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Soulbyte for Wednesday July 11, 2018

Let there be no discussion about the heart being the center of all human goodness, for there is no doubt that if all beings operated from their heart center the world would indeed be a far different place, in far better shape, both the humans and the environment, and that which is most sought after would be achieved. A loving state, with all living beings embraced, would change the world. Be in a loving state yourself and see what happens in your own little world. Let your loving heart begin to change the world.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Day in a Life: Visitors From Another Era

We are privileged to observe an evolutionary happening... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
We are privileged to observe an evolutionary happening…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I cannot help but ponder our visitors, the cicadas, come from the depths of the earth to mate and die, all within a few weeks time. What’s the point? Chuck reminds me that it’s nature, archetypal, doing what it has always done, programmed in a way that we find hard to fathom. I get that, but I keep looking for some reason, some purpose. Are we humans supposed to learn something from them?

Are the cicadas beneficial in any way? Is there some symbiotic relationship between the cicadas and nature that we’re missing? Like the bees pollinating so that other life can survive? The only benefit I see is that the cicadas offer lots of food for the birds and other critters. Like mice, they come in the billions, and even though a couple of million might get picked off there are still plenty of them left to do their thing.

“What a boring life!” someone said the other day, referring to the cicadas seventeen years spent underground. I couldn’t help but compare them to us. We humans take about seventeen years to emerge from our childhoods, which are often lonely, trapped as we are by the dictates of our families and society. Perhaps our childhoods are not much different from the isolated cicadas living in their underground tunnels. Once we leave home, we often do what the cicadas do too, though at a slower pace; find mates, perhaps have children, live through our lives until we too die.

When I stand on our deck, the sound is deafening, a symphony to rival Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the cicadas triumphantly playing their instruments. I hear strings, percussion, and woodwinds. I hear chanting and rousing church choirs. I hear life stirring, knowing it has so little time. I hear that archetypal element that Chuck brought up, declaring itself with impeccable intent.

Last night I dreamed. A voice spoke to me. “The hardest part of life,” it said, “is getting here. Once here, flow. Learn to flow because this is your life. You can’t stop it, but you can choose how to live it.” When I woke up I saw that I had been granted the answer to my question: What are we supposed to learn from the cicadas?

Such a struggle to birth... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Such a struggle to birth…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In my dream, I saw all of our lives, all of our previous efforts to evolve gathering the strength and wisdom to make this life the one that finally carries us to fruition, to fulfillment of our soul’s journey. There is great intent and effort behind that one purpose: for us to evolve. Each time we are born we renew that intent, to make this the life that tackles and resolves our core issues. In my dream, I saw the soul’s struggle to emerge more fully with each birth, much like the cicada’s struggle to emerge from its casing. Those previous lives are the hard part. Our archetypal past is the hard part. Setting that intent to evolve and getting it to pierce through the veils of this life is the hard part.

Now that we are here, my dream seemed to be saying, there is little to do except live out that intent to evolve. Much like the cicadas, we often don’t know why we are here. We too are archetypal beings, until we decide to break the pattern of reincarnated lives. Unlike the cicadas we have the power to change our patterns of behavior.

The other part of my dream, suggests that in order to break through the boring life cycles we must flow with what life presents us with. In the dream, I was aware that fighting and protesting about our lives will get us nowhere. Only in acquiescing to the true facts of who we are and how we got here, and then making some real choices to change our circumstances will we evolve and live a more fulfilled and enlightened life. It’s our choice. If we are going to be victims, then we will continue to live out boring cicada-like lives, endlessly returning every lifecycle to go through the same cicada-like patterns of behavior.

We humans do have a bit more going for us. Perhaps, if we could grasp the bigger picture, we could change. Perhaps, if we could fathom the meaning of our interconnectedness, our link to all within the human family, across the globe, we could change. Perhaps we could embrace our innocence and our true abilities to love one another. Perhaps we could learn to be a kinder gentler race. Perhaps we could actually learn to love ourselves for who we are and what we’ve been through, enough to intend healing for ourselves, enough to allow our true purpose to unfold—our evolutionary purpose. Perhaps we could soften our controls and flow with life, allowing ourselves to join with that kinder and gentler race of humanity that we are really all part of. If we really woke up, then we might begin to take seriously what we’re actually doing to the world, to the earth, to our fellow human beings.

Will we leave more behind us than this ghostly imprint left by a muddy robin smacking into the window? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Will we leave more behind us than this ghostly imprint left by a muddy robin smacking into the window?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I wonder what the cicadas will find here when they return in seventeen years? What will be left? Will we have so poisoned the earth that they’ll die in their isolation chambers? If they emerge, will there still be trees for them to sing from, to lay their eggs in, to hatch in the ground beneath? Will we humans resolve all the problems we’ve created in the next seventeen years? Do we have seventeen years? I don’t think so. That’s what the cicadas are telling us; we don’t have time. Now matters.

We all need to act on our own behalf right now and make some personal decisions about how we want to live this life and how we want to impact our planet’s future and our fellow human beings. Whether we evolve beyond this world or whether we return for another lifecycle, one way or another what we decide to do now is going to matter. Like my dream said, we have the power to choose how we want to live, no matter what our circumstances. And that is how we are different from the cicadas!

Chirping away, but seriously,

In case you haven’t seen this: Here is a great time-lapse film about the cicadas by film maker Samuel Orr. It’s really quite an amazing little film. We posted this on our Riverwalker Facebook page and in this week’s channeled message, so some of you may have already seen it, but for those who haven’t, here is the link to this short film.

Readers of Infinity: Consider This

Here is today’s channeled message from Jeanne, offering us guidance for the changing times that we experience every day.

Seek always the Higher Self…

Consider the possibility of real change. What would it mean to let go of long-held ideas of the self, of old habits and old desires? To hold the self fully accountable and responsible for changing the self is all that is required.

Consider the evolution of the self as your main goal in life. Consider the necessity of change in order to evolve. What must you do today to honor your desire for change?

Make one decision today that promotes change and healing, that evolves the self one step further on your journey. Be mindful of your life as an ever-evolving and ever-changing process. Yet, also keep in mind that as a human being you are also equipped with far greater meaning and purpose than simply that. There is much more to take into consideration when working with the human situation, for there is the energy of the spirit to take into account, as well as the journey of the eternal soul.

Deepen your journey by accepting that there is a greater meaning and purpose to your existence than you have yet to experience. Take into consideration that your trials are leading you somewhere as of yet unknown, for a higher purpose. With that in mind at all times, reach beyond your daily lives, striving always for connection with that Higher Self. Seek always this other adventure, the unknown life of change that asks you to take one more step in its direction each day.

Each one of you who reside upon that earth is charged with the same mission: to seek to know the Higher Self at all times.

You will be shown what direction to take each day as you set your intent to grow. Be alert to the signs that come to you, and discover their meaning. Choose always growth. Though it may dare you and challenge you beyond measure, in your heart you will know what is right. Can you accept your heart’s knowing and leave something behind in order to move one step closer to its fulfillment? That is the ultimate challenge.

What are you being asked to leave behind today? Whatever it is, if you let it go you will move more swiftly forward on your journey and your path will widen, your vision clear, and your spirit enlighten. Good Luck!

Thank you to Jeanne and all of our guides. Most humbly channeled, with love for all of you as you take your individual journeys.