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Chuck’s Place: Get Excited!

Cling to the loving spirit self…
– Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

I threw the I Ching to get its take on the state of the world. I received the hexagram of Retreat, #33. It gave emphasis to a heightened energetic movement that has given me considerable pause for reflection. Specifically, the moving line in the second place states: “He holds him fast with yellow oxhide. No one can tear him loose.” (Wilhelm translation, p. 131).

The absolute necessity for retreat is the theme of this hexagram. All the moving lines highlight the various permutations of how that might be carried out. This moving line depicts an utter clinging to something that appears to contradict the necessity of letting go in order to retreat.

Wilhelm suggests that this line parallels Jacob’s biblical encounter with the angel Peniel (Gen. 32:26): “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” Why would anyone need to cling to an angel of God, considered a representative for the face of God, and demand to be blessed?

If Jacob is ego, and angel/God is our High Spirit, than ego, in the face of necessary retreat, is absolutely insisting to maintain a living connection to High Spirit. I can’t help but see this attitude mirrored by the people of Ukraine, and particularly by their spirited leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In him, I see the spirit of Martin Luther King, who, although knowing he wouldn’t be here in physical form to witness it, assured us all that the Spirit would manifest a fully integrated world, someday.

In this time of great disintegration, where the collective subconscious, with all its deeply suppressed energies, has found chaotic outlet on the world stage, this reading guides us to cling to the Spirit of love and truth, as our fragile civilization must retreat and preserve itself in the inner chamber of the heart. Many are called upon to offer the ultimate sacrifice, but their spirits are alive and unrelenting in their intent for freedom.

Amidst the deluge of disheartening words, accusations, and conspiracy theories, cling to love. Do not allow threats to dampen the spirit and send one into despair, nihilism, cynicism, and depression. Stay excited! Look to the greater truth of deep transformation happening right now upon this planet Earth.

Breakdown is a necessary prelude to reconstruction. And indeed, the world is contending with global carpetbaggers, totalitarians selling their narcissistic wares, seeking to entrance the populace with power schemes of shock and awe. Cling to the Spirit of love. Stay positive. Know that you are here, upon this Earth, amidst the tremendum of this moment to manifest the true Spirit of love, the foundation for our evolving planet.

On a personal level, continue to cling to the High Spirit of love to raise and radiate a higher vibration that attracts like Spirits and protects against intrusions of the lower negative vibrations seeking to undermine the all-encompassing power of love. In clinging to the power of love, ego remains charged with positive excitement, even as it must traverse through a loaded minefield of negativity in its retreat.

In a nutshell, I interpret the guidance of the I Ching as the necessity to retreat into the truth and love of the heart during this most activated of times. Cling with unrelenting perseverance to the High Spirit, we are advised, where love radiates at such a high vibration that nothing of a lower vibration can penetrate it. Ego must cling to its Spirit rather than fall prey to manipulation, inflation, or deflation.

Rest assured, with this alignment you truly will be blessed. That blessing is the excitement of High Spirit’s love vibration.

With love,


Soulbyte for Thursday April 8, 2021

Keep your feet on the ground, even as you seek connection with your spirit. For you will find your spirit as much in this world as any other, for that spirit reverberates with all the energies of Mother Earth, in her air and sunlight, in her trees and wind, in her stars and waters. For like the spirit of Mother Earth your own spirit resonates within and without.  Being grounded means being of the world of Mother Earth as well as of the world of Spirit, matter and ether both. In this manner find your place in the life you are in and rejoice in the simplicity of that—life itself!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Day in a Life: The 70 Percent Self

Vibration is all around us... affecting us in some way... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Vibration is all around us…
affecting us in some way…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We are 70% water. With so much water making up who we physically are it’s no wonder that we vibrate when something from outside shocks or startles us. Notice how a sudden loud sound sends reverberations through the body. Notice how terrible news sends shockwaves through us. Notice how affected we are by beautiful sounds, beautiful thoughts, beautiful sights, as beauty too sends chills through us.

Water is rarely still. Even a sedentary bowl or glass of water is in constant motion, sound waves constantly rumbling through it, shaking its molecules, though this may not be visible to the naked eye. Think of the oceans in constant motion, water flowing deep inside the earth, magnetic forces and the earth’s shifts vibrating the waters of the world. Even water that is stagnant, if shaken up has the possibility of changing its molecular structure from a putrid state to a healthy state. Vibration alone is enough to change water, but the quality of that vibration makes all the difference.

Masaru Emoto, in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, showed how negative vibration and positive vibration impact water. In other books he continues his explorations of the subject, concluding in The True Power of Water that: “Since the quality of water improves or deteriorates depending on the information given to it, the corollary for humans, who are made up primarily of water, is to take in good information. When we do, our mind and body can become healthier. Conversely, when we take in negative information, we can get sick.”

Fascinated by the work of Emoto for several years now, I have turned once again to reading his studies, pondering our watery selves and the current health of humankind, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The more I remain aware of myself as 70% water, the more I notice vibrations around me and how they impact me personally.

I remember myself as a child swimming all summer long, safely embraced by and at ease in the water of the swimming pool. How buoyant, how light I became! Almost as if I had lost my human form, I became one with the water. All troubles washed away in the water. In its vibration my own vibration found resonance.

We all send energy vibrations out from our core... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
We all send energy vibrations out from our core…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Our human form allows us to feel our inner vibratory selves most keenly in the presence of sound. We can put a glass of water in front of a speaker, turn up the music, and see how the sound vibration from the speaker affects the water. It affects us too. The fact that we are 70% water further clarifies for me the concept of resonance. When we feel resonance with someone or something we are basically feeling the effects of resonant sound waves. Sound waves, as I’ve been discovering through my own experimentations, affect the human body quite profoundly. Emoto would agree that the sounds we expose ourselves to can leave us feeling happy, healthy, calm and balanced, or they can leave us feeling depleted, moody, and negative. He exposed water to ugly words and then to beautiful words and observed the difference. In crystal form, the water that had been exposed to beautiful words produced beautiful crystals while the water that had been exposed to ugly words produced equally ugly shapes.

Certain music turns me right off. I feel hatred and anger coming on its sound vibrations and I do not want to listen to it. It comes at me with assaultive dissonance and my inner vibration gets uncomfortably revved by it. I feel my water molecules jumping around and getting heated up, making me feel agitated. My 70% water tells me it doesn’t like it at all! Other music moves me with sound vibrations that, though revving, are also happy and joyous, with good feelings, and once again I float in happy buoyancy similar to the swimming pool water of my childhood. The water that I am made up of seeks positive water in return—vibrations that resonate.

When I turn to nature, I notice how my watery self likes the sound of the wind, though gusts send it shaking. It prefers calm winds and the sound of water gently babbling, though I am fully aware that big winds of change and massive tidal waves are often welcome as well, that they shake me awake, out of my complacency and negativity. And so, even though I seek resonance in my life, I’m fully aware of the potency of dissonance, that it has a purpose, and so I welcome it when it comes. I use it to look for what in my life, and in my body self, needs shaking up. I thank it for making me aware of the need for change and use it to my advantage. After all, I want to keep myself as vibratory as the waters of the world, for I do not want to become stagnant!

But I’ve gotten to a point in my life where like-resonance is most important. If it’s lacking my watery self will not stop for long; it moves on quickly now, though I might, at one time, have felt obligation or duty more strongly than resonance. Now I choose resonance over the proclamations of old voices or inhibiting social constructs that once controlled my feeling self. I now give myself permission to bow out and away from dissonance with no regrets or bad feelings if nothing fruitful is offered in return. I walk away from negative energy rather than be assaulted by it. If someone is punching me in the gut, would I stick around to keep getting punched? No thank you! Sometimes a negative situation is just negative and it’s simply most healthy and appropriate to move on to more positive energy.

In peaceful co-existence... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
In peaceful co-existence…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In resonance we find deep satisfaction and calmness, the flow of all life resonant with ours, and in resonance life will flow with us, naturally bringing us its bounty. If we open ourselves to good vibrations, we will receive that which is good, and our vibratory 70% water selves will thank us!

Our deepest selves, I believe, all vibrate at the same rate. We are all beautiful music at our core, the same vibratory energy of the earth, the same sound waves of nature. Sometimes we are calm and sometimes we are agitated, but at our deepest core we all vibrate to the same sound. Perhaps we will all, one day, tune into the same music and hum the same tune.

Tuning in, sending you good vibrations,