Soulbyte for Thursday June 30, 2022

Find your center, your place of peace and calmness within. Anchor yourself there, in the known self that is solid and permanent so that you may equally anchor yourself in the other known self, that which is ethereal and infinite. These two selves require equal attention so that they may both have room to grow and explore. Don’t neglect one for the other but strive always to give each the time and space they need.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday June 29, 2022

What secrets are you upholding? What laws of you remain unbroken? What things do you repeatedly tell yourself that you will not stop? What harm do you continually do to yourself by the thoughts you have? Change your thoughts, change yourself. Unveil your secrets and free yourself by freeing them. Break your own laws so that you may experience life more fully. It’s not that hard to do, to become more positive, to become free. Take it one day and one step at a time, making small changes. Do it for you.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Energy of Consciousness

What are you radiating?
– Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

“Consciousness is energy,” asserts Mark Certo, longtime friend of and sound engineer for Robert Monroe and host of the the Monroe Institute’s recent inaugural podcast, Expanding On Consciousness.

I would add to this definition that the energy of consciousness has awareness and volition that can reflect inwardly upon itself, as well as direct its attention outwardly. Shamans define this active state of consciousness as intent, the energy of focused consciousness.

Healers send the intent of healing energy to a patient, often at great physical distance. This focused consciousness travels to its intended destination on the wings of intent. Frequently, we suddenly think of someone who is about to call us from a great distance. This telepathic transmission and reception is fueled by the energy of focused consciousness.

Shamans, such as Carlos Castaneda, hide their true identities, to an extreme, to avoid the impact of outer consciousness being focused upon them. No one really knows Carlos’ real date of birth, name, country of origin, or actual date or cause of death.

These indeterminate facts so infuriated historians that Carlos was written off as a charlatan and is basically forgotten some 25 years after his transition from this world. Carlos, however, is free to travel in infinity unburdened of the energetic impact of the public’s attention.

Toward the end of his time in this world, Carlos emerged from seclusion and launched Tensegrity. This was the time I was privileged to experience him. His reversing of classic shamanic secrecy was an attempt to responsibly prepare the world for greater transparency, the prerequisite for greater mastery of consciousness and evolutionary advancement.

Critical to this advancement is to avoid the trapping of self-importance. This trapping is currently expressed in the insatiable hunger for attention that social media has unleashed within the human species. The energetic impact of such a tide of attention, both coming and going, devours people’s energy, strongly impacts their mood, identity and mental status, and frequently infiltrates their core beliefs about themselves and others.

The sudden conversion into one-sided beliefs, which divides friends and family in our currently polarized world, reflects the impact of targeted messages impacting the consciousness of those receiving them. Repetitive suggestions from political leaders entrance citizens, as they commandeer the subconscious minds and critical thinking abilities of those impacted. When we lose control of our own minds we are no longer in charge, and when we are no longer in charge we lose connection to, and mastery of, true consciousness.

Robert Monroe, a true American shaman (though I’m certain he’d reject that designation!), devised tools to protect the integrity of self from the energetic impact of the focused consciousness of others upon the self. First and foremost, he stated an intent to only interact with beings who could be authentic and helpful, rejecting interactions with nefarious and self-serving, manipulative beings.

That intent was then embodied in a resonant, subtle energy state that he called a REBAL, a resonant energy balloon, as he journeyed in infinity. Everyone can benefit from stating their intent to interact with positive, helpful people, using their imagination and breath to protect their body, physical and subtle, from the intrusion of non-resonant energy that attempts to penetrate their minds.

Intent has its own powerful energy of focused consciousness to fend off the unwanted impact of outside thoughts. In fact, the energy of intent can be turned to the protection and healing of one’s own physical body. However, if one’s belief system rejects such a possibility, it will not be possible to benefit from such an intent. Intent requires unbending focused consciousness to deliver its action.

Disbelief and doubt fragment the energy of intent. The placebo effect demonstrates the power of intent to impact the physical body when one is convinced of its benefits. The benefits of the placebo effect are often immediately erased when the subject discovers they were not given the “real” drug.

If one can suspend the judgment of disbelief and open to the legitimate possibility that an intent can be realized, one might indeed discover the true power of consciousness. Thus, stating an intent, without doubt or attachment to the outcome, is an opportunity to discover its true impact.

Hypnosis demonstrates the power of intent via the focused energy of suggestion. The best use of hypnosis is self-hypnosis, where the conscious mind, though relaxed and peripheral, embraces the suggestion presented to the subconscious. Self-hypnosis preserves the authority to direct one’s life collaboratively, within the confines of the various dimensions of self.

These dimensions of self coexist and yet often remain unknown to each other in the fuller consciousness that holds them together. Thus, a meeting with another at a soul level, in a dream or in waking life, may quickly be lost to memory. Mastery of consciousness requires a remembering that includes encounters we typically forget, like dreams lost upon awakening. Only through training ourselves to remember can we achieve a fuller conscious presence now.

The energy of consciousness is deeply impactful and it behooves us all to assume full responsibility for our thoughts and where we put our attention, keeping in mind the direct impact they have upon the self and the world.

We are currently experiencing an accelerated world war of nuclear thoughts, each day bombarded with new toxic ideas and decisions. Our ability to both protect ourselves from non-resonant toxic thought, as well as to project outwardly the energy of compassionate intent, is our best opportunity to stabilize the world and advance its evolution.

Our choices, rooted in the responsible intent for our energy of consciousness to grow in the direction of love, compassion and kindness, will change the world.

Exercising the free will of consciousness for the greater good,


NOTE: Expanding on Consciousness podcast is available wherever you normally get your podcasts. New episodes are dropped every Tuesday.

ALSO: Chuck has written a blog this week packed with plenty of ideas to assimilate and work on, plenty to consider while he takes a break from blogging over the next few weeks. His next blog will appear on Tuesday July 19, 2022.

Soulbyte for Tuesday June 28, 2022

Pay attention to your body. Get to know it. It will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t need, when it needs to eat, sleep and move, when it wants quiet and when it wants activity. Stop ignoring it. Attune to it so that it will remain viable and capable for far longer than you can imagine. Create new words of guidance, wisdom and intent for it rather than parroting what everyone else says. You are in charge.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne