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A Message for Humanity From Jeanne: Practice Patience

Practice patience by sitting as quietly as a stone…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In our audio channeling today we are all advised to be patient, but to be patient knowing that change happens in the right moment. Times are frustrating, but these times too will pass. And don’t forget to make your practice one of loving patience!

Have a wonderful week!

Soulbyte for Friday November 30, 2018

Have patience as you move forward into new life. Have patience, even as you set your intent and align with your spirit. Have patience with the unfolding of things, for all things will unfold as they will. Though you are determined, there is no predicting what will happen to move you along. All things have a will of their own, just as you do. This includes your spirit, who is behind you, backing up your choices or redirecting you in new directions, so be sure to pause and ask, “Is this also your will? Am I getting it right?” And wait patiently for an answer. As sure as the sun rises every morning you will get an answer and no matter what it is, to your liking or not, abide by it. Assign patience to your journey and you will travel in good company, and your journey, though it may be long and winding, will indeed be fulfilling and your satisfaction will know no bounds.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday November 12, 2018

Patience. All things change because you intend that they do so, because you clearly state your intent, and because you work hard to shift your energy away from the old and become open to the new. State your intentions loudly and clearly, intentionally shift your energy in the direction of your intentions, and be patient while everything lines up, while the universe and your guides structure things so that what you intend happens according to the best strategies and in the most meaningful ways possible. Have patience and loving kindness for your yearning self. And get on board with trusting that what you intend WILL come to pass, in due course.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday October 25, 2018

Adopt a patient attitude. In Tao all is patient, in alignment with waiting for all that is right to come into balance, for everything to get into synch, within and without. In Tao all is as it should be, without stress or yearning; it is what is, acceptable for the moment because the moment is all that is. What is to come at another time is not important, for it is not in the moment. In Tao each moment is rich, each step is vital, each breath the only breath, each moment all there is to life. In Tao patience finds its natural place among the many other riches of the moment. It just is and it is right, a part of each moment. Adopt patience, breathe patience, and live in the richness of each moment, knowing also that in the next moment everything can change. This too is Tao. Be in Tao, patiently ready for anything.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday February 8, 2018

Have patience as you make your way forward on your journey of change, as you weather through your inner process, as you encounter your demons and your stalemates that refuse to comply with your wishes for change, that refuse to budge. Not all parts of the self may wish for change, but it’s your job to convince them that your intentions are for your greater good. And so, be patient but firm, kind but encouraging, loving and compassionate, but refuse complacency as you bring all parts of yourself into alignment and head straight for your goal. Patiently, take your next step. You won’t regret it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne