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Readers of Infinity: New Rules of Engagement

Here is the channeled message for the week from Jeanne:

This is what greeted me when I looked out the window this morning! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
This is what greeted me when I looked out the window this morning! – Photo by Jan Ketchel

First, abide by rules of love and compassion for self and all other living beings. Take heed of life around you and note that there is grave need of such love and compassion, which is by far stronger than the rules that now permeate your world, destroying cultures and living creatures alike. Take a look at this worldwide view of things and know that each one of you has the opportunity to be part of a changing attitude and a changing world. Be thoughtful in all your decision-making now, keeping always this worldview in mind.

That being said, the most important decision that any one being can make is the decision to change the self, to align with the greater forces of good, that is to say, the universal forces of love and compassion.

Look now for more opportunities to change the self. They will become more apparent. Though the opportunity to change always exists, you will begin to be bombarded with direct messages of how to change, when to change, and what to do once you make these changes in the self. The world, on a mass scale, will begin to receive these drastic messages of change as well—for they are much needed and will be much supported.

It is time to take life in a new direction. Do not mourn what can no longer be sustained, but be strengthened by the energy that no longer need be wasted in areas that no longer provide the necessities of life. Move the self forward, taking only what is truly resonant and useful, allowing for new forms of energy and progress.

Do not dismiss the messages from the deeper self, especially those you have long ignored, for they are your guidance now too, bringing you individually to your next plateau so that you are better prepared for new life. In working on issues of the deeper self, you will be freed to accept and align with the changes you so desire and need, personally and collectively.

Freeing the self of old ideas will aid the progress of the worldwide effort to be freed of old ideas too, hateful and disharmonious ideas, as well as ideas of inflated superiority or deep degradation, of self and other. For at the core you are all the same. All human beings, now and forever, suffer the same needless issues. All human beings have the same opportunities for meaningful change to take place, now and forever. With conscious awareness that everyone will benefit from change, please make an attempt to change the self. Now is a good time!

Observe, as I said, the rules of love and compassion. In some manner, allow the self to warm to a new personal process, stirring up new feelings for the self. With honesty and truth, face your lies and untruths, most of which are both true and untrue.

Where have your thoughts and ideas about the self and the world come from? That’s the first place to begin. Who told you that you were not worthy of life and love? Not you, I guarantee!

Open your heart, just a little, to the truth that as a being of energy you are also a being of light and love. Try that being on for a change and take it out into the world today. And then try it on again and again, and see what happens as you step out into the world. You might notice a change all around you as you, a being of light and love, enter your old world structures and light them up a little!

Do this simple exercise that offers the opportunity for a shift and notice how you begin to feel, as you are received differently, and how you act differently in return. This is the lesson for the week: Be the loving and compassionate being you really are!

Thank you, Jeanne! Just as I had finished channeling the message, which I write by hand, I looked up to see a large dog in the front yard. It’s not unusual that one of our neighbors’ dogs might wander across our yard during the day, and so I expected it to sniff around, chew some bread crumbs perhaps, and then wander onward. This dog, however, stayed around. It wasn’t until I looked a little closer that I saw it was dragging a long lead that had gotten caught on a low rock wall. It was stuck! And so I quickly bundled up and went out to rescue it, Jeanne’s message fresh in my mind. I greeted it with love and compassion and it greeted me with the same. An old dog, I was pretty sure I recognized her and where she lived, and so I freed her from the frozen rock wall and off we trotted quite happily together down the hill and around the corner. I thought she would be happy to be heading home on this frosty morning, but she really wanted to take a walk, so we took our time. She sort of huffed, “Oh, okay, if you say so,” as we got to her house. A knock on the door and we were greeted warmly. Names were exchanged between us, people who had passed on the road and waved many times, but never made a deeper connection. Now I know the dog’s name too! As I walked back home, ready to type up this message, I realized that the message was already working in my life. I hope it does as quickly in yours too! Love, Jan.

A Day in a Life: Give Peace A Chance


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” So said Pierre de Chardin the French Jesuit priest and philosopher. The first time I read this quote, I knew that he was right. It explained everything to me; my very existence suddenly made sense. I was here on earth to have a human experience, but I really was that spiritual being that I always sensed I was. I felt I no longer had to apologize for being gentle and loving, for wanting peace and love in the world, for my so called naiveté or simplistic views of how to solve the world’s problems. I knew that only such idealistic views embodied the real nature of reality and that only they would work to resolve conflict and achieve worldwide peace.

De Chardin also said these words when the Nazis were fast advancing in Europe during World War II: “Peace cannot mean anything but a HIGHER PROCESS OF CONQUEST…The world is bound to belong to its most active elements…But no spiritual aims or energy will ever succeed, or even deserve to succeed, unless it is able to spread and keep spreading a fifth column.” In essence, he was letting the world know that the Nazis were the “most active element” at the time, the kind of energy that had the potential to spread like a wildfire, and it was imperative that the spiritual rise to the occasion and conquer it. It was a dire warning that we too, in our time, must pay heed to.

John Lennon once noted that Gandhi and Martin Luther King, both proponents of peace and nonviolence, had been assassinated for their efforts. He didn’t understand why people wouldn’t “just give peace a chance,” and then he too was assassinated.


We are at a point in our lives, in the life of our planet, when the imperative to give peace a chance is at its most crucial, and for spiritual consciousness to dominate and spread like wildfire. For that is the only way that real change will happen, by good once again becoming the dominant force, the HIGHER PROCESS, as de Chardin suggests. De Chardin also spoke elegantly about love being the most powerful of all forces that we as human beings could employ for ourselves and our planet, the same love that John Lennon, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King embraced.

When you are in a room of peaceful people you notice how peaceful and calm the atmosphere is. When you are in a room of happy people, you notice happiness. When you are in a room of angry people you notice anger, you feel anger, it takes over. When you are in the midst of evil you can smell it. Which kind of room would you like to be in?

As simple as it sounds, the only way to make change happen for the better, is to change the way we think, act, and react, the way we treat each other, the way we treat the planet. To become a peaceful Self is the first step in enacting change outside of the self, to learn to take responsibility in the world and inside the self, to really be the spiritual beings we are, to stop blaming and judging each other, to realize we are all the same.

Flower power…

If I set an even greater intent than usual to be peaceful, gentle, loving and kind for the rest of my life, toward myself and others, I will be part of a new spiritual consciousness. The more who are engaged in this new peaceful and loving consciousness, the more powerful grows a movement of real change, soon a spreading wildfire. Many of us are children of the 60s, still idealists at heart, gentle souls still hopeful of peace in our life.

I support the movements started by Gandhi, King, and Lennon—among the many others I have not named, men and women of peace and real caring—who knew that we are all indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. A new peaceful and loving existence requires taking both a personal journey and a badly needed universal journey, each day being different as we go out into the world and interact with others, as well as in our innermost thoughts. If we all decided that love of each other and love of the planet was the most important aspect of our human existence, how quickly change could happen and perhaps a new national mood would prevail and spread like wildfires around the world.

Spread the word: Give peace and love a chance.

Change begins with me,

Readers of Infinity: Carry Love In Your Heart

Anchor in love...

Keep love in your hearts for all beings. Do not carry resentment or regret for lives lived, but seek release and redemption from all that now holds you captive by releasing the self from inner turmoil so that peace may reign, within and without.

Though you live so fully in that world of outer reality, it is the inner journey that must be taken in order to reach a new level of consciousness, both within the self and in relation to the world outside of you. Constant attention to the inner workings of your mind, body, and spirit is necessary in order to achieve calm love in your heart for all beings, including the self.

Facing your inner turmoil will lead to finding love in your heart, first for the self and then for others. Find the reasons for your sorrows and you will find joy. Find the reasons for your pain and you will find release. Find the reasons for the constant worries of the mind and you will find peace of mind.

All in all, it is only in constantly attending to the self as a spiritual being on a journey to wholeness that change will occur. Let the self be taken forward on that journey each day. With patience, learn to acquiesce to the flow of life, for it will take you where you need to go, show you what you must confront, and guide you to resolution.

Trust all that comes your way as guidance and you will have traversed the first hurdle in taking that journey of change. Challenging though your journey may be, keep always in mind that of all life’s journeys it is the one that matters. At your core you already know this.

Acquiesce a little bit more to that truth, trusting that this day and the events that arise from outside of you and the corresponding reaction that arises inside you are crucial partners as you take your journey. Pay attention to all that arises or comes to greet you as being significant and deeply meaningful, today and all days.

Find release in learning what it truly means to carry love in your heart through deep work on the self. It is truly a loving journey worth every second of your life.

Your daily journey is showing you all that you need in order to evolve. Accept what comes and flow with it, in trust that you are indeed well guided and truly loved in return.

Deeply trusting this journey, channeled with love for all,

Readers of Infinity: Love Comes From The Earth

Jan's morning dream image: We each hold love in our own hands...

Smell sweet scents of nature. Listen for sounds of beauty. Walk upon the earth and own its beauty. With humility and deep compassion be its mentor and its guide, for you human beings are responsible now for all that you behold. Do you care to lose it? Or do you care to truly love it?

In love there is only caring: for self and other, for that which is right, within and without.

Find peace in your days upon that earth by reckoning with your troubles as an individual and as part of the whole.

Find peace on earth by giving rather than taking.

Find peace within by loving in the midst of both your joys and your sorrows.

Find peace in right action, in balance with nature’s generosity, but do not be greedy, for then will peace be destroyed.

Be solid citizens of earth, of the self, of each other, for you are all worthy of peace on earth.

Dream told Jan to put index fingers over heart, creating a roof, making love available for both giving to others while still containing for self...

Find yourself more than worthy of the earth’s calm energy as you soak up its love for you. Can you accept that loving energy from the earth itself and return it with equal love? This is what man is now charged with upon that earth: balancing energies of love by achieving balance between nature and self. This is how to change the self and how to also change the world.

Love exists all around you. Let it in.

Channeled, with love, by Jan Ketchel.

Chuck’s Place: Thoughts about Shame

The gift of the movie Shame is the clear and brutal exposition of a path deeply hidden yet commonly taken, the path of sexual addiction.

At its heart, sexual addiction shares with all addictions the expropriation of an instinct, in this case the sexual instinct. Other addictions, such as food and chemical dependency, are more associated with the hunger instinct. Addiction numbs, soothes and keeps at bay the underlying challenges of self-knowledge, self-acceptance, integration, and true intimacy.

The sexual instinct, fully wrestled with and realized in maturity, brings in its wake bonding, union, love and new life. In addiction the sexual instinct is choked into compulsive release, offering little more than deepening alienation under the ever-present shadow of death.

Choked in shame!

The storyline of the movie gives us little history, but enough to know that life lived must be kept at bay, frozen and unprocessed. Human contact—seemingly at its most intimate in the sexual act—must be completely devoid of connection and feeling. Sex is completely severed from even a hint of love. The slightest hint of feeling renders the phallus flaccid, plunged into yet deeper shame.

And with shame comes the opportunity to be with the pain, to find the tearful circuits to emotional release, to begin to melt the frozen islands of fragmented self. But, as with all paths, sometimes the shock and pain of knowing the truth, and feeling it fully, sends us back into addictive behaviors and release, the wheel of groundhog days. Though this repetitive cycle appears to offer little resolution, in actuality, it allows us to engage in a truly instinctual/spiritual process, as we return to accrue more energy in the form of frustration and discontent, energy that one day will help us awaken and realize that we no longer need to stay on that wheel. We are fully prepared then to step beyond the path of shame into deeper connection and fulfillment.

The movie leaves us hanging, in an unresolved land with some painful truths revealed and many still deeply hidden. It leaves us uncomfortable, confronted with accepting the fact that we all face addiction of some sort in our lives, as well as some sort of shame.

Though addiction comes in many guises, at its core it nonetheless asks us to face the same things within ourselves as the protagonist in Shame is asked to face within himself: the uncomfortable truth.

Can we enter that land of truth? What do we stay addicted to that keeps us from not only facing our deepest pain but from going deeper into where it is instinctually guiding us? Can we allow ourselves to accept that in facing our truths we really will step onto a path of change? Can we bear the tension of that journey of change that seeks to lead us to true union?

Jan: Self-portrait at age 18—still asked by spirit to face truths in the light of day

Lift the veil of shame and see what’s beneath it. The ultimate realization is that we’re all on the same path; we’re all beings on our way to dying. Choosing addictions equals choosing attachments. How long do we really need to hold onto them? How long do we need to keep at bay the real truths of who we are, the truths of our lives lived and the truth of our lives yet to be lived? Can we stay open to our fullest potential—fulfillment in a life we can’t hold onto anyway? Because we do have to die.

The real question is: How do we want to live?

And the real crux of sex and love is: Can we allow ourselves to fully open to love in a life that will one day end? Can we join the spirit of love and fully merge with another human being? Can we love someone who may leave us and someone who surely is going to die? If love is spirit and sex is matter—which is transitory—can we allow ourselves to drop all addictions and attachments, and all our shame too, and truly merge the two?

Full union of spirit and matter is letting love in. There is no shame in that.

Chuck, with love and thanks for some expert editing by Jan.