#268 Consider the World Your Laboratory

Dear Jeanne,
Chuck and I were discussing you last night. He said that although you became a psychotherapist, much at his urging, you were really a teacher. So what you are doing now, teaching and guiding, is right in line with who you were. He also said that, just as you were known to do when you were a therapist, you make your point over and over again, finding a myriad of ways to say the same thing. I find it quite interesting that he sees the similarities in you, then and now, so apparently. Your patience, your thoroughness, and your stalwart focus remain characteristic, even though you are totally energy now. Do our characteristic traits always remain part of us?

I like to be recognized by Chuck for who I truly am, both Jeanne Marie Ketchel and a composite of all my lifetime personalities. Those characteristics that most comprised me when he knew me do remain part of my being. Although I do not have physical form so do I contain traits that are recognizably human when I interact with you. That is how it works, even though I am but energy.

So, if you were to interact with some other life form, or another purely energetic being, would you present your self differently?

Yes, as energy, because all other life forms recognize energetic interaction. Yet do humans still have a hard time with this concept, of everything being energy. It is what I seek most to teach you about. Even though there are plenty of humans who have taught, and do continue to teach this concept, so is it the most difficult for those caught in earthbound sentiments to fully grasp.

Even as the wind is but energy, so am I, and so are you. Your energetic intent, most characteristically your thoughts are but energy, and have as much power to affect the world as even a burst of air does. Remind your self often that you are energy. This will help you grasp many of the ideas I present to you. It will aid you as you meditate and pray in an attempt to promote a new way of life upon your planet.

Know that you are fully capable of using your energy for good, but it must be a conscious choice. No amount of guidance or teaching upon the subject of energy will change anything if you do not actively partake in enacting change by utilizing your energetic potential. Continue to seek to understand this great force that you are comprised of, and that remains so greatly underutilized and, in many cases, totally untapped.

There is a tendency on that human plane to constantly look outside of the self for what the Earth offers, and what others offer in order to survive. But really, you need only discover your own potential and test it, experience it, and find a good balance between what the Earth offers for your survival and what you offer. What you have is equally viable and readily available, not only for survival, but for evolution, understanding, and change.

When I teach you about energy so do I offer you only what you already have inside you. I offer you the opportunity to discover your own power. I do not give you something foreign or unusual that you must grasp from some strange place. I only give you what already exists in you, offering resonance with that long buried aspect of your inner self. Your job, as student of energy, is to test your own awakening abilities, both to grasp the concept, and to experiment with it. Consider the world your laboratory. You are a scientist who is seeking understanding, but rather than presenting your self with a concept that you must prove is true, so do you begin by accepting that it is true, and then looking for experience of it in order to grow.

You are not being asked to disprove these ideas, but you are being asked to trust, by your own resonant knowing, that they are true, and that everything is possible. Not maybe, perhaps, or well, I haven’t proven it, so it can’t be true. No, your energetic self must begin to learn about energy by allowing for the concept of the possibility of everything to be your starting place. Trust and Allow. Those two words will broaden your ability to learn about energy. By trusting and allowing, do you invite your self into a new kind of scientific laboratory, one that truly resonates with your inner knowing, but it also resonates with all energy outside of you.

You can learn to do what I do now. You can communicate without words, by using your energy as I use mine. Test it. Try it out on your self. Find time to quietly sit and really feel your own energetic components, your vibratory rate, that determines who you are, and how you function. You are all different, though you are also the same. You are all vibratory energy, but your rate depends on who you truly are.

My vibratory rate is similar to that of Jan, who does write my words. That is how and why I am able to connect with her so readily. And of course, she has learned over these many years to trust and allow, and so do we have this conjugal process that offers aid in understanding life and energy. All of you have this opportunity to connect with guides who are of similar vibration to your own. All of you have the ability to experience your own vibratory energy. Beyond that, is it up to you if you are ready to trust and allow your resonance to be reciprocated by another like being, with just your vibratory rate. This is possible!

So, keep flowing in your work on the self, but take time to feel your energy, both during the day and when you fall asleep at night. Just at sleep do you most often have experience of this state of your energetic self, but you can feel it any time. It just takes a little calm emptiness in order to truly know the energetic self.

Seek emptiness of the mind, and just feel what is contained in your body: pure energy! And then test what you can do with it once you have accepted that concept and grasped what it feels like. Then can you be in charge of it more fully, and really use it, as I do. It’s not that hard. As with everything, it just takes practice!

NOTE: I must add, and confirm what Jeanne is saying, that in my own experiences, when I am connected to her there is total resonance. I am energized after doing this channeling. But if, and when, I choose to channel another being, it is an extremely draining experience, which leaves me exhausted. By testing this early on, I discovered that my connection with Jeanne was truly energetically resonant and vibratorily right for me. As a result of my own experiments, I determined that in order to remain energetically fully available, I would not expend energy channeling discordant beings. By remaining solely committed to the connection with Jeanne, I am using my energy in a way that is resonant and compatible, rather than depleting and uncomfortable. And look what has happened! It has become as natural as breathing. Every day, when I do this work, I am re-charged. Just thought I’d offer some insight into my own experience.
With Love and Affection for All of You,

#267 Are You Ready to Flow Now?

Dear Jeanne,
Although I don’t have time to channel or post a long message today, I wondered if you have a brief note of guidance I can pass along to your readers?

My Dear Readers and Fellow Journeyers,

Stay in your place of calm. Stay in your balanced inner core no matter what swirls outside of you, or attempts to invade your determined path or space of inner knowing. Trust, and absolve your self of faults, and indecisiveness, so that now may be a significant factor in your actions, your decisions, and the way you determine to live your life. I do not recommend getting too involved in the affairs of others, but remain innerly focused, even though there is much to grab your attention. Remain contained, doing your inner work, and trusting of your journey, for it will lead you where you need to go. Are you ready to flow now?

#266 Wipe Clean the Foggy Mirror Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Do not alleviate symptoms of change with old habits. Rely now on your new inner knowledge of the self to weather through this time of transition. Centering, balancing calm will ultimately prove to be your greatest asset and your most loyal attribute. Do not consider your situation hopeless, or unaccomplishable, for that would merely be feeding the big baby a great big bottle. Find now your stability in your deep inner knowing. Hear the clear voice of your mature and quietly situated self speaking the truth of your next move. Determine once again, that you are on a journey; every step is necessary. And if you are going to stay upon this journey of change, so must you be prepared to move along your path every day, with your head up, looking forward, with positive awareness of your life as meaningful, and truly necessary.

Do not allow your old habits to come knocking at your door. Determine now new methods and new means of living your life. Each day, make a commitment to your self that you will do it differently now. You will continue to take steps of change. These new steps will show you, without a doubt, that life holds more than you can imagine behind the veils of the future, as yet unrevealed. Your progress now must be made with awareness, eyes opened wide, and a knowing that you are on the journey that you must take for evolutionary growth.

It is not a time to be afraid, though drastic change may cause you to shake in your boots. It is not a time to call upon old fears to save you and swamp you. It is not a time to bury your self in your old patterns of behavior, nor to turn to others to rescue you. This time of change now upon that Earth calls for a concerted shift into mature consciousness. It is time to stop playing games with spirituality and your awakening self, and remove all pretenses and all coverings that you parade around with that keep you only half-heartedly acknowledging of your truth, and your journey. It is now time to accept the bare facts of your self as a journeyer of meaning, and of awareness.

Wipe clean the foggy mirror today, and take a good look at who you are, right now. Who is that person looking back at you? If the mirror fogs over again, then wipe it clean continuously as you allow your self to wake up to the reality of who you are. Do not shirk from your truths. Accept them, so that you may proceed now during this time of change. This time of change offers only truth revealed. Do not allow the foggy veils of the past ideas of the self, and the habits of the previous years, to take away what is being revealed.

If you can accept the shifts that have taken place while you have been unaware, and unalert, so can you accept this moment as your moment of real change and growth. From this day forward, I advise and encourage, All of You Journeyers, to keep your eyes clear, your future revealed, and your past equally so, in order to avoid getting caught in the veils again. With clarity of vision will clarity of purpose be revealed, and this is what you ultimately seek.

Your life’s purpose will remain hidden as long as your ability to accept and embrace change is thwarted by the veils of oblivion. But remember, those veils, those habits, and those old routines are so well known to you, so apparent, and so reliable that you know every aspect of them, how they work, and how they don’t work any more. Aren’t you tired of them? Aren’t you ready for this great shift, now being presented to you? Aren’t you ready to see the truths of who you are, and who you are to become?

This energy of change asks for commitment. It asks for staying in the flow of it, without falling back into your habits of oblivion, fear, and the habits of the big baby. This time of change asks you to consciously decide that now is the time to finally allow for real growth, while clarity is present, and will remain available if you decide to step into it, rather than back into the veils. What do you choose today? Are you ready to stay in your clarity? Ready to walk out of the veils, the fog now, and bear your truths as your fuel and your fodder for the journey ahead?

Ask your self today, while you gain awareness, as a shift opens a door or a window for you, if you are going to stay upon this path of awakening. This awakening is offering you a real opportunity now. Are you going to accept it, and continue to grow, living a new life with maturity, clarity, and awareness of your spirit guiding you? Don’t back away from it! Be careful, My Dears, you may miss a wonderful opportunity.

#265 Enact Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for today?

Unearth now your deepest desires for growth and transformation, and allow your life to be lived by them. Inculcate a new transitional period by living more fully now your spirit guided life. Do not hesitate in this endeavor, for the sooner you begin your new version of living upon that Earth, the sooner will change happen, not only in your own life, but in all life.

The simplest concept is all it takes to begin a process of change, and that concept, basic and easy though it may be, is so often neglected in thought and deed, and is considered unreliable by those who push for drastic change. That concept is: that all energy affects all other energy, that your actions affect all other actions, that your inner intent has affect outside of you.

To demand change will have little effect, but to enact change will have great effect. It is as simple as that! Begin by shifting your own intent, using your energy in a positive, transformational way in your personal life. Allow your own inner spirit to guide you in your outer life more often and more fully now, and see what begins to happen in the world around you. Shift negative thinking, and ideas of worldwide despair to a positive transitional energetic momentum, beginning within your own body and your own inner self. Express your inner spirit self now, immediately, in some fashion, and see what happens.

Today is a day of change, and you can urge that change in a positive direction by participating in the energy of change from your inner spirit self. Use your intent, from your deeply searching inner self, to energetically begin a new life. Begin from your inner place of calm, with a balanced perspective on who you now are, a being who is headed for evolutionary life. Use all that you know, and all that you aspire to experience to aid you now, as you continue your journey.

Today is a day of change. With focus on the positive, with good for all of mankind, an awakening that will shift that world into a new transition, based on spirit experience and spirit intent, is perfectly possible, acceptable, and desirable. Your own wish for shift and change is echoed by many. Allow your energy for truth, and for spirit-driven actions, to be part of the new force for change. Allow your calm inner quiet, your meditations, and your prayers to escape outward now from your inner self to engage the energies seeking resonant, reciprocal energies.

Turn your heart-centered breathing outward now, from your heart, into the universe of other heart-centered energies, and become part of the greater energy for good, and for change. As you breathe your heart-centered breath, as you warm your heart chakra, and allow it to soothe and invigorate you in your inner work, begin to shift it outward, reversing your breathing intent so that you turn your energy outward, into the greater world, sending your heart-centered calm and self-loving breath out to meet the calm and self-loving breaths of others on the same path of growth, transition, and evolution. Then take it back again, into your self, back into your own heart chakra, your center, strengthened now with the intent of energetic convergence, and watch the mighty effects of such gentle persuasion.

Direct your intent outward in order to stir up positive change now. You are all ready for this, capable of participating, and fully prepared for a different day. Make it be different by your own shift now. Do not allow the change to take over your life, but instead use the energy of change for your own positive good and that of the world around you. Take over control of this inevitable aspect of change, and allow it to release its energy in a new way. Don’t wait for it to roll over you and knock you down. Harness it instead, and put it to work, making good use of it. You may be surprised by how much power you really have to enact change in your life. I dare you to shift today, out of your seat of complacency and non-action, and really take over your energy, driving your vehicle now from your innermost source of power, and see where that takes you!

NOTE: Jeanne is referring to Heart-centered Breathing originally offered in Message #77 and listed in the sidebar under Guidance on this channeling page.

#264 I am a Student of Life-I am My Own Teacher

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today? Can you also tell us what the energy over the next few days will be like as we go into the weekend?

Do not look too far outside of the self for pleasure and for compromise. Do not attach to what is happening around you. Do not soften your inner work, but keep it going in a balanced and calm way. To compromise that, at this time, for attachment to outer pleasures would result in stagnancy. I advise continued work on the self even though the tendency is to reward and retire from the busyness of the work week.

Remain focused. Try to use your time wisely even though your routine does change at the week’s end. Incorporate all that you are learning now into your activities beyond the self, as you interact with others, and as you accept offers of conjugation.

Be aware that the energy does continue to offer challenge, and observe that your own ability to read the energy is now enhancing, even incrementally, as you take in the content of these messages. Be aware that the intent of this awakening is being spread, and many are waiting to discover it in you in order to not only recognize it in them selves, but in order to allow it to gain importance in their own lives. Although there may be much talk of awakening, do you already know that the only true awakening is the inner awakening.

Do not look too far outside of your self now for recognition or significant resonance in others. Remain innerly focused. Note, with your own inner work, that yes, there is a new feeling, and a new awareness of spirit, and of energy, but do not get drawn to it too heavily. Allow it to be present, for it will have impact where an awakening is necessary, but your own inner work must not get sidelined.

Use the weekend energy to remain steady, balanced, and calm. Stay innerly quiet and focused. Retreat from too much outer activity as you allow your self the seclusion necessary in order to remain on a contemplative and deeply questing streak. Your inner work is of utmost importance. Continue turning to that as you get drawn outward by the energy, and the frenzy of the energy that continues to swirl, and invite, and even possibly captivate.

All in all, does it not matter what the energy does to you, or to others. What does matter though, is that you remind your self often to go innerly; to return to your quiet; to allow your self the luxury of continued self work; and that you do not fault the self for the steps you choose to take. If the energy entices you, and you accept its invitation to play in its buoyancy, so be it. But remain aware that the energy has the tendency to take over, and you may get swept up in its delight at having found you to be a tasty morsel. If so, when it spits you out after chewing upon you for a while, allow your self to study the experience, and chalk it up to energetic oblivion. Recognize what that means. Use it to teach your self.

That is all you need to do, be your own student and your own teacher. Go into your classroom continually, and write on the blackboard: “I am a student of life. I am my own teacher. I learn my lessons so I can graduate into new life.” In so doing, do you give your self permission to experience life, learn from your experiences with your inner knowing as your guide, and continue to seek your evolutionary path.

So, as this week does shift for many of you, accept your self for who you are now, where you are now; and know that you are an evolutionary being, full of energy, and eager for life to continually unfold and teach you what you need to learn. Allow your self to be aware of the energy, to feel it, see it, smell it, and have the experience of it. But mostly, pull in to your inner sanctum with all that you interpret in your life, and learn from it. Life is your greatest teacher. The energy is your lesson. And you are the pupil.

Good Luck, My Fine Travelers! I look forward to hearing from you all as you make your way through the energies that seek to teach you about your own energy. That is what you should remain focused on in order to not lose your well-earned progress.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR