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Soulbyte for Monday November 13, 2017

Conflict resolution often requires compromise. Conflict within the self will also remain steadfastly damaging if compromise is not reached. Compromise entails being able to see things from different perspectives, to step out of the self and observe the self from afar, to let go of that which the mind has decided must be. For conflict is in the mind, an idea so mentally implanted as to create a deadlock within the self and then one is a slave to it. Freedom from such slavery comes in emptying the mind of its ideas and starting fresh. Today is a good day to do just that. Don’t waste another moment of your life; release your mind from its mental war and for one day let peace reign. You will discover how wonderful a peaceful mind can be!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday August 14, 2017

Keep kindness in your heart wherever you roam, compassion near at hand. Though hatred may dwell in the hearts of many let this not sway you from your mission of peace and equality for all. There will always be the ones who know not love yet, who do not understand what it truly means to love, but that does not mean it should be abandoned by those who feel it and understand it and find it always at the ready. It will never lose its power nor go out of fashion. Its power is boundless, its strength unflagging, its beauty all encompassing. Let love be your weapon of choice, always.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday July 18, 2017

Don’t attempt to overpower nature. Let nature take its natural course. Remember that even in the midst of a storm there are moments of calm; the eye of the hurricane, the time between wind blasts, the pause between lightning strikes. There is always an opportunity to reestablish stability and gain balance. Maintain your flexibility as you learn to ride the rough times that naturally occur, for you are no more than a storm yourself, capable of test and turmoil, a powerful force of nature. You are your own boat and you are the rocky seas, you are the wind and you are the waves, you are the sun bringing the end of the storm and the calm air too that signals that it’s over. Be grateful for all that life brings and all that you are, the calm eye and the wild storm too, powerful energy indeed! Use it wisely.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne