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Chuck’s Place: Truth or Consequences

Carlos Castaneda in conversation with don Juan, excerpted from A Separate Reality:

From where I was seated I could see the group of boys through the glass window… After three days of watching them go like vultures after the most meager of leftovers I became despondent, and I left that city feeling that there was no hope for those children whose world was already molded by their day-after-day struggle for crumbs.

“Do you feel sorry for them?” don Juan exclaimed in a questioning tone.

“I certainly do,” I said.


“Because I’m concerned with the well-being of my fellow men. Those are children and their world is ugly and cheap.”

“Wait! Wait! How can you say that their world is ugly and cheap?” don Juan said, mocking my statement. “You think that you’re better off, don’t you?”

I said I did; and he asked me why; and I told him that in comparison to those children’s world mine was infinitely more varied and rich in experiences and in opportunities for personal satisfaction and development…

“Do you think that your very rich world would ever help you to become a man of knowledge?” don Juan asked with slight sarcasm… “Can your freedom and opportunities help you to become a man of knowledge?”

“No!” I said emphatically.

“Then how could you feel sorry for those children?” he said seriously. “Any of them could become a man of knowledge. All the men of knowledge I know were kids like those you saw eating leftovers and licking the tables.” –from pp. 20-22.

We in America still live in the richest economy in the world. Do our freedom, opportunity and richness make us people of knowledge—people able to see and align with the true nature of reality? Do our educational institutions enlighten us or merely groom us to uphold an old world order? This old world order is so out of balance that nature is leading the revolution now to bring it down.

The Truth

Nature has delivered a profound blow to the country of Japan. Perhaps we can ignore dead sea turtles in the oil-polluted Gulf of Mexico as new drilling leases are approved for oil companies, but can we really ignore radioactive waste filling the ocean? Who really feels reassured at the suggestion that by the time this waste finds its way to the human dinner table the radioactivity will be negligible and fit for human consumption? How can we ever really feel comfortable eating fish again? Are not the oceans all interconnected?

Don Juan challenges the worldview that privilege and wealth create advantage. In fact, he would argue that privilege and wealth lead to complacency and clinging to delusional beliefs. Don Juan would likely suggest that what appears as compassion for Japan is, in fact, displaced self-pity emanating from a deeply threatened old world order.

Our world of solid objects may be maya—sheer illusion—but even illusion requires some integrity to hold it together. The Newtonian dimension of our world—that of dense solid energy—is so out of balance that nature is unleashing its own corrective measures to root out the culprit: GREED!

The invasion of greed into the quantum level of reality through nuclear energy has now completely exploded. In a world of interdependence and interconnectedness, no amount of prosperity can insulate us from nuclear fallout. We are all in it together; we all live in Japan now.

Traumatized Japan is not a victim. Japan has been jolted awake. Japan is challenged to take the lead and overthrow greed, and align itself with needed change: a new world order in balance with nature. Can we all take that lead, see reality and become a people of knowledge?

Can we align our actions, policies and intent with what the seers of ancient Mexico call direct knowledge, or the Taoists call the Way: right action based on truth? This is our challenge: Truth or Consequences?

Citizen of the new world,

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A Day in a Life: On the Road to Mindfulness

The world has grown larger in the past couple of centuries as we have gone beyond our villages and towns, beyond our states and countries, as we have sailed and flown to foreign parts and discovered other villages, towns, and countries. Hopefully, we have learned that the people in those other countries are just like us; flesh and blood, with feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes; that they also love certain things about life; that they love their children, husbands and wives; that they too are fallible and make mistakes just as we do. Hopefully, we have gained a broader view of humanity as a whole and now understand the greater interconnectedness of all things and that we are all responsible for what happens on our planet no matter where we live. Hopefully, we have learned that we are all the same in so many ways, because now may be the time for us to return to our villages and towns and countries, taking with us all that we have learned. Now may be the time for us to utilize what we have learned, for all humanity.

With the crisis in Japan the world has changed. We must accept this fact. We must figure out how we want to live now that we can no longer rely on trade with Japan to support our abundant lifestyles. Our cars must come from within our own borders, our food must be local, our responsibility to the entire world rests on us all making changes that are good for the Earth. We must not only change our personal lives, but we must pressure our governments to change as well, to be a part of the greater world without a doubt, but to make decisions that take into consideration the larger global picture that we have a greater understanding of now that we have all become world explorers. But it is time for the explorers to take what has been learned and, with that new knowledge firmly grasped, return home and change.

So how can we personally change? How can we as individuals make progress toward changing the way things are done? We can start with mindfulness. In the Buddhist sense, mindfulness is staying present in the moment, in as many moments as possible throughout the day. It is being mindful of how we walk, how we eat, how we talk. It is being mindful of how we drive, how we spend our time, how we think. It is being mindful of how we love, how we give, how we receive. It is being mindful of what we choose to look at, read, and allow into our bodies. It is being mindful of our thoughts, judgments, criticisms of our self and others. It is being mindful of our intents, our prayers, our desires. In essence, being mindful is being aware, and being aware of ourselves in the world is how we can be mindful of how we can change.

In practical terms, we must first accept that we are all living in Japan now. Our world has changed. That is the first thing we must take into consideration as we turn and study our personal responsibilities to this changed world. How can I mindfully be present and aware?

“Most of the time, we are lost in the past or carried away by the future. When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace, and love.” So writes Thich Nhat Hanh in The Long Road Turns to Joy, A Guide to Walking Meditation.

I propose meditation in everyday life, in constantly reminding the self to be present, as the means of gaining greater awareness of ourselves in the world and greater awareness of what we must do to change and flow with the energy of nature, now guiding us in this process of change. This does not have to be anything more than reminding the self to focus on each task that we do, to do it mindfully. Personally, I try to be mindful from the moment I wake up. I am not always successful, since it is impossible to be mindful every moment of every day, but the more often I pull my thoughts back to what I am doing the more I am able to be present. Each one of those tiny moments of presence, of awareness of the moment, adds up. Being mindful throughout the day is really very simple.

When I get out of bed and put my feet onto the floor, I say to myself: I am putting my feet onto the floor. I feel the floor under my feet. I am walking, walking, walking. I am waking up with each step. I am noticing the morning darkness or the morning light. I am walking.

When I make my morning coffee, I say to myself: I am making the coffee. I am running the water, measuring the coffee, thanking the earth for the water, the coffee plantations for the delicious coffee beans. I am staying mindfully focused on what I am doing, turning this process into a mantra as I awaken to a new day mindfully. When I drink my freshly brewed coffee, I say to myself: I am drinking this coffee. I am drinking and feeling each sip I take. I am mindfully drinking my coffee.

As the day goes on, I continue to remind myself to pay attention to what I am doing. When I eat, I say to myself: I am eating now. I am eating this delicious food that someone else has grown and tended and I thank them for it. If I keep thanking and focusing on what I am doing other thoughts easily leave, but they come back quickly, so I must again remind myself of what I am doing. This is practicing mindfulness.

In accepting that we are all personally responsible, as citizens of the world, we can turn to the small things in life as the place to begin making the most changes, having the most impact. As we mindfully go about our day we may discover where we are sloppy with our time and thoughts. We may discover that, as we pay attention to each task, we slow down considerably and in so doing gain not only peaceful moments of calm, but discover that we don’t really need to hurry at all, because we see that in slowing down mindfully we have plenty of time for the things that really matter. And that is the crux of what our world is asking of us now. What really matters?

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment

“The First Noble Truth,” writes Thich Nhat Hahn, “taught by the Buddha is the presence of suffering. Awareness of suffering generates compassion, and compassion generates the will to practice the Way.” If we are to practice the Way, live mindfully in balance with nature, inner and outer nature, we must be aware of suffering. Right now there is suffering in Japan, in the Middle East, and in our own countries there is suffering every day.

We can mindfully remind ourselves of this by saying: I am aware of the suffering in Japan. I am aware of the suffering as the wars in the Middle East are waged. I am aware of the suffering in my own backyard. I feel this suffering. I accept the truth of suffering. I know what it means to suffer too. I now turn my heart outward and send compassion on the wings of intent. I am mindful of my power to change and to change the world by my intent.

This is mindful living. Try it.

Thanks for reading and passing these blogs on to others! Sending you all love and good wishes.

In mindfulness,

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#751 We Are All Responsible

Written by Jan Ketchel and including a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

It’s early Sunday morning as I write this. Chuck woke me as dawn was breaking and I got up to see the first orange sweep of the rising sun in the East and the luminous globe of the enormous “supermoon” setting through the trees in the West. The birds were already stirring and, as we sat by the woodstove and looked out the windows to the South, I saw deer grazing in the field across the road while the robins swept across the front yard, as they worked on nest building, and the squirrels ran around gathering edibles; nature awakening and going about the natural course of things. I could not help but think about what nature had enacted on the other side of the world: devastation and continued danger of high radiation in Japan, as well as the energy of revolution continually escalating in the Middle East.

Here I sit, I thought, quite happy and contented, my world in order, nature doing what nature does. It goes on as it has every spring, nesting, preparing for new life, the crocuses and daffodils emerging from the frozen ground, the sun warming the earth and, yet, I cannot forget what has been happening in our world.

Already a little more than a week has passed since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan rocked our world and we all felt the reverberations in some way. There are people who choose not to attach any importance to events taking place so far away, however, who choose not to know, who feel detached and unaffected, simply because they are not personally effected by something happening in a foreign country. The media has already gone on to new news, for the most part; the Libyan conflict—revolution equally important—now taking the headlines again.

It is appropriate that we not turn from the truth of the revolutions taking place in our world, yet I fear the nuclear disaster in Japan will be swept from our knowing, suppressed, covered in lies. We will be told again and again that there is no immediate human health danger to be concerned about, until we accept it as truth and return to our old ways. Meanwhile radiation has been released into the atmosphere, it is in cow’s milk and green leafy foods in Japan, and it is being washed into the oceans and carried on the winds. Yet we are lied to in order to keep down the panic.

Panic is necessary now. This is the time of revolution, after all. We must not listen to the voices that tell us to “go shopping” as President Bush did after 9/11, or the Japanese authorities who say they have everything under control and that there is really nothing to worry about, while at the same time radiation is spreading. In the face of the truth they blatantly lie, expecting us to acquiesce to the lies as we have always done in the past. It is not time to pull back into secrecy but to keep exposing the lies along with the real truths of what man has done to our world, to Mother Earth.

And yet, I know that inner calm is utterly necessary at times like this, that the truth must be balanced with inner pragmatism while we look deeply within and search for the true path for man to take, now more than ever. As I look upon nature itself on this beautiful morning, I receive one answer by its example. Nature tells me that life does indeed go on.

This is nature at its best, just as destruction, misery, and suffering are nature at its best. There must be death for there to be new life. Can I accept that what is happening is right for our times? Can I accept the release of radiation, the revolutions, the deaths in so many forms as right, knowing that it is forcing us to a new evolutionary possibility, for mankind to do more than just survive what he himself has wrought? This is nature in true balance. Can I be in alignment with this side of nature too?

I ask you today, Jeanne, to lead us now to a new level of understanding and consideration, as we take in the truth of what is happening, for I fear that the media will be moving on to the next crisis in the world, leaving the smoldering mess of contamination in Japan to “the experts,” while the planet suffers, and each one of us too. While baby dolphins die as a result of last year’s fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico and the fish in the Hudson River contend with heavy PCB contamination, while nature pushes us to remember, we move on so easily to the next big news item, forgetting that we too are nature.

What can we do to stay bound to the truth now? It is time to stay connected to what we have forgotten, that decay is necessary, as well as new life. I must remember, while I watch the birds building their nests, that in the woods lies the carcass of an enormous deer, rotting, its rib cage bleaching white in the sun, picked clean by scavengers. I must remember this balance in nature and be honest with myself about death.

Can you talk today about making personal choices now, as the attention to recent disasters shifts and the status quo reasserts itself, as we get back to business as usual, as I see reflected in nature on this early morning? Because that is the other truth: life does go on.

Here is Jeanne’s response to my questions:

I ask you to enjoy your moments of bliss and delight, yet maintain awareness of death, for it is true that they go hand-in-hand. But do not either forget that they are not separate activities, opposites perhaps, but in concert nonetheless, for you cannot have one without the other. This Jan points out, and yet it is what is most often forgotten as one goes about “business as usual.”

There can no longer be business as usual. You, My Dear Readers and Journeyers, if you are to be the new generation of seers upon that earth, must never return to complacency and business as usual. It is time now to remain awake, alert to the realities of your world as you have made it. You may say that this had been done by others, that you have no skills in the development of nuclear science, that you have no dispute in the war zones, but that is not so: You are all responsible.

I charge each one of you with the responsibility for your world and until you accept this responsibility you will not be a true citizen of change, nor hold the seers potential in right alignment with its proper meaning or intent.

I ask that there be no stopping the human potential to realign with nature, to rebalance with nature’s intent, for in order to evolve and come into alignment, mankind, all humanity, must react as ferociously as Mother Nature does. I do not advocate destruction without—except in the form of change—by making decisions that will be revolutionary in enacting personal and worldwide change.

Do what is right for the planet and you will do what is right for all living things. Nature goes about her business, but do not think it is business as usual, for nature contends each moment of each day with change. Nature must adapt to herself and to what man had done to her air, her waters, her soils, her growing flowers and fruits, to her creatures, and yet she does not stop. Her energy is as powerful as ever. Nature does not sleep, except to rejuvenate herself, and this is what man must learn to do as well.

Man must learn to rejuvenate his energy, so that his natural power is ready each moment of each day. If a bird falls asleep in the middle of the day it will not be in alignment with nature. If the birds all slept, instead of doing what they must to live, the balance of all nature would suffer.

Man sleeps too often when he should be awake. It is time now to shift to a more natural alignment with nature, with the rising sun and the setting sun. Learn now to work in the proper moment, to rest in the proper moment, and to act according to the laws of nature in the proper moment, all of which can only be accessed if in alignment with all things.

Accept the truths of life and death as intertwined. One without the other leads to chaos and this is where mankind, especially in the West, has faltered. He has chosen only to live. He has chosen to forget about death and thus he has created an impossible situation.

An earthquake is only the beginning of his shake up, for mankind needs to be reminded of the basic truths of his reason for being upon that earth. And what is that?

Man is a sentient being. This means he is, in truth, a spiritual presence and not a conquering presence. Man has sought to conquer nature, forgetting his spiritual self, as he sought only to feed his ego self. Now man is asked, by nature herself, to return to his sentient roots, in alignment with nature, and learn once again what nature offers: the true lessons in evolutionary growth.

Look now for personal inner balance. Seek a place of calm observation while awake and rejuvenating energy replenishment while asleep. Restore first that balance, the sleeping-waking cycles, as nature does, and you will begin to realign with man’s true intent. When in balance, you will find that you each have within you the answers you seek.

Take responsibility for the self and you take responsibility for the entire world. Remain alert to the moment, to the energy of the moment. And do not forget that in order for life, including your own, to evolve, there will be destruction and death. It is necessary and unavoidable.

A seer knows this at all times. A seer seeks balance at all times by remaining aware of his death, just as the birds and other animals do. Their instinct is strong. They know how to live and they know how to die, with dignity, in proper alignment with nature, constantly adjusting to what life presents, respectful of all other life, always on the move in natural consort/concert with evolutionary energy.

In ending, I suggest that each one of you look upon your own life, your habits, and correct your misalignment with nature as much as you can, just as you expect the rest of the world to do. And then see what happens!

Thank you Jeanne. Please feel free to post comments or respond to this message in the post/read comments section below. Also check out our facebook page at: Riverwalker Press on facebook. And thank you for passing the messages on!

Most fondly and humbly offered.

A Day in a Life: The Times They are A-Changin’

Dear Readers and Fellow Journeyers,

It feels only right, in light of the situation that continues to unfold in Japan, that we continue reflecting and searching for meaning regarding the natural events that have rocked the world over the past week. I just cannot return to the personal or domestic at this point, it just feels wrong, the energy needed instead for the bigger picture of what is happening on the other side of the world, affecting us all.

I may be psychic, an open channel, but Chuck is the real visionary. He has the gift of far-sighted intuition that often astounds me. When he says we should do something or prepare for something I take note, because he’s mostly right. I would like to say that he’s always right, but that feels too burdensome a pronouncement to put on anyone. But to prove the point, he has been saying, for many years, that things would come to a head, that what we do politically, environmentally, energetically, and personally make a world of difference and that our dependence on the world’s natural resources would backfire on us, our technological age would become the end of the world as we know it. He never says this in a negative light, but always as a positive and much needed shift, in a shamanic sense, which is that we are setting ourselves up for just the right shift to a new awareness.

You may say, yeah, well a lot of people say that, but not in the way that Chuck says it. He knows something else, the bigger picture always before him, while I tend to focus on the details of the moment. I feel lucky that I too have access to that bigger picture in my channeling with Jeanne, she too offering far-sighted and far-reaching insight in alignment with some of the astounding proclamations that I hear coming from Chuck. The two of them still work in synchronistic ways and if you know them now or knew them as a couple in this world you are not surprised.

When we first began publicly sending out the messages from Jeanne in 2006, first via email and then later on the website, there were still several journals of unpublished material. The content of some of those early messages has stayed with us, warnings of changes in the world, largely based on man’s disregard for nature and his tendency to greed and overconsumption. Today, I post one of those early messages because it is so pertinent to what is happening in Japan at this very moment, a warning almost of this happening. Jeanne says that even our generation, her generation, will feel the impact of change and indeed she is right. The message is long, but I encourage you to read on:

Here is the message, channeled on September 13, 2006, that we find so important to publish now, in light of the continually unfolding situation in Japan.

As usual, I connected to her via a question: Dear Jeanne, Do you have messages for us today?

This is her response:

Contemplate the vicissitudes of the nation. Mark your calendars and circulate the unwanted news that I profess to have access to. The times they are a-changin’! Do not retreat from this job I give you. Do not fail in our intent, which is to bring to all who are ready, the first signs of truth regarding the ways of the government of America and the natural consequences of untapped greed.

Mother Nature revolts. This will happen before, after, and during any other manmade revolts. This will be the ultimate factor, the deciding factor in any other action taken. Mother Nature will wage the war that will end all wars and turn the world into a quieter, calmer place, because there will be no energy or ego enough to continue battling with others. There will be a time of destruction, partly man’s fault, partly instigated by the reaction of the earth to that which man has promulgated upon her surface. This will lead to a calming down of all tensions upon that earth and a forced new world will be in order.

There will be no reason for man to have the power he now affords and awards himself. His state now is of possessive greed and this is an overtaking action, a self-professed assigning of elite power that will bring him down, in the end, to his knees. No man is born to take such a role. That role has been engineered and constructed by man’s tremendous ego, unleashed, uncontrolled, and unable to maintain balance. This ego, grown large and out of shape, no longer holds compassion, kindness, or love at its core, but has pushed aside those basic human attributes and instead taken on the cloak of outrageous greed.

There is no dragging off of this cloak. There is only the dismantling that can happen through natural consequences. So powerful has man become in his own eyes, that he does not intend to allow another man to cut down his sturdy legs and, thus, his attitude perpetuates the intensity of war and greed.

The only thing capable of decapitating and dethroning man is his inherent Mother: the Earth, the Moon, the Stars, and the configurations of the heavens which house all stories, told and untold. Here lies all truth, waiting for the grand moment of coincident, when alignment will impact everything, as man now knows it.

It is not that far off. The many who prophesy and who believe that this is caused by a punitive god do not have all the facts straight. There is much that is involved, both on earth and in the heavens, where outer space is a vast other world, full of life, potential, and energy, constantly gathering to enact needed change.

The synchronistic placement of many things, in order for a great change to take place, is paramount. This cannot be wished for, nor can it be exactly predicted by anyone on earth, for there are many things involved that man alone cannot bear to bring together, either in his mind nor does he dare to impose it upon the decent people of the earth.

What things? I asked.

There are rumblings deep inside the earth, affected not only by their own environment but also by the pulls outside the atmosphere. There are great shifts taking place inside, while outside the magnetic fields are drawing together in a focused alignment that will pull up from inside the earth the energy that has been waiting a long time to be unleashed.

There are gravitational pulls, magnetic and otherwise, that affect all of this, both between planets and between all that exists on earth. There is constant tension and if this tension is disturbed or thrown off balance then there is reason for disaster. During earthquakes there is this confrontation, this tension between the inner earth and the outer space atmosphere where some of the heaviest pulls exist.

This sort of tug-of-war goes on continually, causing flooding and shifting of the waters upon the earth, as well as in the geothermal aspects of the earth’s interior. This man cannot correct or predict, if he does not begin to understand energy outside of object. As long as man continues to think that energy can only be created by an object, he will not be able to fathom how such large and devastating disasters may happen.

There exist vast pools of energy, not at all attached to objects, though at one time it was. Energy does not die, but continues to live and to travel, to be a part of the “forces of nature,” as it is generally called. The forces of nature are however, simply direct spirit energies on a mission, forcibly enacting change with the help of gravitational and other magnetic energies not yet fathomed by man.

[I believe, in that last paragraph, that Jeanne is speaking about evolving human energy, once in the physical, object world, now in infinity, continuing to evolve and impact us here on earth, as she herself does, especially through these channelings.]

There are scientists who have encountered energies and phenomena they cannot understand and often this has caused retreat, rather than further exploration. However, there are many who understand the vast connection between all that exists, beyond known study, and beyond accepted reason. There are the few daring ones who, if paid attention to, could offer incredible insight.

Our mission is part of this great energy that desires change and we are aligned in aligning and preparing those upon the earth who choose to engage us for knowledge of what is imminent.

How imminent? I asked.

Changes can occur at any time, even in your life times, this generation’s, even the one that I was of that grows old now, even that generation will witness incredible changes on the earth’s surface and in the people who inhabit it. It will not be long before it seems that destruction is everywhere, as bits of earth disappear into the sea. And the population will readjust, and a better balance will be created in order for the plentifulness of the earth to be available, according to the original plan, nature providing all.

Until these times of hardship arrive, ready yourself with simplicity. Ready your children to lead lives of compassion and world interest, rather than fear and self-interest. Prepare for changes, but stay balanced and steady and one with the earth and you will have less of a problem adjusting to a new world.

The great electronic revolution interferes with the energy between magnetic poles, slicing through the direct lines of energy that are necessary aspects of life on earth. This has impact on people, directly, though it is not a physical impact, it is an energetic impact, causing disruption and heightened activity that does not allow for the usual connection that leads to calm.

Heightened energy is debilitating and causes many problems, both in an individual and in societies where, if allowed to progress, will create mini-catastrophes merely because of clashes that are better left avoided, but have become unavoidable.

Even as sound reverberates, so does the energy coming from each person on earth reverberate. As the energy of people continues to be disrupted it, in turn, becomes disruptive. With enough of this heightened and drastically off-kilter energy bumping into similar energy there is the tension of sparking to occur. When this happens, whether on a person-to-person level or an energetic level outside the earth’s atmosphere, there is change enacted elsewhere by the simple fact of reverberation.

Clashes are not accidental. There are no accidents. The way things are now going upon the earth are not accidents—this is certain. All is connected. Keep this in mind. What happens one place affects what happens in another place. Everything affects everything else.

Do you have any other messages for today? I asked.

That’s enough. I sense your need to stop. So be it, we will continue tomorrow, but watch my words, as they have great meaning. You are not a scientist, Jan, and this is far beyond your normal activity with me. I know you prefer messages that you can fathom, but I also know I can challenge you and that you will translate my meaning well. We can continue to explain all of this at another time.

My main message of today is to exhibit how all energies effect everything, both that which is directly in its path— resulting in clashes occurring—as well as all other energy in the world, even energy existing independent of objects, as in infinity.

There does not need to be an energy source defined, as such, because energy exists because it is endless, never began, never ends, it simply is.

Remember this as you go about your day, as you meet and encounter the variety of energies that exist on earth’s plane and as you feel and intuit energy all around you. It can be pretty thrilling to understand this and to feel it in your own life.

—End of Channeled Message—

Okay, so if you’ve gotten this far you can see why we felt it was pertinent and important to put this previously unpublished message out at this time. I hope it gives something else to focus on, to help shift away from fear and worry, but also to bring focus on the truth of our times, that they are indeed challenging us to not turn away, to not avoid or pretend that we are not affected by what is happening in Japan, because we are all affected by it, whether we choose to accept that notion or not. Indeed, the times they are a-changin’ as Bob Dylan, that other prophet, that other visionary like Chuck, once wrote. Such visionaries go quietly about their work, but now is really the time to pay attention to what they have been saying all along, because now is the time of real change for us all. There is no stopping it, as Chuck says.

Thanks for listening to us. May you all take the meaning of these messages into your hearts and find the personal meaning in all of this doom and gloom, finding how you can change your own world so you can make a difference to the greater world. We are all being asked to sacrifice something now, to simplify, to return to nature. Mother Earth asks this of us.

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Thanks for reading and passing these blogs on to others! Sending you all love and good wishes,

#750 Thank You, People of Japan

Written by Jan Ketchel and including a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I decide to channel Monday’s message to humanity a day early. I seek commentary from Jeanne on the devastation in Japan, the earthquake and tsunami that have caused massive devastation, loss of life, catastrophic environmental damage, and feelings of great sadness for the people of Japan the world over. As we are brutally confronted with the reality of impermanence, I ask Jeanne: What can we learn from this natural disaster?

Jeanne responds:

Impermanence, as you mention, Jan, is the first thing to recognize. This is a big blow to man’s insistence on controlling nature, yet the overall message is this: Nothing and no one is safe from death.

It is not enough to sit back and declare that this is happening in another part of the world and lucky for you that you are not there. More must be expected of all of you now, for the earth itself is continually shaking you to awaken. I do not wish to continue along negative lines, for in order to shift into what comes next one must accept that this earthquake and its aftermath are meant to produce a new way of life.

Man has indeed come far from his spiritual roots and purpose. This does not make man bad. It merely presents a dilemma and sometimes such a dilemma requires outside help in causing shift.

I pause, feeling a need to shift the direction of this channeling and ask Jeanne another question. Can you give your readers one important message regarding the situation in Japan?

Here is what Jeanne says in answer to that question:

Treat the world differently from this day forth.
Treat the earth differently.
Treat the people you meet differently and the people you will never meet.
Treat your self differently.
Allow your spirit self to emerge more fully and partake in life.

Accept the truth of your personal impermanence in order to understand the massive loss of life upon the coastline of Japan. Do not stay in sadness, but use it to change how you act, how you pray, how you set your intent. Turn from sorrow to release the self from all that flows so negatively out of this destruction. Turn to the power of change that comes into human lives with such force of nature.

Nature is at the core of each one of you. You have this same power inside you. This is what you are being shown. It is the energy of the times you live in that has so interrupted the land of ancient Japan, but ancient Japan knows it cannot swim against the tides of change. It knows it must accept that this is how nature has decided to send the message that energy is more powerful than man’s progress upon that earth.

It is not time now to bemoan the destruction, but to learn that, although man is weak before such power, man does have this power also within. Perhaps it is time to use it again, but not in revolutions of destruction, of greed, of self-interest, whether personal or national, but only in revolutions of inward digging and excavation, on inward progress.

Start a personal revolution of change. Do not turn from Mother Nature in fear, but turn toward her in love and acceptance that everything you need is in her, keeping in mind that she is each one of you. You hold all you need within.

This is not a simplistic answer nor is it meant to disregard or minimize the impact of this turmoil in the world. No words can do that, for you all feel this. You must feel it. This is the truth you must face: your personal destruction, your impermanence. And to really face that, truthfully, you must change.

You must pay attention to the messages coming from the earth itself. You will find them within. During the coming week go inside the self, each one of you, and begin to clean up the debris in your lives. You have the pictures of what devastation looks like, flashing before you everywhere you look, so you know what needs to be done. Do not look away in horror, but face the horror and work at how it makes you feel.

You must change now. That is the disturbing message.

You live. Do not let the people of Japan die in vain. Take their message of impermanence, delivered so impersonally, and use it to change how things are done. Thank them for their sacrifice to nature’s call to change.

Now it is up to each one of you to carry on, and no matter where you live on that earth: Live differently now.

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Most fondly and humbly offered.