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Soulbyte for Wednesday November 8, 2017

Institute sacred time into your life, even 5 minutes alone for a simple practice of sitting calmly, breathing into your heart center, stirring up love, kindness, gratitude, compassion and gentleness for yourself so that you may have something to share. In every breath you take share some of your sacred self and then, each day, take time to replenish. Give sacred time to yourself so that you may give to others, even those you don’t personally know, in every sacred breath you take. With gratitude and generosity, intentionally breathe for sacredness all around, for sacredness to abound!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

#747 I Set My Intent

Written by Jan Ketchel and including a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I set my intent to channel a message from Jeanne for all of her readers. Let this message be personally and universally significant for our times. I ask that those who read it receive a deeply personal experience from the words and the meaning they imply. Let this message convey a profound and enlightening insight for each reader and let them see its personal significance reflected and synchronistically repeated throughout the day and the coming week. I ask that this message from Jeanne be imbued with the intent of the seers of ancient Mexico, that it catapult those who read it into deeper awareness of themselves as beings comprised of energy and that they see this and know this more deeply than normal. I ask that this message also be imbued with the reminder to all of us to stay in the moment, to retain what we learn, and to give ourselves permission to act differently from this day forth. I ask all these things of Jeanne, of the universe, and of the seers of ancient Mexico and any other enlightened energy that wishes to partake in the greater effort to move us, the human race, on our journeys to awareness and change. Thank you.

Jeanne once told me that we channel through our heart chakra. I do heart-centered breathing to open my heart chakra. I feel it slowly cracking open, widening like an aperture, as I set this intent and wait for the words that I am sure will come to guide us today. I wait.

These are the words I perceive:

There are many beings capable of guiding you, My Dearest Ones, but the most important one is you. Each one of you is set with all you need. Your main job as a human being is to find your river of energy, the wellspring from which your energy flows. It is within and without.

You will tap into its source deep within the self through your greatest organ that pumps your life blood, that sends all your energy pulsing through your body: your heart. As Jan says, this is where we channel. From beyond place and time, I access this scribe who so faultlessly passes on my missives, through her heart.

I encourage on this day that a concerted effort be made, in the name of all true human potential, to access this vital organ of significance. Do not ask for more than awareness of its potential at this point; it is all you need to begin. Find its personal meaning.

Is your heart indeed your wellspring? Is it your pump, your river, your flowing energy button? Can you push this, prod this, or nudge open this central place of life and awareness, asking it to awaken?

Yes, you can. Try it. Ask the self to simply place a hand of intent upon your heart and feel its beating, its efforts to alert you to the truth of its energy source. Your heart is your source center, your beat of life, your grand cheerleader that nudges you along and allows you to exist in that form, but in all forms as well.

This is your center of energy. You can accept this idea or not, but if you wish to be part of the intent of this message I ask that you become acquainted with this truth. Your heart beats your greater truth, your awareness of connection to all things.

Find this center of self. Notice how it personally communicates with you and begin to ask it to remind you of its importance in your life, not only as the place of flow of life blood, but as the place of flow of all life energy.

Listen to your heart. Place your attention upon it today and in the coming days. Make this your personal intent. Ask your heart to speak to you, to guide you to awareness of the intent of both this query and this response. Ask it to tell you what you must truly know about the self, at this moment, in order to advance another big step upon your journey.

Ask it to remind you to stay connected to it and your personal intent. Find that it answers you in many languages: in spoken language, the language of visions and insight, of seeing and knowing, of interplay with mind, body and spirit reflected all around you. Ask it to keep you on the path that is right; on the path that may not be clear but that is clearly your path to change.

I ask, as Jan does, that this message carry forth its purity of intent to purify your heart of all negativity, judgments and condemnations alike, forced upon you by others or personally accepted though no longer right or necessary to bear. I ask that your heart grow soft and open to new awareness, insight, and experiences that only you may understand.

Do not fear your heart’s own intent, which is that your personal journey be transformative without restrictions; energetically enlightening, so that you may all suffer through your issues of contentment and disturbance, brought on by your restless spirits so that you may no longer suffer ignorance or fear of the true journey you have before you.

Open your hearts to yourselves first, My Dears. Accept your path. Listen to your truth-speaking heart. Be guided by the significance of your present life. And do not fear your journey.

This is how you will learn what awareness is, what intent is, and how it is present at all times to guide you. Ask it to come forth from the self, to meet the greater intent outside of you, greeting you on your path.

Look with optimism and joy for your true awareness of self as an energy being, and take your next step forward from that place. And don’t forget to look at the world around you as you go into each moment of your day. You may indeed experience a new kind of self in a new kind of world. Welcome to the magic!

Thank you Jeanne and all our guides in the universe—ancient and wise—as well as our own heart-centered personal energy, ancient and wise as well!

Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message in the post/read comments section below. And thank you for passing the messages on!

Most fondly and humbly offered.

#738 All Lies Within

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Recently, I have been reading over some of my earliest written communications with you. At that time you stressed six points of importance that you urged me to consider as part of an ongoing process in learning how to live in a new way. Those six points were:

1. Stay in form (good physical shape).

2. Rest.

3. Allow for flow and take one step at a time.

4. Stop thinking so much.

5. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

6. Learn detachment.

Since then you have expanded on those original points many times over, but heart-centered breathing and staying in balance seem to be the most important. I still see these six points as extremely helpful in the process of staying connected to the inner self and doing inner work. I ask you today if you have something new to offer us, as we all wish to remain alert, gaining in awareness, and as we continue to seek experiences of spirit, of our own spirit, even while we must confront our human selves every day as well. As we seek balance of these two aspects of self, what do you consider to be the most important consideration?

My Dear Ones, as you already know and, as Jan mentions, I always stress connection to the inner self through heart-centered breathing. This is the ultimate process that must be taken into consideration and adhered to: Listening to the inner self.

It does not matter what modality you find out in the world to entice you to healing or growing or expanding consciousness, as long as the inner self, the spirit that pushes and urges you to evolve agrees that it is a necessary or productive process, or that it is time for such activity.

The true spirit self needs a lot of attention. It holds your truths and these truths range from the truths of your past, as well as the truths of your present and your future.

The true inner spirit self, once you have awakened to its presence and its voice, requires constant attention so that its words of wisdom may be clearly heard. Then it takes work in learning how right those words are. It is okay to test what it tells you and to try to align with what is outside of you, but really, in order to truly grow and change, in order to heal, your inner spirit self has all the answers.

So, in addition to my original six pointers, I do stress heart-centered breathing, for it will lead you to deeper connection to the inner spirit self who holds ready all that you must find out about the self.

You, within your human body, hold all worlds. You are more than just flesh, blood, bones, brains and organs. You are also infinity itself. You are the doorway and within you are infinite doorways. Through resolution of the physical self you have the opportunity to explore the infinite self.

Keep in mind: All lies within. That is what I offer you today: All lies within!

Thank you Jeanne!

Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message from Jeanne in the post/read comments section below. Other ideas for maintaining balance and doing inner work are categorized under Guidance in the side bar to the left on this Channeling page.

Most fondly and humbly offered.

#735 A Lesson in Opening

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
If you were to teach people how to be open and available to their personal spirit guides or to you, as I am, what guidance would you offer?

My first lesson in learning to be open to guidance beyond the self would entail learning about the self. A good place to start this process regarding self-exploration is learning how you feel. I don’t mean your opinions, but your feelings of the inner self.

Most often, when one attempts a process of exploration in other realms, the experiences are easily dismissed by the rational self, while indeed the inner self may be quite surprised to find that it is not such a big deal. And the inner self would be right! It is not such a big deal, but one must be able to access the sensitive, tender, and most frightened self first in order to allow the truth of this access to become available.

My first advice is to access the feelings of the inner self by doing heart-centered breathing. In so doing, the hardened self will crack away and the tender self will be exposed, and this is the self who we guides are most interested in. The tender, sensitive self, whom you keep perhaps protected from the world, must not be kept secret from your own self.

If one is to begin a process of opening the heart one must commit also to a process of trial and error but also studiousness. I suggest a few minutes a day be set aside to sit calmly and do some heart-centered breathing. Set the intent to break through the surface of the frightened and rigid self, with the main purpose being, first and foremost, to access the real self. This is enough of a beginning.

Do not wish for too much. Do not wish for more than you can handle. Do not wish for a big jolt of energy from your spirit guide, for you may not be able to handle it. Begin with seeking a means of starting a small practice of inner centering, breathing, and shedding of the rational mind.

Seek impeccability in this endeavor alone, five minutes at a time, and see if you find a moment of utter quiet within the self. This is what you seek, simply a moment of utter calm tenderness and stirrings of love for the self, so that you may find your way back to this same spot again and again. Begin with that!

Thank you Jeanne!

Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message from Jeanne in the post/read comments section below.

Most fondly and humbly offered.

#729 A Little Tenderness

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today I ask for a message of guidance for all of your readers. What is most meaningful and important for us on this day, as we begin a new week?

Tenderness is not a virtue left to but a few to utilize but a known quality within all human beings that must now be brought forth into everyday activities, interactions, and decisions, applied as a given, so to speak.

Please elaborate on this idea.

I speak of tenderness as a heart-centered emotion often reserved for only the closest of acquaintances or possibly only for one or two people in a lifetime. Mothers tend toward tenderness while others eschew it for more pronounced emotions. Today I speak not only of maternal tenderness but of the tenderness that lies within the self and is often bypassed because it exudes too much in the emotional realm.

I contend that in the world you live in a little tenderness for the self and others is most appropriate. It is also largely lacking and thus its need is great.

Explain what you mean by tenderness and how to go about accessing it.

I interpret tenderness as a quiet need, but I also know that a quiet approach to its awakening must be granted, for now it sits within the greater body of humanity like a scared animal, uncertain of its fate, for it has for far too long been relegated to darkness. This human quality of tenderness is not meant to be pushed aside though that has been its demise.

I do not advocate awakening raw emotional responses to one’s life or the dilemmas of others, pouring out concern or smothering care. Instead, I approach this awakening as a deeply invigorating self-awakening in order to stir up, first of all, a little tenderness for the self.

The idea and the process I offer today is this:

1. Offer the self a means of connection to heart-centered feelings of tenderness, drawing out the maternal feminine that resides inside all human beings, female and male.

2. Understand what tenderness feels like inside your own physical self. Does it cause pain? Is it largely blocked and difficult to access? Is your child self holding it firmly gripped, afraid to let you, the adult, touch it for fear that it may mean annihilation? You must know that often the child self holds the emotions that once were so important but had to be kept hidden and safe. Ask your child self, in such a case, to allow you a small taste of this most precious feeling.

3. Take this tenderness for self into your heart-centered breathing practice, utilizing it as your point of intent for the day, perhaps offering the self a mantra.

I offer myself a touch of tenderness.

I open my heart to my feelings of tenderness.

I allow my tenderness for self to reawaken on this day.

As much as I can hold within my heart is enough.”

4. Feel your heart’s warm expansiveness as you stir up the energy of the reality of this quality of tenderness inside you.

5. Do not lose sight of the fact that this feeling does indeed reside inside you even though it may be hidden behind rusty doors of old, left locked for good reason, though now it is time to unlock these true feelings.

6. Understand that this is not a selfish act or practice. Keep in mind the goal, which is to awaken a sense of longing that lies inside each one of you to feel love, to feel love of self first and foremost.

7. Only in facing the self with this tenderness will your intent be pure. No matter what you attempt to accomplish in life the most important step is connection to inner self. So use this heart-centered awakening of tenderness as a tool to begin a new process of learning to love the self with the intent for it to blossom into the world around you.

8. Notice, as you take on this practice of awakening tenderness of the self within the self, that other emotions may arise. Use the tenderness to melt them, staying aware that this heart-centered awakening is the most important focus at this moment. Without judgment or consternation accept the pain that may arise as but a quiet voice inside, letting you know that deep within your inner shadows are but tender feelings.

9. To begin this awakening is enough, a little at a time. In meditation or in brief periods of heart-centered breathing begin to open your heart to the needs of the self. Only in doing so will you achieve the most meaningful of gifts you can give the self: love of others, unconditionally, without attachment, simply because it is the deepest purpose of being human.

10. Find the self vulnerable to this stirring up and know that all human beings are equally vulnerable, that all have a heart center and the capacity to hold within that heart tenderness for the self and others.

11. This practice does not require any more action than allowing the self to feel. In awakening heart-centered feelings within the self one awakens heart-centered feelings in all. This is the intent of most importance, for now is the time of necessity for all mankind to carve a new direction.

12. If one is intent on learning compassion and the means of living a compassionate life the first step must be learning the tenderness of compassion for the self. It involves unbiased awakening of all that you each hold within. With heart-centered opening of all the doors to the self, offering the self the compassion you wish to offer others, your journey in that world will truly begin to expand.

Do not forget that one cannot truly embrace another until one has fully embraced the self. I stress this for I know there are many upon that earth eager to do good, to help others, and to succeed at inner growth for the betterment of the world. All of these goals are most worthy but will fall short if the inner self is not allowed to experience that which the outer self professes as so necessary.

Change the self too, even as you seek to change the world. One will not happen without first the other. The inner awakening supercedes all other awakenings.

Remain connected to heart-centered intent through all your days. Invite the energy of this intent into your physical body, for that is where it will have most effect. By your personal practice of this intent your every action will likewise be involved with it, naturally and tenderly. For in embodying heart-centered intent you become one with it, and this is most appropriate, necessary, and desirable, at this moment and all moments to come.

Thank you, Jeanne!

Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message from Jeanne in the post/read comments section below.

Fondly and most humbly offered.