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Soulbyte for Thursday February 8, 2018

Have patience as you make your way forward on your journey of change, as you weather through your inner process, as you encounter your demons and your stalemates that refuse to comply with your wishes for change, that refuse to budge. Not all parts of the self may wish for change, but it’s your job to convince them that your intentions are for your greater good. And so, be patient but firm, kind but encouraging, loving and compassionate, but refuse complacency as you bring all parts of yourself into alignment and head straight for your goal. Patiently, take your next step. You won’t regret it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday January 9, 2018

Be patient. Though you may wish to jump ahead into new life it is not really possible, for each step of the journey you are now on is vitally important. The lessons you are presented with each day must be learned. You can’t skip any step, for if you do you will miss valuable lessons that you will need in the future and you will have to stop again and learn them later at some other time. Learn them now as they come to you. Take your time to fully explore and learn as much as you can about yourself and the purpose of your journey. Know that eventually this time will pass and you will be far more ready to receive your future having plodded along so diligently with patience and awareness. Only then will you be able to fully utilize and take advantage of the lessons learned for your own greater good. One of the greatest lessons now being taught is love, love for self and love for others you share the world with. Love, and just how powerful an energy it is, is the biggest lesson of the times you live in. Love, in all of its forms, personal and universal, is very powerful.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Patient Waiting

Here is this week’s message of guidance from Jeanne.

Center the self and wait patiently... - Image by Jan Ketchel
Center the self and wait patiently… – Image by Jan Ketchel

This is a time of waiting. “But what,” you might ask, “are we waiting for?”

You, My Dears, are waiting for everything and for nothing. You wait for life and you wait for death, yet every move you make, every thought you allow to form, every word you utter, every action you take must become part of your patient waiting.

In patient waiting, practice and intent are of the utmost importance. Without attachment to outcome, personal gain, or getting your due in any way, patient waiting asks only that you live impeccably.

To live impeccably is to assign the utmost importance to the self, devoid of selfless and selfish feelings or sentiments, so that you may hone your energy, and thus your evolving self, to perfection.

“Is perfection the goal?” you might ask. Yes, I say, perfection of the self in all you do is a perfectly acceptable goal, but that perfect self must be energetically perfect as well. And even though the human self may constantly battle or defend or disappoint you as you seek perfection and impeccability in all you do, remember this: that’s its role!

I suggest you find or accept what you are good at and make it your goal to be the best at whatever that is. This seeking of perfection must enter all parts of the self and all aspects of your life. You may be a good friend, a good parent, a good cook, a good writer, a good athlete, a good doctor, a good clerk, a good gardener, a good samaritan, a good teacher, have great talent or be a good guide to others. You may even be a good lover. Learn from yourself. Notice how you have honed your attentive and impeccable self, how you constantly learn your job better and better, how you constantly seek higher ground professionally, and as many skills as possible to keep up in a changing world. Such seeking to better the self must extend into all areas of the self and life, into your inner world and your outer world.

Include compassion, kindness, and gentleness into your every movement and decision. Include firmness and high expectations in your intent to change as well, yet be also flowing and open to what life brings to the table. Notice when life is asking you to change, when circumstances do not permit you to move in a certain direction. Do not force what life itself says must not be forced. Accept limitations with humbleness, knowing that you are being guided to go in a new direction. Learn how life itself, without any input on your part, naturally pushes you to change.

Drop your controlling habits and acquiesce a little bit more each day to the flow of life, honing your impeccability to flow naturally without worry or regret. In this time of waiting, allow the self to be both open to opportunity as regards your skilled self and also open to the changing self as well.

Be flexible. Be aware. Be open. Be accepting of change. At the same time, firm up your intent so that in both your inner world and your outer world your intent may be heard, so that its firm commitment to change may be acceptable, adaptable, unresistant to the true self, the impeccable self you seek to know better. This is the self who, without doubt, knows exactly how to live through this time of waiting. This self also knows how to take you forward into new life, if you can allow yourself to be taken.

With patience and in full awareness that this impeccable self exists, begin your time of waiting. Set your intent and then practice becoming the new you. Each day as you awaken reset that intent and often throughout the day as well. Whenever there is a lull, remind yourself of the following:

I am a being you is going to die, but before I do I intent to fully live impeccably and with awareness. I invite my most impeccable, honest, and truly compassionate self to emerge and fully live!

Readers of Infinity: A Message From Jeanne—On Patience

Dear Jeanne, I ask for your advice on behalf of all your readers. You constantly mention that we are in changing times—that change is happening all the time—and I get that, but I also know that sometimes it feels like change is so slow that we hardly notice it. I know that incrementally we are shifting and changing all the time, both inside ourselves and in the outside world, but it often feels like we don’t really get anywhere. I pose this question because I know many others are struggling to get to a new level of awareness and experience as well, and may be equally frustrated at times: If our goal is to get to a new level, how do we actually get there?

Here is Jeanne’s response:

Are we making it harder than it really is?

I suggest, My Dear Ones, that rather than focus on the goal that you focus instead on the process. It is not the goal that will lead you to a new level but the steps you take on your journey. Allow your steps to be enough for now. Allow the incremental process that you might find frustrating to be all that you need to hone your skills. Do not look forward so much, but instead study what comes to teach you every day. You see, that is where the change you seek is already happening.

In those incremental daily shifts, in those signs that come to guide you, though you may miss their significance until you have experienced their outcome, you are already in the midst of change. This is what I do, indeed, talk about all the time. Change is already upon you. But do you notice?

I advise patience in all things now. Watch what is happening outside of you, carefully now, as you take into consideration the truth that fundamental life-enhancing change is happening all the time. Note that each day you are indeed a little further along on your course, that you have learned something new, that you are more open to your process of growth and evolution. And a little bit more each day is enough.

Release yourselves from impatience and let go to patience-with-awareness. Wake up each morning to a new day, for that is what it truly is, a new day to change the self even incrementally. And that is what you must all focus on now, incremental change, each step taken while more fully embracing the progress of the self. Your speed of progress is not an issue, it’s what you learn and what you do with it that is important.

Learn this: trust the process, as you lean into patience and work on gaining the alertness you may need to signal the changes you may have been missing.

Take your time to pause each day and take note, writing down even the tiniest of experiences that may be even slightly odd, quirky, mysterious, or downright phenomenal. And then seek the greater meaning for such experiences. Look at them without fear, and only with consideration for the lessons they seek to teach you. That is where your changing self will meet your impatient self and reveal the mind-blowing moments of awareness. What have you been missing lately? And what does it mean for you specifically? What does “taking it to the next level” really mean to you? It might not be what you think.

As I said, be patient, be alert, take note, learn something about the self and the journey you are on today and everyday. Be open, as open as you can be to the ultimate goal of growth.

Perhaps it's enough to just enjoy the light of a new day.

Yes, the light of freedom is there at the end of the tunnel, yet do not get blinded by it before you have traveled the road to its true source. It is not the light you seek now, but the necessary lessons that will lead you to fully understanding the meaning of the light at the end of the tunnel. It is inside the tunnel, in each step you take that your lessons lie.

Look with joy on your opportunity to experience a new day in whatever world you reside in. Be joyous that you are learning what you need at the pace you can handle. Your own spirit decides the process, no one else.

Be patient. There is a reason for everything.

Thank you, Jeanne. Personally, I learn from this message that as we change we often seek to replace what we’re missing with something new, a new habit, a new comfort, a new person. Feeling the gap, we grasp at something that will make us feel comfortable again. Perhaps we even grasp at meaning. But what I get from Jeanne’s message today is: don’t grasp, even at meaning. Just keep taking the journey; you will learn everything you need. As she says, it’s the journey itself that is important, and not necessarily the goal. Set the intent and then let intent lead the way. -Jan