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Soulbyte for Thursday October 11, 2018

Keep love in your heart. Let it guide you as you make decisions, as you make your way through your day, and as you confront what you must. Let it show you how to perceive, how to act, and how to interact. Let love guide you to know others better, to know yourself better, and to seamlessly navigate life in the world. Let love into your heart and keep it there. When all else fails, breathe love. Just breathe love.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday March 31, 2017

What is perfect timing? It is nothing more than going with the flow, feeling the energy, being alert and aware to the possibilities in life. It is being open and trusting in the flow of energy, one with it, available to being guided by a sense of knowing that everything will work out just fine as you read and track the energy of the day. It is patient waiting, knowing that your time will come, your perfect moment when everything comes together. It is navigating life with a sense of knowing that you are part of it all, a particle among particles all moving in the same direction, intersecting and parting in the flow of everyday life. It is acquiescence to experiencing yourself as perfect energy, just as you are, and isn’t that just perfect for right now? And then every moment is perfect too! Happy navigating!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: A New Navigator

Here is this week’s message from Jeanne, posing a challenge to us all to navigate life from a different place.

Ready to emerge? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Ready to emerge?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Beyond the known self—the self in the world, the self who adheres to the rules and plays according to the dictates of society—lies the ethereal self, the seeking self. This self seeks not only integration into life, but a higher place as your copilot, decision maker, and companion.

If you are to evolve you must all allow this honest and true self to be present in your lives. You must not be afraid of it nor hold it back when it directs you to take a new step in a new direction. You must not hold it back when it urges you to express your deepest, most creative dreams and your most obvious talents.

This other self lies at your core. This other self knows you so well and yet often you do not know it. Seek greater connection with and awareness of this other self, this ethereal, this higher yet deeper self.

All of you have this most tantalizing and gratifying, satisfying self within. Ask it, quite simply, to guide you today. Ask it to become a part of your life, to make a decision, to lead you along another step on your journey today. Let it speak one truth today, and then see where it leads you.

Be a little daring on behalf of this deeper self. It’s really okay to live from this self, the true self, rather than from the dutiful self who normally traverses the world, who plods through life with commitment and stoicism. Learn to live a little by inviting new adventures to come from a new navigator—the deeper self within.

Give it the wheel of your vehicle today. Ask it to be your metaphorical driver and see where it takes you. Oh, and enjoy the ride! Don’t be afraid. Remember, this other self knows all and only wishes you well.