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A Soulbyte is a spark of the infinitesimal, a portion of the endless wisdom and the magic from which we all come, to which we all innately have access, and to which we will all one day return.

Our Daily Soulbytes are messages channeled from the energy of each day, from the dreams of the night, and from what the universe declares to be most important in the moment. They are usually posted before 7 AM but more often around 5 AM, every weekday.

We hope these Soulbytes offer helpful guidance, but we also encourage all of our readers to feel the energy of each day themselves and to make responsible choices and decisions.

Soulbyte for Friday October 10, 2014

Remain open to messages from your spirit. Continue giving breath so its life may flourish and become more clearly ascertained as living inside you, its desires and talents more fully realized and actualized. Who is this spirit self that you speak so often of, that you seek connection and union with? It is you without body and yet it is you in-body. You are a unit of two and as such each part must be given care and attention.

As you prepare your body to wake up and greet each day, do not send your spirit back to sleep but prepare it as well. It will give your body the energy and insight it needs and light your path if you give it what it needs. Attention and intention are required if you are to hone its presence and its skills. Breathe consciously and you will discover your spirit’s residence, its warm cave, its home in your body. Just keep breathing with awareness and feel your spirit breathe back, saying, “Yes, I am with you. I am you. We are good together. We are one. Let me live with you more fully now and all will be well.”

Soulbyte for Thursday October 9, 2014

Know your body more deeply, intimately and thoroughly. It is your chariot through life, your vessel of life, your traveling companion, container of the breath of life. Find its centering abilities, its function as your anchor and its familiar tendencies and quirks that make it unique. Look at it and figure out how your spirit resides so easily in it, accepting of its place; yet does your mind allow such ease of containment and acceptance?

Allow the mind’s conjuring thoughts about your body to ease a little today as you feel only your conscious aware self inside you. Devoid of the usual messages allow space for breath and the essence of the life force inside you, your spirit life, to simply be. Be only breath today—only spirit—and see what happens.

Soulbyte for Wednesday October 8, 2014

We stand now within the inevitable. Our times are times of complete change. Do we fight it? To what end? It is happening. In such situations the warrior knows that acquiescence is the only action necessary and yet acquiescence must come with a measure of consciousness and awareness that transcends the mundane and embraces the wholeness that lies within. The wholeness that lies within is the calm eye of the storm and this is where the warrior retreats to in times of acquiescence.

Sit now within the calm eye of I, within the Self. In heart-centered awareness wait, knowing that the inevitable is inevitable and that you will not only survive but learn the immeasurable. Though you may perceive this as a time of loss, it is actually a time of great abundance. Embrace that.

Soulbyte for Tuesday October 7, 2014

Remain true to the self today. With feet firmly planted, with steady gait, stay focused upon your path of heart. Seek calmness within and radiate it out, even as you withdraw your energy from the world outside of you, from the people who inhabit it, and from the issues that have come to a head. Steadiness is called for and must be cultivated so that you stay rooted and sane in the face of all that is pending.

The energy of now continues building, yet each of you must build stability and calmness within so that your path remains clearly defined and your way clearly exposed. If you project anything today let it be the calm and radiant self within. Your own inner light will guide you if you let it.

Soulbyte for Monday October 6, 2014

To take the journey to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness and fulfillment one must be prepared to stand in the warrior’s zone, fully ready and steady, able to bear the tension of that which comes to test and try even the bravest and most surefooted of warriors. A true warrior fights no one except his or her self, his or her own demons. A true warrior sees the world as it truly is and his or her place in it as a student. A true warrior knows that only he or she can take on the task of cutting through the forest of vines that suddenly springs up at his or her feet and thwarts the journey. A true warrior knows that it is his or her job to crack the mirror of reflection and step through its shards newly envisioned, devoid of projection. A true warrior knows that salvation and enlightenment lie along the path of inner work, the journey always unfolding in each step. Today is that next step.