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Soulbyte for Friday February 8, 2019

The winds of change arrive constantly, like ocean waves pounding on the shore, but do you notice them? Are you aware they have come to alert you? To warn you? To take you onward? To change your life? Listen for the winds of change. Hear what they are trying to tell you. Today is the day, they say, today is the day to change. Notice how swiftly they come and go. Make your own change just as swiftly. Make a decision that is positive and reinforce it with positive action. Today is such a day; the winds of change have arrived. Are you ready? Something momentous is about to happen. Do you feel it?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday October 5, 2017

Remain steady. Like a sturdy sailing vessel, turn and take advantage of the winds of change to carry you onward. Keep to your course of loving kindness and compassion no matter what transpires. In this manner will your steadiness, your composure, and your unwavering message of goodness and kindness endure and when the winds have died you will be found to not only have survived but thrived in the changing times. By your constancy, your commitment, and your keen ability to keep an even balance sail on.  Know that by doing so the winds you create in your wake will effect all that surrounds you. For though your vessel may be but a tiny drop in the vast ocean of energy, so is the ripple effect powerful energy and even the ripples created by one drop of water effect the whole. Even one small boat on the ocean currents makes waves. You have the power to create your own good winds and waves of change in these evolutionary times. Take a bad wind and make it good.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne