, like a seed from the earth. All things evolve and change and so will this time too. Keep the light alive. Its time will come.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Return of the Light

The inevitable return of the light…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year. At a certain level they are all interchangeable synonyms of the same event: return of the light. These events symbolize bringing forth new life, and in one form or another the human species is transported, by such events, to the experience of awe. These events create a natural bridge to the magical side of life.

The polar opposite of awe, and the human being’s greatest achievement, has been its ability to fixate upon reason, the main pillar of modern civilization. Reason breaks down the world into units that defy awe. With pure reason there’s no such thing as magic. Without magic, however, humanity loses its soul. Modern humans are truly beings in search of their soul.

The appeal of modern charismatic world leaders is their messianic capacity to channel awe. Anger that knows no limits is one ticket to infinity. The appeal of the energetic thrill of the shrill has swept the world. Reason shrinks in its ability to shield one from the draw of such passion. Even the most reasonable beings are unwittingly drawn into the madness of their passionate defense of reason.

Starved for immersion in the ocean of awe, humanity is currently gripped in a tidal wave of emotion. Tidal waves are unstoppable forces of nature, but, like wildfires that require fresh wood to continue their passionate burn, their time is truly limited, though there may be much destruction in the interim. All things do pass.

Currently, reason has become the fuel of awe. The irrational dominates the rational, the time of darkening of the light. In the time of darkening of the light, the guidance is to shield and tend the small candlelight of reason in the safe cave of the heart. In the time of the return of the light, the guidance is to be patient; the return of the light is inevitable.

The magic of this moment is awe inspired by the light of consciousness. Reason and awe needn’t be strange bedfellows. We are in an evolutionary advance now, charged to become more fully our magical energetic selves, with the light of consciousness as our guiding light, charged to explore beyond the limits of reason, yet with reason at our side.

May reason embark upon the dance of true fulfillment with us all. May awe be navigated by reason. Wishing all a safe, ecstatic, and fulfilling return of the light.

With Reason and Awe,


Chuck’s Place: Tossing of the Ring

Like rippling rings on water, let your love flow…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Noticed, subliminally, that the ring on my pinky was quite loose, barely stayed on. A brief thought process to safely tuck it in my pocket was dismissed. Upon returning home, I discovered that the ring was gone. I was stunned but soon calmed, as I realized we, my ring and I, had made this agreement earlier in the day. I was alerted to its readiness to jump; it had given me one last obvious warning. I had given it the green light and it had chosen to launch.

The ring is composed of two thick golden entwined threads, a couple’s infinite love woven into a healing path, a sealed strand of intent ready for life. It had adorned my finger for 45 years. Though coveted, it expressed its intent to move freely in the world now. I release you, dear ring, so imbued with love, to bring your magic wherever you land.

Realized later that the day the ring sprang free, April 6th, was exactly one year to the day of our initiation at The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Voyage, where Jan and I abruptly moved into new life. Found out, as well, that our nearest neighbor, Elizabeth, had launched on her definitive journey into infinity that same day, having physically died in Los Angeles. Truly, this was a day of profound shift.

The spreading of love is indeed the karma of what is happening now, the work to be done. That which has fragmented must come back together. We must be patient in the knowing that change is constant. Disintegration, however vast, is the precursor to integration. Love is the energy of healing and union.

Spend not time judging the self, judgment is too divisive. Seek only clarity and truth. From the heart center ask the self the question, “does this old decision hold up now?” And if the answer is that it’s time to shift, walk in a new direction. Quietly, light as a feather, attract no attention, simply move on, filled to the brim with love.

To get to the truth of the heart, we must reach a profound state of relaxation. Allow each inward breath to reach every cell of the body. With the exhalation, ask every cell to profoundly release. Hold that level of relaxation as you begin the next inhalation, then release even deeper on the out breath. After some time, the body will become calm and receptive, the mind will have dropped its prejudices, and the truth of the heart will be ready to be heard.

Doubt is the third chakra’s devil’s advocate. Allow it to make its case, but recognize its narcissism. With calm, speak the truth. If unduly influenced by its call to arms or self-serving ploys, then reenter the matrix for another round of groundhog day. When the cycle completes, you’ll have accrued greater knowledge. And with it, what will you choose next time around?

The world populace oscillates now between its separate wants and true collective needs. Only love can settle the score, because it transcends the one-sidedness of separateness.

Toss the ring of what you hold dear into the ring of greater good. Let  love grow in every interaction, in every thought and action. Let’s see what happens!

With love,


#751 We Are All Responsible

Written by Jan Ketchel and including a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

It’s early Sunday morning as I write this. Chuck woke me as dawn was breaking and I got up to see the first orange sweep of the rising sun in the East and the luminous globe of the enormous “supermoon” setting through the trees in the West. The birds were already stirring and, as we sat by the woodstove and looked out the windows to the South, I saw deer grazing in the field across the road while the robins swept across the front yard, as they worked on nest building, and the squirrels ran around gathering edibles; nature awakening and going about the natural course of things. I could not help but think about what nature had enacted on the other side of the world: devastation and continued danger of high radiation in Japan, as well as the energy of revolution continually escalating in the Middle East.

Here I sit, I thought, quite happy and contented, my world in order, nature doing what nature does. It goes on as it has every spring, nesting, preparing for new life, the crocuses and daffodils emerging from the frozen ground, the sun warming the earth and, yet, I cannot forget what has been happening in our world.

Already a little more than a week has passed since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan rocked our world and we all felt the reverberations in some way. There are people who choose not to attach any importance to events taking place so far away, however, who choose not to know, who feel detached and unaffected, simply because they are not personally effected by something happening in a foreign country. The media has already gone on to new news, for the most part; the Libyan conflict—revolution equally important—now taking the headlines again.

It is appropriate that we not turn from the truth of the revolutions taking place in our world, yet I fear the nuclear disaster in Japan will be swept from our knowing, suppressed, covered in lies. We will be told again and again that there is no immediate human health danger to be concerned about, until we accept it as truth and return to our old ways. Meanwhile radiation has been released into the atmosphere, it is in cow’s milk and green leafy foods in Japan, and it is being washed into the oceans and carried on the winds. Yet we are lied to in order to keep down the panic.

Panic is necessary now. This is the time of revolution, after all. We must not listen to the voices that tell us to “go shopping” as President Bush did after 9/11, or the Japanese authorities who say they have everything under control and that there is really nothing to worry about, while at the same time radiation is spreading. In the face of the truth they blatantly lie, expecting us to acquiesce to the lies as we have always done in the past. It is not time to pull back into secrecy but to keep exposing the lies along with the real truths of what man has done to our world, to Mother Earth.

And yet, I know that inner calm is utterly necessary at times like this, that the truth must be balanced with inner pragmatism while we look deeply within and search for the true path for man to take, now more than ever. As I look upon nature itself on this beautiful morning, I receive one answer by its example. Nature tells me that life does indeed go on.

This is nature at its best, just as destruction, misery, and suffering are nature at its best. There must be death for there to be new life. Can I accept that what is happening is right for our times? Can I accept the release of radiation, the revolutions, the deaths in so many forms as right, knowing that it is forcing us to a new evolutionary possibility, for mankind to do more than just survive what he himself has wrought? This is nature in true balance. Can I be in alignment with this side of nature too?

I ask you today, Jeanne, to lead us now to a new level of understanding and consideration, as we take in the truth of what is happening, for I fear that the media will be moving on to the next crisis in the world, leaving the smoldering mess of contamination in Japan to “the experts,” while the planet suffers, and each one of us too. While baby dolphins die as a result of last year’s fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico and the fish in the Hudson River contend with heavy PCB contamination, while nature pushes us to remember, we move on so easily to the next big news item, forgetting that we too are nature.

What can we do to stay bound to the truth now? It is time to stay connected to what we have forgotten, that decay is necessary, as well as new life. I must remember, while I watch the birds building their nests, that in the woods lies the carcass of an enormous deer, rotting, its rib cage bleaching white in the sun, picked clean by scavengers. I must remember this balance in nature and be honest with myself about death.

Can you talk today about making personal choices now, as the attention to recent disasters shifts and the status quo reasserts itself, as we get back to business as usual, as I see reflected in nature on this early morning? Because that is the other truth: life does go on.

Here is Jeanne’s response to my questions:

I ask you to enjoy your moments of bliss and delight, yet maintain awareness of death, for it is true that they go hand-in-hand. But do not either forget that they are not separate activities, opposites perhaps, but in concert nonetheless, for you cannot have one without the other. This Jan points out, and yet it is what is most often forgotten as one goes about “business as usual.”

There can no longer be business as usual. You, My Dear Readers and Journeyers, if you are to be the new generation of seers upon that earth, must never return to complacency and business as usual. It is time now to remain awake, alert to the realities of your world as you have made it. You may say that this had been done by others, that you have no skills in the development of nuclear science, that you have no dispute in the war zones, but that is not so: You are all responsible.

I charge each one of you with the responsibility for your world and until you accept this responsibility you will not be a true citizen of change, nor hold the seers potential in right alignment with its proper meaning or intent.

I ask that there be no stopping the human potential to realign with nature, to rebalance with nature’s intent, for in order to evolve and come into alignment, mankind, all humanity, must react as ferociously as Mother Nature does. I do not advocate destruction without—except in the form of change—by making decisions that will be revolutionary in enacting personal and worldwide change.

Do what is right for the planet and you will do what is right for all living things. Nature goes about her business, but do not think it is business as usual, for nature contends each moment of each day with change. Nature must adapt to herself and to what man had done to her air, her waters, her soils, her growing flowers and fruits, to her creatures, and yet she does not stop. Her energy is as powerful as ever. Nature does not sleep, except to rejuvenate herself, and this is what man must learn to do as well.

Man must learn to rejuvenate his energy, so that his natural power is ready each moment of each day. If a bird falls asleep in the middle of the day it will not be in alignment with nature. If the birds all slept, instead of doing what they must to live, the balance of all nature would suffer.

Man sleeps too often when he should be awake. It is time now to shift to a more natural alignment with nature, with the rising sun and the setting sun. Learn now to work in the proper moment, to rest in the proper moment, and to act according to the laws of nature in the proper moment, all of which can only be accessed if in alignment with all things.

Accept the truths of life and death as intertwined. One without the other leads to chaos and this is where mankind, especially in the West, has faltered. He has chosen only to live. He has chosen to forget about death and thus he has created an impossible situation.

An earthquake is only the beginning of his shake up, for mankind needs to be reminded of the basic truths of his reason for being upon that earth. And what is that?

Man is a sentient being. This means he is, in truth, a spiritual presence and not a conquering presence. Man has sought to conquer nature, forgetting his spiritual self, as he sought only to feed his ego self. Now man is asked, by nature herself, to return to his sentient roots, in alignment with nature, and learn once again what nature offers: the true lessons in evolutionary growth.

Look now for personal inner balance. Seek a place of calm observation while awake and rejuvenating energy replenishment while asleep. Restore first that balance, the sleeping-waking cycles, as nature does, and you will begin to realign with man’s true intent. When in balance, you will find that you each have within you the answers you seek.

Take responsibility for the self and you take responsibility for the entire world. Remain alert to the moment, to the energy of the moment. And do not forget that in order for life, including your own, to evolve, there will be destruction and death. It is necessary and unavoidable.

A seer knows this at all times. A seer seeks balance at all times by remaining aware of his death, just as the birds and other animals do. Their instinct is strong. They know how to live and they know how to die, with dignity, in proper alignment with nature, constantly adjusting to what life presents, respectful of all other life, always on the move in natural consort/concert with evolutionary energy.

In ending, I suggest that each one of you look upon your own life, your habits, and correct your misalignment with nature as much as you can, just as you expect the rest of the world to do. And then see what happens!

Thank you Jeanne. Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message in the post/read comments section below. Also check out our facebook page at: Riverwalker Press on facebook. And thank you for passing the messages on!

Most fondly and humbly offered.