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Soulbyte for Tuesday June 30, 2020

Let not your sorrows overwhelm you, for they are not your main purpose. Let not your regrets hold you captive, for they are not what is necessary. Let not your fears hold you back, for they are not your intent. Let love carry you forward. Let love fuel your purpose. Let love show you what is necessary. For life is but the means by which to learn. And what are you there to learn? That love is the way. Love is the way!

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday September 13, 2017

Let not the hardships of life keep you from becoming who you truly are. Do not hold back the fullness of you, all that you are, but let it blossom and grow. Your full potential is in you from the very beginning, its roots nurtured by coming into life, its growth spurned on by the energy that has been inside you from the very beginning, the spark of you that lies waiting inside you always for recognition. Nurture yourself, the part of you that is the real you. Have no doubt that this you is the true you, the you that has always been in there, waiting and wanting to live. What are you holding back for? You may not achieve everything your soul desires of you, but give it a chance to have the experiences it first set out to have. You have it in you. You always have, from the very beginning, the true you. Live fearlessly but with awareness. Live fully but with compassion. Live now but always with your one true self in heart and mind.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Random Act of Guidance #7: More Questions For Jeanne & Saleph

Here is a new conversation between Chuck, Jan, Jeanne and Saleph, all present and participating. If you haven’t read Jan’s most recent blog, found here, we suggest you take a look at it as some of our personal process in advancing this channeling work is explained in detail. We are very excited about the unfolding of this process that we are engaged in with all of you—we hope you enjoy the results! Once again Jan did not hear the questions ahead of time nor was she privy to who the questioner was.

In addition, if you haven’t been keeping up with us lately, our daily Soulbytes are now posted on the website, offering, we hope, insight into the energy of each day.

Thanks for listening and being a part of this most exciting time in all of our lives!