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Message from Jeanne-Saleph: Get In Balance

Balance and alignment of mind, heart, emotion, spirit... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Balance and alignment of mind, heart, emotion, spirit…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Here is today’s channeled message. We will be bringing you more channeled messages throughout the week as we are inspired and as we further explore our techniques of conversation with infinity. We all wish you the very best as you journey onward!

Readers of Infinity: Be You

Simply beeeee…

Life is meant to be lived. On all levels now act. Be what you so closely guard and treasure. Be who you are meant to be.

In action become the true self. Without talk or extraverted declaration, without inflation or ego-business, act upon your deepest desires and needs of the self to truly live. There is no time to waste. Life is lived in taking action and taking action that is right requires knowing the self on the deepest level. Each day, as you know the self on a deeper manner, allow that true self to live your life.

Allow the person you are meant to be expression, so that you do not hold back any longer. What are you waiting for? Life is meant to be lived. It’s time to be who you truly are.

This is the day to start being you, the real you. In right action be your true self. It’s a good day to start a new life simply being who you have always desired to be. Try it. Take one step at a time and on your new legs step into action. Oh, and enjoy every minute of it because there is no time to waste!

Channeled with love.