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A Soulbyte is a spark of the infinitesimal, a portion of the endless wisdom and the magic from which we all come, to which we all innately have access, and to which we will all one day return.

Our Daily Soulbytes are messages channeled from the energy of each day, from the dreams of the night, and from what the universe declares to be most important in the moment. They are usually posted before 7 AM but more often around 5 AM, every weekday.

We hope these Soulbytes offer helpful guidance, but we also encourage all of our readers to feel the energy of each day themselves and to make responsible choices and decisions.

Soubyte for Monday December 22, 2014

Remain independent. Remain centered in self, pondering always who you are, why you are there, seeking always your singular path of heart. You are as individual as the next person and although you may pair up with another and travel together through life remain always a solitary being. For those granted a solitary life of aloneness, take you solitariness as a gift and use it to your advantage. Find your freedom and your uniqueness in where you are. For those entwined with another your charge is twofold, to remain entwined and yet to also disentangle yourself and be the solitary self on an individual journey. Both paths, that of the solitary being and that of the entwined ones, present unique problems to contend with.

Take your challenges as your greatest tools of learning, your teachers par excellence! Accept the path you are now on, keeping always in mind that thoughts keep you stuck and are meant to be challenged. Be fully open to the unfolding of your personal path. Remember that paths cross, split, and converge endlessly, and thus life offers constant change. Be the best student of the life you are now in and remain open to the changes that meet you as you take your journey so that you may always flow with the changes in your life. This is how to evolve and be open to what comes to change you and your life path.

Soulbyte for Sunday December 21, 2014

Each morning when you wake up resume your journey upon your path of heart. Without resentment, regret, or fear of failure reestablish your intentions, restate your dreams, and reconfirm your commitment to grow, change, and evolve as a human being on a spiritual journey. Allow intuition and innocence to accompany you, the two “I”s that will bring the “I” of your wholeness into alignment. To say “I am” is to declare that one is on a path of knowledge. Let this path of knowledge be refreshed each morning. Give it your fullest attention and then get up and go about your day, letting life itself guide you and show you where to go next. Knowledge will be revealed every step you take upon your intended path. A path of heart will naturally lead you to fulfillment of “I am” and to greater knowledge, if you let it.

Soulbyte for Saturday December 20, 2014

Find what you need in your own wholeness. You are enough. Part of you would like to point to the outside world and say that all of your problems are because of it, but there is another part of you that knows this is not true. This other part knows that you contain the whole world within you and that this inner world is the true one. Within lie all your comforts and discomforts, your fears and your calmness, your likes and dislikes, your trust and your security. Gift yourself of this wholeness, the structures of the self that are just waiting to wrap you up and receive you.

Take time today to connect with this world of you, unique and beautiful; like the heavens and the earth perfectly matched, like the moon and the stars perfectly aligned, like the sun and the waters perfectly reflective of who you truly are. Give yourself the gift of you today, and thoroughly enjoy and explore this most unique self. Be open to receive, even as you wish to give, allowing the self to be both giver and receiver.

Soulbyte for Friday December 19, 2014

Embrace the self in all that you are. Without judgment or faultfinding simply love the self for the journey you have taken, the journey you are now on, and the journey yet to come. In such simple embracing of the self that is, acceptance of and release of all that you were, are, and will be allows for growth that is without regret.

To live without regret is a great accomplishment. To move forward in life freed of your past opens you more fully to the present and the future. Do not run from your past, but reckon with it, kindly and with compassion for the self, as you would the past of another. See the self as you would a dear friend and without judgment offer love to the self as you would another. Before you move on check that you have not left any scraps of discontent behind you. Move on only when there are no ties that bind. Only then will you be freed to experience the self that is and the self that is to be.

Soulbyte for Thursday December 18, 2014

Be observant. Notice the world around you. Notice the people you come into contact with. What is it about them that you admire? What is it about them that disturbs you? Ask yourself to take in these observations as truths of the self, both that which you admire and that which disturbs. Discover why and how these qualities pertain to you. Send love and compassion to the people you come into contact with, thanking them for being your mirror. Send them good energy as they continue their own journey and you yours, seeking to know the self and to be fully present and aware beings. This is what life offers you, the give and take of energy, the ability to observe, take in, accept and utilize all the gifts you are given. Everyone you meet is a gift in disguise, yours to discover.