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Chuck’s Place: Parallel Impact

The collision of parallel worlds…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I told Jan that the next time we head up North, I’d like us to see Girl from the North Country, the new Broadway musical that juxtaposes Bob Dylan classics with Depression-era Duluth, MN in 1934. What is the impact of these two parallel worlds intersecting? Is their synchronistic value in their collision?

We are currently experiencing the intersection of parallel species in the worldwide human encounter with coronavirus. Beyond the obvious war humans must wage to neutralize this virulent microbe, we might study the impact and possible meaning of this encounter, beyond mere coincidence.

Thus far, this tiniest of microbes has nearly shut down our expected way of life, imposing massive quarantines on the world’s favored group activities. The future of cruise ships clearly hangs in the balance. Sporting events, even the Olympics, may be played to empty stadiums.

Travel, particularly in the closed space of airplanes, is severely restricted. Though clearly not as deadly as a plague, this virus has caused us to stay local, to rely more heavily upon local resources, as well as to engage in solitary activity.

The world’s financial systems are experiencing a dramatic impact, particularly in the decreased demand for fossil fuel, a major bulwark of the stock market. Our financial stability may require a major revamping, with the positive side-effect of reducing the carbon load that currently threatens environmental survival.

Human communication is favoring more remote connectedness in this time of high contagiousness. The rush to physical contact, even a mere handshake, is discouraged. Our ultimate human resource, as beings of energetic connectedness, is an avenue of exciting possibility, as our attachment to physical objects and physical contact between people must be approached with great caution.

Reluctant as countries might be to cooperate with each other as they address their national concerns, the truth is that the entire planet is in this together. No policies or walls can fully insulate anyone from the possibility of infection. It’s a worldwide, borderless concern.

The actual necessity of the world’s many component parts—all countries—to come together to address the crisis is a fundamental shift from isolationist policies that tend to obscure the interconnected needs of the whole. The nature of the crisis might demand such a shift.

Whether Bernie Sanders becomes the ultimate Democratic nominee may become a moot point, as the needs of the world in this crisis might result in the necessity of certain social policies that address the basic needs of all, with equanimity. No one in the human hierarchy is immune from this virus, and all of us could potentially be a carrier of it. All must be cared for, for the good of all. No ‘left wing’ social agenda here but merely medical necessity.

As we live our way through this greatest of challenges to our normal human way of life, may we incorporate the changes that truly shift our world onto more solid footing.

Be safe, loving, and resourceful in these most awesome of times. Try deepening your dreaming awareness, for remote energetic contact with all you hold dear.

These times are indeed a-changin’….

To the greatest common good,


Soulbyte for Wednesday July 11, 2018

Let there be no discussion about the heart being the center of all human goodness, for there is no doubt that if all beings operated from their heart center the world would indeed be a far different place, in far better shape, both the humans and the environment, and that which is most sought after would be achieved. A loving state, with all living beings embraced, would change the world. Be in a loving state yourself and see what happens in your own little world. Let your loving heart begin to change the world.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday August 23, 2017

What is a humanitarian but someone who has high hopes for humankind, someone with an open mind and an open heart eager to see the fulfillment of the higher potential of all human beings. A humanitarian knows there is something called the greater good and that it is alive and well though pushed aside by many. A humanitarian embraces the greater good in every thought, word and deed for the greater good of all. A humanitarian expresses the greater good with loving kindness for all and expects nothing in return. A humanitarian naturally lives a heart-centered life, certain that every human has the potential to be a humanitarian, for the greater good of all humans. A humanitarian loves all of life.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne