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Chuck’s Place: Always Find The Positive In The Negative

Finding the positive in the negative…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Most of what we are is either inherited or molded by our formative social experience, essentially, what we brought in with us into this life and how we were greeted when we arrived. The force of these influences can make a strong argument that the course of a human life is predetermined or mechanistically determined.

Nonetheless, as noted existential thinkers and authors Victor Frankl and Edith Eger have demonstrated: Regardless of circumstances beyond our control, we always retain the free will to choose the attitude we will take toward our reality. And attitudes, it turns out, are powerful suggestions that we, as creators, present to our subconscious minds that can completely shift the reality that we live in.

Some of those inherent programs, however, are so powerful that they simply cannot be overridden, like the one the shamans of Ancient Mexico emphasize: We are beings who are going to die. Ironically, this is the one inherent program that human beings refuse to acknowledge and, in fact, spend most of their lives living as though it will never come true!

Of course, the argument immediately arises that to focus on the inevitability of death is morbidly negative and casts too depressive a shadow over opening up to the fullness of life. So what could possibly be the positive side of death?

Death advises us that our time in human form is limited. This impact of limitation allows for a legitimate scientific experiment in the living of a human life. Science insists upon a beginning and an ending to assess the truth and full knowing of something. The awareness of inevitable death keeps us positively on track to discover and test the core hypothesis of our lives. But what is our core hypothesis?

Carl Jung would identify that hypothesis as one of individuation, which entails successfully bringing into realized wholeness the unique combination of opposing parts that we are. Frederick Myers, from his advanced perspective in infinity, would identify that hypothesis as an incarnating soul’s mission, assigned by its Spirit, to answer a question through the trajectory of a human life, which ultimately allows one’s soul group to further refine and thus to advance on its ever-unfolding journey in infinity.

Wholeness must include light and shadow. Individuation is the ability to accept, with equanimity, all parts of self and all parts of the world. Buddha, during his enlightenment, remained utterly calm, as he saw the illusory and transitory nature of all forms. Carlos Castaneda suggested that, as one discovers the specific role one has been assigned in this life, one suspend judgment and live and appreciate it to the fullest, whether it emphasizes the light or the dark side.

The power players on the current world stage are truly playing their parts to perfection, both those who reflect the light and those who blatantly reflect evil. The collective individuation challenge  of our time is well represented, with worthy opponents whose interplay is critical to advancement of the soul group of planet Earth’s dream.

Closer to home, we all struggle with these opposing forces within ourselves. We all contend with genetic consequences, which both limit and promote our physical structure, health, and attractiveness. If we can see these effects, no matter how undesirable, as critical factors to our individual and soul group’s need to master, we can embrace the positive side of the negative.

At the level of the psyche, we all deal with forces that can be extremely critical, deprecating and incessantly negative, generating depressed mood states and compulsive behaviors. If we can understand the necessity of these negative forces in our journey of mastery, we can see the positive value of these petty tyrants to help us emerge from the captivity of self pity.

Self pity shapes our vital flowing energy into a rigid negative form that completely clouds the positive potential latent in the present challenge. It’s a dream where many of the stone steps of a narrow circular stairway are missing, as we feel hopelessly barred from ascent to higher ground. Our energy is fully spent on body armor, condemning our innocence and unlived self to the isolation of solitary confinement.

The shamans of ancient Mexico always included powerful petty tyrants in their lives to help them stare down the imprisoning bars of self pity. Being challenged by ruthless petty tyrants frees our energy from the confinement of defending our hurt selves, allowing it to be deployed in focused action in full conformity to what is needed to master the tyrant’s labyrinth.

To achieve this mastery we cannot afford to spend an ounce of energy on being offended. Here, the petty tyrants of this world offer us the greatest opportunity to break through the narcissistic shell of self pity and entitlement.

The success of individuation in the limits of a human life is the achievement of acceptance; complete acceptance for every experience and character one has ever encountered, as well as complete acceptance of one’s self.

The fruit of this acceptance is an even more refined purity of love. And that refined love is what fulfills our lives and advances our soul group another rung on the infinite ladder of love.

Always find the positive in the negative; it’s the truly soulful thing to do,

Soulbyte for Wednesday June 21, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Beyond this day lies a future as of yet unknown. The past lies behind you, known but often forgotten. And the present day lies somewhere in between the known and the unknown. But in true reality all is fully known. All that is done and all that is not yet done, all that is lived and all that is not yet lived is fully known, planned and need only be executed. The process of life is however full of choices, and even predetermined events can change. Every day is full of possibilities and thus available to be lived however you determine. By your attitude and choices you can change everything.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Freedom From Inevitability

Become your fuller self…
– Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Everything is possible, particularly if we become our fuller selves.

As in quantum physics, human beings are both particles and waves. As particles we are solid separate material objects, living in a material world. In our wave state we are energetic spirit beings, residents in a greater world of pure spirit energy. As Don Juan Matus put it, “Of course we are solid beings, but we are first energetic beings.”

The solid dimension of our being, the world of everyday life, is highly predictable. As physical beings, we exist in the Newtonian world of mechanical being, whose laws can predict our entire lives. Astrology charts, I Ching readings, and Human Design readings can predict, with a high degree of accuracy, who we are, how we will behave and, in effect, the course of our lives. However, they are not absolute. Consciousness enables transcending even the most basic programs, in an instant.

These readings tap into the programs, loaded into our subconscious minds, that run our physical being. Thus, for instance, one’s genetic history is given high ranking in the hierarchy of physical programs that determine one’s health. Thus, a history of heart disease or cancer in one’s ancestry may predispose one to an encounter with these diseases. This automatic unfolding of genetic programs may determine one’s physical life.

At the energetic level of one’s being, thought creates reality. Thus, as with placebo, if one doesn’t believe they will have a problem, they can potentially override the automatic unfolding of a powerful genetic program of disease. This Spirit directive then changes physical manifestation.

Similarly, if one’s ancestral history is replete with failed relationships, these inherited programs may influence one’s ability to engage in successful intimate relationships. If one is able to resolve or detach from these ancestral dramas, at the energetic level of their being, they are then able to suggest to their subconscious mind new programs that free their ability to experience relational love.

The energetic level of one’s being is the transpersonal dimension. At this level we carry our phylogenetic history (including animal and cellular), our past lives (in human and nonhuman form), and our relationships with energetic beings in infinity. The transpersonal dimension is also the true home of the mind, which connects to the physical brain that enacts its spirit intentions in daily life.

The transpersonal dimension is also the dimension that houses our greater Spirit self, of which the ego is a subset that manages the affairs of daily life. When we access our Spirit self we also gain access to the wisdom gained through an eternity of lives. Those lives are members of our soul group, which include all our past lives, and are interconnected in the hologram of all life.

We access this transpersonal dimension in dream life, as well as through other methods that allow the ego to connect with its greater Spirit in non-ordinary states of reality. These non-ordinary states are accessed through shamanic journeys, like recapitulation, through the utilization of brainwave entrainment practices such as Hemi-Sync, through yoga practices, visions, trauma, prayer, through the use of substances or psychedelic medicines (requiring proper clinical supervision), and through intent (by directly instructing the subconscious mind).

When we integrate our solid physical selves within our greater energetic Spirit we open to freedom from inevitability. At this level we can override—through resolution—all the programs that determine the course of our present lives. This is a formidable challenge, but it is possible.

Our world now is banking on us collectively reaching the energetic dimension of being where we can freely choose our destiny. Nothing is truly absolutely determined.

The deepest truth is that the future cannot be fully known, especially if we awaken to the power of choice beyond what every day seems increasingly inevitable. But for that to happen we must wake up to the fullness of who we really are!

Begin with the self. You alone can have tremendous impact upon the  collective consciousness of our time.

Seeking freedom,

Soulbyte for Thursday November 29, 2018

Remember, you can always change your mind—if something turns out not to be in alignment with your soul, if something is not the path of heart you thought it was, if something breeds not contentment but only derisiveness and discontent. Remember, you have the power of choice, the power of dissent, the power of change within you. If life is not presenting you with loving kindness, create it. If life is not a bed of roses, plant some for yourself. If you are caught or stuck, grab a shovel and dig yourself free. You have the power of your own spirit’s intent within you. Get back into alignment with it and use it to power you onward. Do something positive for yourself today. With loving kindness of course!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne