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Chuck’s Place: The Desire Body

Is your spirit hiding from life?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

As the world is roused from its global pandemic pause, it must confront the intensity of demand it receives from its very pregnant desire body. The restraint imposed upon that desire body has, for some, resulted in a refinement of spirit, as sacrifice has opened the door to calm and connection at an ethereal level.

For others, the hunger for life in the dense physical plane has thrown caution to the wind, as they reengage the Earth, and enjoy the fullness of her physical bounty.

Both attitudes reflect the journey of spirit. The big bang of the esoteric world begins with the One, that is, the wholeness of everything, deciding to manifest, fragmenting into the many in this world of time and space. The One chooses this diaspora to get to know itself in a finite drama.

All humans are parts of the One, launched to Earth to have a lifetime of experience and to offer the results of that life experience in the form of a life review or completed recapitulation at the conclusion of life in human form. This contributes to the One growing in knowledge of itself.

Thus the journey of spirit initiates from the One, as the many travel through increasingly dense dimensions of expression until they reach the shores of physical manifestation, at birth. The subtle dimension, just prior to the physical, is called the astral plane, the home of the desire body.

The function of the desire body is to attract the incoming spirit to involvement with the physical body through primal animal drives, emotions, and sensations. The desire body engages the physical world in life. Life in time and space ends, however. Thus, the journey of spirit, that once leaped into involvement in physical life, must ultimately reverse course, as it resumes its spirit journey back to its source, the One.

To achieve the necessary lightness of spirit for the journey back to source, spirit must become quite subtle, shedding all of its denser attachments. We can call this a Buddhic maturity that no longer bites at the showcase of desire, as presented by Maya, the weaver of projected illusion on the astral plane. Disciplined spiritual traditions capitalize on sacrificial practices to dispel these attachments in order to reach the higher spiritual planes.

However, if one has not fully seeded one’s spirit in the fertile soil of this Earth, one may be checkmating one’s spiritual evolution. To refuse desire before one has allowed for the actual experience of desire, is to hold back life.  This would be a life in-body where spirit remains, at least in part, out-of-body. The challenge at this stage is to let go and fully enter life in the body, with all its vicissitudes.

For others, life becomes frozen in a round of repetitive habits where the desire body continues to rule the personality at the densest level. Here the challenge is to repeat every day the same regretted habits until one is satiated to completion, or finally ready to let go to sacrifice.

What is sacrificed is attachment to the lower instincts for the benefit of the higher. The higher is the subtle spirit, reached through the shedding of physical attachments. This is energy redeployed to the benefit of the energy body’s evolution in its journey of spirit.

Sacrifice is critical to obtain the energy for this journey. But sacrifice can only be initiated by the will. To obtain true transmutation of energy, one needs the support of one’s highest self, who sees through the veils of illusion and can provide direction on one’s path of heart.

Finally, there are spirits who both see the necessity of, and are ready to evolve their desire body while in dense physical form. Those are the leaders who will square with and spiritually raise humankind’s current relationship with the  Earth.

Thus, the many—all who inhabit the Earth at this time—find themselves at different stages of their spirit journeys. With equanimity, we must grant all their place in the Oneness of this current drama. This is acceptance, not resignation.

We don’t know how this drama will unfold. Perhaps there is a preponderance of desire body energy waiting to ravage the Earth. We don’t know the karma of that action; we simply observe that it appears unstoppable and must be played out. As a conglomerate, we may not yet be ready for the global sacrifice needed to sustain the Earth.

Perhaps the pause has already manifested a different karma. Perhaps the transmuted energies of a significant many will no longer fund attachment to desire in an old way. Perhaps that intent has been deeply seeded with this pause. We must wait to see how it unfolds.

Avoid judgment. We are all in this together, the many of the One. Where we take this drama is our offering to the One getting to know itself in a particular constellation.

We can’t go wrong as we complete this finite chapter of infinite knowing. Whether coming in or moving up, be sure to follow the bliss of your own spirit!

Sending love and support,


Soulbyte for Tuesday September 4, 2018

In order to change the self something may have to go. Something may have to be sacrificed. In order to live a more balanced life something may have to be left behind, for if you take it with you it will continue to interfere and progress will be slow to impossible. To move on quickly it may be time to finally shed that which you adhere to, love, and treasure above all else. And yet, what is it really but an attachment? Is it time to finally let it go so that you can really change and become what you have dreamed of? A dream is just a dream until you do something to make it real. Ready to step into the true reality of your dream? It’s up to you. You have the power, only you.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Innate and Spirit Entitlement

In balance… within and without…

All newborn babies turn their heads toward the nipple and make sucking movements. This is an inborn program called the rooting reflex that prepares the baby to procure nourishment in the form of milk from the breast. Jung called these universal inborn mental programs, that orchestrate such necessary adaptation and survival behaviors, archetypes. At nature’s insistence newborns are born with an entitled energy to suckle nurturance from the breast.

Entitlement has its roots in nature itself. The energy that the archetypes are naturally endowed with is the energy of entitlement. When an archetype is activated it is potentiated with powerful energy, the energy of entitlement, that allows it to achieve its fulfillment.

The entitled energy of the hunger instinct fuels our ability to work and accumulate goods, property, and money, allowing us to meet our most primal of needs. This instinct is quite primitive and has its roots in narcissism, with the primary focus given to the satisfaction of the body’s primary survival needs.

As we grow, our narcissistic fixation naturally enlarges to include the family, a unit dedicated to survival as a group. The family carves out its ownership of its living space, not to be transgressed by non-family members without an invitation. The family is poised to accumulate for itself and defend its ownership against the competing needs of others. Thus, there is a legitimate basis for entitlement in human physical existence: survival.

Jung observed that archetypes also give rise to spiritual values in humans. This spirit instinct in human beings often comes to life as a result of sacrifice. The initiation rituals of yesteryear that brutally tore the young from their entitled dependence upon family and sent them off to experiences outside of the known and familiar—the world of mother, father, and extended family—are one example of such sacrifice.

Through the archetype of ritual sacrifice, youth became adults and took on greater responsibility for the group beyond family of origin. Vestiges of theses archetypal strivings are seen today in the stylized piercings, tattoos, and drug adventures of young people seeking to cross the bridge to adulthood through some kind of self-initiated ritual sacrifice.

When spiritual values emerge they signal a maturity that takes into consideration the needs of others, beyond the narcissism of me and mine, awakening an energy of compassion that extends to all living beings. This spirit entitlement employs its energy to consider and care for everything beyond the self. Spirit orientation is in opposition to the hoarding attitude of the narcissistic orientation. Spirit employs its personal energy to care for the greater whole and accepts itself as part of that greater whole. Spirit orientation acts to extend entitlement as a broader human right.

Narcissistic orientation bemoans having to give away that which it needs and wants. Spirit, on the other hand, can tend to neglect, negate, or even denigrate the needs of the physical body, its working vehicle for this life.

I would propose that we are presently in an energetic World War between these two instinctual orientations: body instinct and spirit instinct. The current world leader, our own President, exemplifies entitlement at a very primal level. That is, its inherent right to consider only the needs of itself over the needs of the more inclusive world. The degree of support accorded this leader reflects how accurately he taps into the narcissistic underpinnings of survival at the primal, animal, level in all human beings.

What has given rise to our current state of world affairs is a breakdown in the application of the technology of sacrifice to effect spiritual transformation. At one extreme is a failure of the institutions of the modern world to provide effective rites of initiation at key stages of life. Without these rites many people fail to individuate into true adulthood and thus remain fixated at a child’s level of orientation toward the world, entitled and demanding.

At the other extreme is a total renunciation of the body for the benefit of the spirit. One example is the requirement of celibacy in the Catholic priesthood; sacrifice the lower for the sake of the higher. Though this technology of sacrifice was successful in establishing a life oriented toward altruistic concerns, it has created a tremendous body-shadow backlash. Just look at the incidences of sexual abuse among the ranks of the Catholic priests. The entitlement of the repressed sexual instinct has emerged from hiding, deviously preying upon the young and innocent.

In the political arena we see a similar eruption of repressed primal instinct asserting its entitlement to accumulate resources for itself only, casting out the unfamiliar ‘other’ to fend for itself. This is the shadow of American altruism, bursting forth now with a vengeance.

The determination of this entitlement is expressed in its blatant use of lies, misinformation, and manipulation as a necessary and acceptable means to care for its basic needs. No amount of reason or scientific proof can shake it from its deeply seated conviction that it is entitled to care only for its own needs.

At present the lines are firmly drawn between body and spirit, it’s either one way or the other. There is no room for compromise, as each side is absolutely in touch with their inalienable right of entitlement. And they are both right; we are animals and we are spirits. Perhaps the ultimate solution is encoded in the axiom: as above so below. The needs of the body are as important as the needs of the spirit, the needs of the self are as important as the needs of the planet.

Where might there be adjustments to bring these two into better confluence?  As the Pope laments the abuses of his church he might consider the fact that nuns have probably almost never committed sexual abuse, despite their same commitment to celibacy as their priestly male counterparts. If the technology of celibacy is to be maintained, perhaps nuns should be invited into the priesthood to lead the way.

On an individual level, we are invited to truly tune in to the wants and needs of our animal selves, as well as our spirit’s longing for greater wholeness with the universe. For instance, the practice of sacred sex joins body, spirit, and other, in joy, pleasure, and union at a physical/spiritual level.

On a planetary level, the Earth’s body has taken the lead. We are in the beginnings of massive transformation at a planetary level that will force us to be more in step with the true needs of the Earth’s body and atmosphere. For humans this is a spirit/body reconciliation. Respecting the body of the planet is both a spiritual love, moving beyond just the narcissism of self, as well as a deep connection to the physical: self and planet.

The key to reconciliation of our warring instincts is recognizing the legitimacy of entitlement for both body and spirit. Behind the off-putting extremism of today’s headlines are individuals identified with either one orientation or the other.

Can you outwardly appreciate the one-sidedness of your neighbor, but also its legitimacy, in some form? Can you inwardly recognize the one-sidedness of your own orientation and, yes, validate it in some form too? Can you give value and a place to the opposite side, whether it be body or spirit? That is the way to become an integrated, balanced whole being.



Soulbyte for Friday April 28, 2017

Real change involves sacrifice. Something must give for something new to take. Something must go for something new to come. Room must be made for something new. With every sacrifice comes a new opportunity. But real change lasts only as long as the intent lasts, only as long as you remain conscious that: “I am changing, I am a changing being.” Staying constantly conscious of the changing process, of each sacrifice and each opening into which something new may step, is the key. Staying conscious is itself a constant sacrifice of all that comes to interrupt the process, and yet such sacrifice is the redemptive process, for it is the opening that is needed for change to step in and takes its place. You can’t have one without the other. Change, you have to give in order to get!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Isis and Unchecked Progress

The Moon Goddess with Venus before dawn September 9, 2015 - Photo by Jan Ketchel
The Moon Goddess with Venus before dawn
September 9, 2015
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I acknowledge my propensity to see the world through the lens of my right brain, and thus I cannot help but read it as a message from the collective unconscious that ISIS, the acronym assigned to the virulently destructive Islamic terrorist organization, must in some way be related to the ancient Egyptian Moon Goddess Isis. And so I ask myself, “What does it mean?”

The Goddess Isis is the Great Mother, goddess of all material life. She brings the necessary fertility and bounty to nurse all life to maturity. She also has the opposite task, for she is likewise known as Isis the Destroyer, who through typhoon and drought clears the earth of old life in preparation for new life. It is absolutely necessary that all life acquiesce to the life and death duality of nature. Just as the seasons change and evolution proceeds so does the human being.

It is the hubris of modern civilization that refuses to acknowledge the dark side of nature and doggedly clings to the light. In the temple of the Goddess Isis, initiates were introduced to both the dark and the light of their own natures, undergoing rituals that led to a mature integration, resulting in a balancing of the opposing sides that lasted throughout the life cycle.

Modern humanity has lost its way to reconcile good and evil, unable to reconcile that light and dark are the necessary halves of the same whole. Instead, modern humanity has disavowed its own dark shadow side and projected it xenophobically upon it neighbors of difference. Thus, we find ourselves constantly at war with some new evil.

The modern world’s overindulgence in the light manifests in the mad dashes of technology, in the ever-increasing demand for greater economic growth, and in the unprecedented exploitation of the environment to feed the insatiable demand for more energy.

The overarching value of the modern world is unchecked progress, a refusal to incorporate the necessary balance of nature that insists upon a moderation that nurtures all life.

Esther Harding writes, in Woman’s Mysteries: “Isis [the Goddess] is shown as decreeing that there should not be perpetual harmony, with the good always in ascendant. On the contrary she desires that there should always be a conflict between the powers of growth and those of destruction. The process of life consists not in unchecked progress but in the conflict between growth and decay.”

The destructive side of the Goddess Isis has been roused from its slumber in the collective unconscious, taking a myriad of forms to address the one-sided, unchecked progress that rules the present world. Her aim is destruction of humanity’s unbridled attachment to progress. Her means of achieving her intent is ruthless, but so does the necessity for radical change call for ruthlessness if our world is to survive.

It's all about perpetual conflict... Something dies something else lives... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
It’s all about perpetual conflict…
Something dies something else lives…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Most recently, the destructive actions of the Goddess—working through factions of humankind and the environment, producing terrorism and drought—have resulted in mass migrations of hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe.

Germany, who once housed evil incarnate, has taken the leadership role in welcoming refugees to shelter in her homeland. Soon these migrations will reach the shores of America as well, as the world is now pressured to transcend its xenophobic borders and compassionately welcome all life into its cauldron of a melting pot. *

The destructive side of the Goddess Isis is now forcing the world to place compassion above progress. Surely the task of assimilation will require a great relocation of world resources to properly accommodate the great migrations that will only increase in numbers as destruction continues to ravage the earth.

In America, itself a cauldron of change, a growing momentum for a $15 per hour minimum wage asks Wall Street to accept less profit that all might be able to earn a sustainable living. Once again, compassion over unchecked gain is a movement to calm the wrath of the Goddess Isis, who ultimately seeks to nurture life. Acquiescence to limitation, even in profit, might appease this angry Goddess.

As with all initiations, sacrifice is required to appease the gods and goddesses, who then allow the initiate greater preparedness to move through the deeper challenges of life. This was certainly true in the temple of the Goddess Isis where initiates surrendered something they coveted; their hair or their virginity for women, circumcision for men.

Sacrifice is what is needed now to right the world, sacrifice of unchecked progress in the forms of greed, growth, and exploitation. Within the microcosms of our individual psyche’s we are all confronted with the wrath of the Goddess Isis, who demands that we too sacrifice our attachment to unchecked progress in our individual lives. That is, our attachment to that which we covet to excess, that which we refuse to moderate, whether that be texting, Facebook, substance, food, sex, love, money, power, fear—the list is endless.

Emerging from the darkness we experience a new light... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Emerging from the darkness we experience a new light…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Every time we sacrifice that which we covet we appease the Goddess who then ushers us into new and renewed life. May we all partake in embracing compassion over unchecked progress that we might bring an end to the intensity of Isis the Destroyer’s wrath and find ourselves back in balance with our own natures, the continuance of life assured.


*For more on the subject see Jan’s recent blog: The Road To Compassion.

For more on ISIS the Islamic state as destroyer, and its intent of destruction, see the article in The Atlantic: What ISIS Really Wants, from which the following quote comes: “The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse.”